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I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*

GTOP World Premiere!!!!!!!!

Happened like 5 hours ago and yes – I missed it.

Kinda misunderstood. Kinda thought there would be a video release? But it was a real live You Tube broadcast which is actually really cool!!!

I’m saddish but not so much because with the internet connection we have here in good ol Naij (as we sometimes call our beloved Nigeria), I would have had more luck just strolling over to Seoul and watching it LIVE live than being able to see it on YT!^^

Anyway, thank the kpop gods for a new YG release and congrats to them too!!! Chukahae!! Chukahae!!!

And thank determined VIPs for dubbing the live event somehow and thank ibigbang for having it up!!!!! Heeheehee!!!


Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Looks like so much fun!!!! And they both look so cuteeeeee!!! Wish I was clubbing in Seoul with them! Maybe I should have tried that stroll after all!

and images from the event thanks to ibigbang: (see more there)

GD and the amazing Papa YG (in his uniform hat!)!!!!!!!

GD Baby! Geek, Rocker and Swag all in one look!!!^^

TOP and his icy white locks!

GTOP!!! Love these boys.

EDIT: So, proper video comes out tomorrow and we get to see all those heifers rubbing up on our boys EXTRA clear so don’t miss it!^^

G-TOP Teaser!!!

Dammit! They psyched my mind for real!!!!!!

I was expecting a world premiere today as per info on ibigbang!!!

Ahh!!! The real World LIVE Premiere is supposed to go up on their channel tomorrow?? Or wait, what time is 5pm Korean time?? Ooh I better check back later today!

Meanwhile, watch this and be sick with anticipation like me! Lol!

(Loving the flashback to blonde GD!!! Ahh what times we had with the Heartbreaker…!)

EDIT: To feed the addiction and stoke the anticipation!

Found on the ever reliable ibigbang!

The last one is a bonus cos it has Se7en-nim! Wonder why….??