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I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*



First of all a disclaimer: I seriously love these guys so it’s highly probable that nothing I say about this song and MV can be taken objectively.





Anyways that’s my opinion. I guess you could say I liked it. I did. It made me think how fun it would be to really party with the YG fam and with GD and TOP in particular! Such cool energy! I guess after Sukkie they are officially the idols I want to party wih most!

So, many interesting discussions have come up as a result of the video. Here are the ones I remember of the top of my head:

1. The Hair: TOP’s unbelievable shock of white hair and GD’s funky Mo’Fro. Quite a few people are saying No!NO! to the sylists for this one but I don’t know, I kind of like them!!! Talk about show stoppers! And I think I can say I’d never seen an Asian Mo’Fro before GD did one! The way I see it, they’re going to be gone in a flash because the boys change their hair like they change their costumes so lets enjoy the flamboyance while it’s here! Plus, no one else could wear it like them! NO ONE!

2. What’s With all the White Girls?: Seriously, what’s with this question? So what if there are a lot of white girls in the club? There were also Asian girls and I saw at least one black girl too! Jeeze, let our white sisters get some love too! Good to see all the variety of people that appreciate GTOP! And let’s not forget that GTOP are P.I.M.P.S!!!! Get your Pimp on Players! As we say in Nigeria; Nothing Do You!!!

3. It’s Kinda Like G6: Actually I agree with this one! Lol! I really feel like this song is their answer to G6, except their video killed Far East Movement’s Vid (what can I say, more cheddah i guess^^). I would definitely have rather gone to GTOP’s party. But seriously I’ve been playing the two songs back to back because I really like them together (it’s like my appreciation for G6 rose because of High High) and now I’d like to make a special request for anyone with the inclination: MASHUP PLEASE!!!

I do love my MASHUPS! ❤

Anyways, here my Spam of fave moments from the Vid.

GD: Welcome to the Fantastic World!!!                                                                     TOP: This is my pet VIP!!!                                                                                             Guy In Background: No, seriously! I’m supposed to be here!                                       Bouncer: I dunno, buddy. You don’t look like a hot chick to me…

GD: You can be a pet VIP too!!!                                                                                  TOP: Dial 1-800-PRETTYBOYSWAG                                                                           VIP: *_____________*

GD: What are you waiting for?? Call NOW!!!                                                           TOP: Em… VIP-Ssi, where are your hands??                                                             VIP: kekeke >:-)

Kush Oppa: BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                   GD: I KNOW, RIGHT!!!????                                                                                        TOP: Dudes – handle your s***!                                                                                 Teddy Oppa: Holla.

Tae-Tae: As longs as I’m up here, I’m not breaking any rules, right?                Seungri: Finally!!!! I’m old enough to be here!!!! Now to out-Pimp Ji-Youngie Hyung!!!!

I’ll be real with y’all. At first I was mad at this heifer. But then I saw what she was trying to do and I realized she must be working for us. Anyone who does anything to undress TOP is a friend in my book so *snaps* Go on, Girl!!!

Stranger: Never drink on an empty stomach!                                                          Top: Okies! Nomnomnom…

EXHIBIT A: I c u there sister girl!!!!! Lol!

Tae-Tae: It’s ok everyone! I’m surrounded by temptation but I am in complete control!

OoooH!!! So Puffy n Fluffy!!! I want the Plushies!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3


That was fun! Guess I really am High! Lol!

I’m Still On Hiatus But…

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and from the MAMAs

Words…are not required.

Credit: iBigbang and YG Life via iBigbang

I should change the name of this blog to YGLOVE….

cos I know I said YG owns my Summer but now I think they will own my Fall as well bcos I they r just KILLING me with all this HOT A@@ S****!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, finally found the time to listen to eng version of Taeyang’s “I’ll B There”

All I’m saying is that Y-Beezy (as Evaristo has referred to him; this info via kpop addict! Lol!) needs to be an International Star already!!!!!!!!! I mean what else does he need to do!!!! Seriously??? The boy is beautiful, his vocals are on point, his choreography is out of this world and WE UNDERSTAND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on gods of pop culture!!!! Make it happen already!!!!

