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Archangels, Space Bunnies and the Boys from the Block…

This is really about much more than the above! Lol! Basically my summary of what I’m looking at for 2012 in Kpop! I wrote this for a new facebook group I’m admining, Afro-Kimchi.

2012 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Kpop. For anyone whose interested in asian popculture, the ultra competitive k-pop model is actually pretty interesting one to watch and this is a particularly good time to begin observing.

Things to come include:

Boy Bands:

formerly rookie groups like Beast and Mblaq who did phenomenally well in 2011 are going to be making attempts for that top tier level currently occupied by DBSK/JYJ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee and 2pm.

Power debut group from last year Block B are scheduled for a much anticipated comeback and have to prove they weren’t a flash in the pan and have staying power. Their competition will be new debut B.A.P who have a similar concept (edgy, hip-hop based pop) who are already creating buzz thanks to a single released by their sub-unit Bang and Zelo.

Also to debut from the number one entertainment group in Korea (SME) we have EXO (above is apparent group leader, Kai), a sort of 10 member collective of multitalented rookies with arch-angel good looks that have already got a loyal fan base based off their teasers alone.

Then there is Big Bang’s much anticipated comeback. Their activities were halted last year due to a series of scandals but their company, YGE, has promised us a return on a scale larger than anything they have done before (VIPs are in a froth)

Can’t remember any more for now!

Girl Groups: One word, WORLDDOMINATION. The race is on to see who can make the most impact on the western pop scene first and the contenders are:

Girls Generation (snsd), SM’s ridiculously popular 9 member group with their single “The Boys” produced by Teddy Riley and already released in stores all over the US as a maxi single. One remix even features Snoop Dogg.

Next is the Wonder Girls whose made for TV movie (think it’s named after them) recently premiered in the states (along with an MV for the soundtrack single “The DJ is Mine”) and will be airing on Teen Nickelodeon.

JQT is also in the running but i don’t have much info on them.

Finally there is 2ne1 who won MTV Iggy’s best band in the world competition last year and whose Will I Am produced english album is still in the works!

Look up all these bands at your leisure and judge for yourself who you think may come out on top in 2012!


50 Reasons why Seoul is the Worlds Greatest City

30. G Dragon

Since debuting in 2006, the audacious leader of Big Bang has thrilled Seoul fashionistas with fierce fashion — Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves, wedge loafers, skirts! Best fashion moment: head-to-toe vintage Chanel — complete with a retro headband — and Kanye West Louis Vuitton neon high tops for the group’s concert Big Show 2008.

CNN had to Recognize!!!

I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*

G-TOP Teaser!!!

Dammit! They psyched my mind for real!!!!!!

I was expecting a world premiere today as per info on ibigbang!!!

Ahh!!! The real World LIVE Premiere is supposed to go up on their channel tomorrow?? Or wait, what time is 5pm Korean time?? Ooh I better check back later today!

Meanwhile, watch this and be sick with anticipation like me! Lol!

(Loving the flashback to blonde GD!!! Ahh what times we had with the Heartbreaker…!)

EDIT: To feed the addiction and stoke the anticipation!

Found on the ever reliable ibigbang!

The last one is a bonus cos it has Se7en-nim! Wonder why….??

It’s HERE!!!!!! 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”

Without to much ado:

Couldn’t get on YG Life cos predictably it’s getting hammered!!

And You Tube is spotlighting 2NE1’s channel!! Congratulations to YG on managing all the good buzz!!!^^

(hehe. Yes there is a JKS skin on my browser. What? I’m an Eel!!)

Also something extra cool: Go Away BTS:

And something funny, this guy does the best 2NE1 reviews! LOL!!!:

Patiently, Patiently…

Poor YG Ajhussi and Oppas!

Releasing 2NE1’s thirds video “Can’t Nobody” is taking longer than they thought! Here is Uncle Google’s translation of the message they left us today:

“I’m sorry.

Sitting in front of computer do you think fans of the indefinite wait
I am also anxious and nervous because I do not do anything.

Seohyeonseung directed “CAN’T NOBODY” I just finished editing the work.

YG is now staff-side image files takes about 2 hours to start conversion work for making
At 2 pm “CAN’T NOBODY” music video will be released.

Once again I apologize.”

From what I can understand they are very anxious!!!

Well, I hope everything goes okay. I would rather that they take their time and do something they can be happy with rather than rush it just to please us. I’m perfectly fine with being a good fan and waiting since they’ve explained it.

Looks like I might miss the actual video drop since I may be out and about today! So till later everyone! Let support YG and wish them luck!


My 2NE1 Screen Caps!!!!!

My Screen Caps! Sorry for the Player Controls. I did almost a hundred of these cos every frame is like my fave moment! LOl!!XD

Anyways, will keep updating it as I find the time!