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Had To Share!!!

I’m kind of on an impromptu hiatus for a number of reasons including work, fatigue and my new lappy spazzing out so bad that it takes a million years now to do the smallest things…

But cool things keep happening and when I saw this in particular I had to break cover and share! Lol!!!

Please view asap cos I don’t know if it will be gone soon! It’s 2ne1’s recording session with Will. I . Am!!! It’s off of 2ne1 TV (which I haven’t started cos I’m waiting on subs. I can’t believe how patient i”m being! Must be the fatigue =_=)

courtesy thinhee@yt

I havn’t even seen it yet. I’ve just been downloading vids to watch when my poor lappy feels better. So Se7en, I’ma get back to your cute behind on that MV ft your GF, don’t you worry.

And I hear you too Miss A!


YG LIFE: More 2NE1 Goodness!!!!!!!XD

Bus Ad for New 2NE1 track

I finally made it on to the new YG Life blog and – Oh, but the rewards were great!!!!!

First I found this!!!!!

Remember when I posted about this!!?? Oh my Kpop days, I’m so thrilled!!!!!!!!!^^ This collabo will be BURSTING with win!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo happy for my girls and that Will.i.AM recognizes what we all already knew!!!! That 2NE1 are toooooooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD

Okay, so there’s more!!!

First of all! A 30 sec preview of “Can’t Nobody”

2NE1: Can\’t Nobody 30secs

I can’t tell a whole lot from this except that it sounds like YG is really sticking with the electronic clubbing sound thing. I really can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

And now the pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow! Look @ Dara’s legs! And how come Bommie can be so adorable even when she’s just standing doing nothing!??

Leader Undeniable: CL!!!!!!!!

Bommie!!!!!!!! Fighting! Fighting! Yah, Yah, Yah!!!!! (we can see the great results of sticking to the diet too^^)!!! I have such a girl crush on her! Lol!! <3<3<3

Q: Bad girls, bad, girls! What you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?

A: Kick. Their. Butts.

Heehee!!! My girls are so smokin’!!!!!!! There are way more pictures so you should check them out here!

Okay! That’s the end of this spazz for now!

2NE1!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

YG Holding it Down and some Down Home Love!

So YG are not letting up on the excitement! I don’t even know where to begin!!!

The credit for this info goes to ibigbang.

First of all, Yesterday was G-Dragons birthday so, Happy 23rd Birthday Kwon Ji-Youngie, you freaking wunderkind, smexy, Pop Prince, you!!! Hope you were able to enjoy it and that you love all the great presents I know you’re getting!!!^^

The party doesn’t stop there! According to ibigbang, today is the official anniversary of BigBang!! They are 4 years old in the industry now!! Almost Hyungs!!!^^ Congratulations to BB on this special day and of course to all VIPs!!!!

Credit: ibigbang

Credit: ibigbang

Now for some goodies:

A Teaser for the latest BB single; “Beautiful Hangover” has been released!!!!! Finally!!!! Big Bang season is about to start and what a smexy start!!!! The boys look just gorgeous (esp. u GD!!!!!!) and you already know I love this song so now I’m just going to die untill they release the full vid, at which point I will resurrect and there shall be some righteous squeeing!

Check it out:

credit: ryke96

Then we finally get to see some choreography for Taeyang’s track, “I’ll Be There”!! Sorry! It’s a fan cam so it’s shaky and he drops  out of sight a few times!^^ On ibigbang the poster implied that this is Shaun Evaristo’s choreography and I can see why, it’s totally his style and I love his style!!! I hope BigBang always works with him!!!!

Anyways, check it:

credit:DYBLGE via ibigbang

And here is some bts goodness from the vid shoot!!:

credit: gilbakk2010

Hehe!! Epic much?

Good News for all 2ne1 fans!!!! That is, good news if you like Black Eyed Peas (and I do!^^)

Rumour (or rather PopSeoul) has it  that Will. I. Am after checking one of their vids decided he wanted a piece of them and the famous producer has worked on a slew of songs with them!! The result of their work together will be used for their US debut but as of now we have no date for that.

Nervous about my girls trying to crack the US market 0.0; But very proud of them and really can’t wait to hear what the collabos sound like!!!

Finally, I want to finish this post on a hometown note. Most of you know that I’m a total Cheddah Head, meaning fan of Nigerian Pop artist, Mo’Cheddah. Well I had to do a slideshow for her latest track, “Shampoo” cos it’s so yummerlicious!! Here it is!!!^^

Just ❤ ^^