Also I just finished taking a look at the rest of the 2ne1 pictures up on YG life today and I’m pretty sure I’m gay for those girls now because I am too in love with their new looks!!

Even though Bommie is my perpetual fave (bcos she’s so funny with her, “Ehhh!!??” lolololol!!!! I TOTALLY get why it cracks GD up! It’s HILARIOUS!!) I am now turn between CL and Minji as to who to crush harder on? But Minji is probably what? Just 16 or 17 now? So I will just admire from a distance (but I still want a Minji Doll!!!^^) So CL is my star right now!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here are my faves:

Putting the C and L in SEXY!

See!!!!!! Isn’t she ADORABLE????? Don’t you want a Minji Doll too?????

My poor Bommie looks tired here! Go Bommie!! Don’t give up!! Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!! >< (And Dara is just glowing! She could out-twilight Edward and his family! 0.0)

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! They are so FIERCE!!!!!! You can check out the rest here!

Taeyang Will Be There!!!!!!!

And apparently he will be mostly shirtless, so I would keep the appointment if I were the girl in the vid!!

Here it is! Hot out the kitchen, the new MV for his track: I’ll Be There

credit YGTaeyang

Sick choreography!

That girl needs to feel the power of Taeyang and BE HEALED!!!!! LOLOL!!!

YG Holding it Down and some Down Home Love!

So YG are not letting up on the excitement! I don’t even know where to begin!!!

The credit for this info goes to ibigbang.

First of all, Yesterday was G-Dragons birthday so, Happy 23rd Birthday Kwon Ji-Youngie, you freaking wunderkind, smexy, Pop Prince, you!!! Hope you were able to enjoy it and that you love all the great presents I know you’re getting!!!^^

The party doesn’t stop there! According to ibigbang, today is the official anniversary of BigBang!! They are 4 years old in the industry now!! Almost Hyungs!!!^^ Congratulations to BB on this special day and of course to all VIPs!!!!

Credit: ibigbang

Credit: ibigbang

Now for some goodies:

A Teaser for the latest BB single; “Beautiful Hangover” has been released!!!!! Finally!!!! Big Bang season is about to start and what a smexy start!!!! The boys look just gorgeous (esp. u GD!!!!!!) and you already know I love this song so now I’m just going to die untill they release the full vid, at which point I will resurrect and there shall be some righteous squeeing!

Check it out:

credit: ryke96

Then we finally get to see some choreography for Taeyang’s track, “I’ll Be There”!! Sorry! It’s a fan cam so it’s shaky and he drops  out of sight a few times!^^ On ibigbang the poster implied that this is Shaun Evaristo’s choreography and I can see why, it’s totally his style and I love his style!!! I hope BigBang always works with him!!!!

Anyways, check it:

credit:DYBLGE via ibigbang

And here is some bts goodness from the vid shoot!!:

credit: gilbakk2010

Hehe!! Epic much?

Good News for all 2ne1 fans!!!! That is, good news if you like Black Eyed Peas (and I do!^^)

Rumour (or rather PopSeoul) has it  that Will. I. Am after checking one of their vids decided he wanted a piece of them and the famous producer has worked on a slew of songs with them!! The result of their work together will be used for their US debut but as of now we have no date for that.

Nervous about my girls trying to crack the US market 0.0; But very proud of them and really can’t wait to hear what the collabos sound like!!!

Finally, I want to finish this post on a hometown note. Most of you know that I’m a total Cheddah Head, meaning fan of Nigerian Pop artist, Mo’Cheddah. Well I had to do a slideshow for her latest track, “Shampoo” cos it’s so yummerlicious!! Here it is!!!^^

Just ❤ ^^

INAG Screen Caps^^: Taeyang and Sandara Focus!!!

Ahh – they’re not as high res as I would’ve wanted – but here they are anyway; my fave moments from Taeyang’s 2nd MV for I Need A Girl.

This is my last proper Taeyang spazz for a while or till he releases a new vid so enjoy. Look out for I Need A Girl SC: GD Focus next! He gets his own special post cos he’s GD, GD, Baby, Baby!!!