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I Think This Might Be A Sign…

The fact that I got hacked…
And that I haven’t done a new post in forever…

I really didn’t want to end this. I haven’t even finished my fanfic. But I have to own up that Sugarwater’s time seems to be already behind me because I am changing and it’s past time to re-invent myself.

So many years. So many adventures. Do I still love all the things I spoke about in my about page? Gaming? Anime? Doramas? Kpop? I must say some of my tastes have refined over the years.

But more importantly my life is expanding so much that they do not occupy as a big a space in me heart as they once did. Buut I am still fond of this world and I will never forget how much joy it gave me at a time when I felt like I really needed it.
I don’t think I will ever leave it completely.

I don’t know if there will be another post after this. Maybe when I create a new blog, my final post will be directing anyone who even reads this to it.

To everyone who read, especially to those who commented and even more especially to those who reached out in friendship –

and a million sugary hugs and kisses!^______________________^!!!!




Waiting patiently for 2ne1 TV to start.

Really ought to use this time to do any of the cool posts or post updates I’ve promised in the past but too stressed, and tired and never seem to have time…

pls forgive.

Working one sentence at a time on fanfic chapter 4!

And looking forward to Sukkie’s Birthday on August 4th when all eels plan to make him a trending topic on Twitter!!! Just use the hashtag #keunsukvolutionday


neogogo sez: hwaiting ❤

ps. got myself Final Fantasy: Ring of Fates for the DS. But when will I have time to play it?????