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In Se7enth Heaven!^^

Ok, it’s been 2 years since I celebrated the flawlessness that was Se7en’s “Digital Bounce” album on this blog, such an under appreciated, electro-pop master piece in my opinion, so before I post about anything else this year I want to just say:


YES!! He’s back!!!

I don’t like ballads. I’ve said it so many times but Seven-nim is one of the few people I will listen to. Why? Because so much of his heart is in his voice.

And with this album he’s doing what he was born to do which is gorgeous, heartfelt R&B and guise, this whole album is a heartbreaker. One just needs to see the translation of the just released title track “When I Can’t Sing”:

Seven (Se7en) – When I Can’t Sing (내가 노래를 못해도)

* Even if I lose everything, if my popularity drops
Even if I can’t sing, if I get a different job
Will you still be able to love me for who I am?

Do you know that who I am on screen isn’t really my everything? (Do you know?)
Do you know that my overflowing confidence makes me even more anxious? (Do you know?)
Standing under the flashing lights, there is a thick shadow behind me

* repeat

You say that you love me but
Am I really who you love? (Am I?)
You say that you fell for me but
Am I really the one who made you fall for me? (Am I?)
When you are in my arms, looking at me
I want to ask you these questions

* repeat

Someday, the day will come (the day will come)
I’ll come down from the stage where the cheers have decreased
As my shoulders droop down (shoulders droop down)
My head hung low (even then)
Will you stand by my side?

* repeat

I want to ask you

(cr: MzKyu@6theory 2ne1 artist thread)

the entire song ( a surprise collab with JYP) is an honest message by an artist in the winter of his career (kpop idols tend to have really short life spans) speaking candidly to his fans.

And the MV!!!!!!!!!!! Omo, I’m still choked up! There is a strong feeling that he is saying goodbye to us through this video (he pretty much hands over to GD (the next generation of Sunbaes?) in the beginning) and I really hope it’s not true!

Se7en-nim Please Don’t Gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care how successful your Restaurant business is! It just wouldn’t be the same without you to look forward to!!!!

Here’s the tracklist of the album which i think is self titled(courtesy of AllKpop)

01. “Somebody Else”
02. “Angel”
03. “When I Can’t Sing”
04. “That Person”
05. “Understand”
06. “Make Good Love”

It’s already on itunes so go and grab this worthy album here.

And watch the melancholy perfection of the “If I couldn’t Sing” MV below:

My answer to his question is YES, I would still love you because you’re an amazing person and a wonderful big brother to my YG babies but please, please, PLEASE don’t stop singing!

Thank you.

Neogogo is Soooooo Tired

Between Bobs. So tired and it shows! =_=

(this is my second pass at this post. There’s been no power since yesterday so I did the first one from my BB but it spazzed and instead of publishing it, lost the entire post. The ENTIRE post. *sigh* Third world blues y’all.)

I’m having fatigue issues y’all but that doesn’t stop me from missing this blog. And I miss my Kpop too!!!

I was watching the 3rd episode of 2ne1 tv yesterday (Yup, all in Hangul too. I swear I’m beginning to pick it up!) and I just about died when they showed GD and Teddy jamming in a YG studio!!! Skinny Gorgeous GD baby in a typically stylish cap and Teddy Oppa, wrapped up like a mummy with only his cute, mischievous face showing (thug life, baby!) SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!>< And I think we got a preview of BB’s comeback song? If so, the sound is madly sexy and I fully approve!!!!!

(Screencaps cos it’s been a while and you deserve ’em)

Where I want to be (See space between Teddy and GD)

Oppa is so talented!!! *___*

Thug <333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lips, throat...mph!

He. Is. Tryna. Kill. Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's Singing! *sigh* Look at those cheek bones! *melts*

Throw ur BigBang gang sign, boo!

Oh but I’m loving the second season of 2ne1 TV even without the subtitles!! YG Ahjussi is the best for giving us this show! The girls are adorable and there’s so much interaction within the YG family which is just AWSOME!!! I love when GD makes fun of everyone’s choreography! I love how you could see different YG members in the audience at Taeyang’s solar concert (that choked me up a little! Lol!) In episode 3, Se7en-nim describes Minji’s turn in the “Can’t Nobody” MV as “Ero Minji” which made me almost fall out of my chair! For any true YG fan, this show is COMPULSORY WATCHING!!!!!!

(Moments from Eppy 3)

Rolling with my homies! The girls in LA!

He got teary at the end! Young-baeeeeee T.T!!!!

Bommie torturing her trainer! Lol!

And I have to say that I’m completely gay for 2ne1 girls! I just cannot express how utterly cute they are to me! And you all should know by now that I’m a complete sucker for cute. Yup. Can’t resist it, period.

And everyday my rankings for them changes. Today it’s: Bom, Minji, CL and Dara (wait, wasn’t that it yesterday too?<<). Anyway, it’s not that Dara is my least favourite, it’s more like I have extra soft spots for Bom and Minji and CL is just the BOSS!!!!!!!! In the show, I think Will. I. Am. liked CL and Minji best. He shook everyone’s hands but then he grabs CL and hugs her! And then he kept going “Minji!!” in this funny voice! Lol! I’m pretty sure he was hit by the cute too!

But enough with the fan girling. I had to get my behind over to the Club (like a country club not a night club!) so I could charge my batteries enough to make this post. I’m happy to say I’ve been a good little fan-girl and have been working on chapter 6 of my fanfic. Because of the power situation I’ve had to resort to the ancient methods of pen and paper which was kind of interesting. Haven’t done that since high school, really! Lol!

Anyway, now that I’m here, maybe I’ll transcribe. I’m really aiming to finish up by this weekend so please wish me luck.

Finally, it was my real live sweetie’s birthday on Oct 6th, so just want to say to the only man more beautiful than idols to me: Sang il chukhae hamnida! Sarangheo!

PS: Ooh almost forgot. Has anyone read this manhwa called 100% Perfect Girl by Wann? It starts with a quote from a Haruki Murakami short story? I’m reading it now and let me tell you it took me by surprise! I was expecting a sweet, funny and light love story because that’s what it looks like and starts like but boy! Was I wrong! What I’m getting is a disturbing, dark, twisted obsession story. Oh such a happy surprise! This is delicious dark chocolate! A perfect guilty pleasure read! Lol! (Yes, I’m mildly depraved, but we still love me, right?^^)


Had To Share!!!

I’m kind of on an impromptu hiatus for a number of reasons including work, fatigue and my new lappy spazzing out so bad that it takes a million years now to do the smallest things…

But cool things keep happening and when I saw this in particular I had to break cover and share! Lol!!!

Please view asap cos I don’t know if it will be gone soon! It’s 2ne1’s recording session with Will. I . Am!!! It’s off of 2ne1 TV (which I haven’t started cos I’m waiting on subs. I can’t believe how patient i”m being! Must be the fatigue =_=)

courtesy thinhee@yt

I havn’t even seen it yet. I’ve just been downloading vids to watch when my poor lappy feels better. So Se7en, I’ma get back to your cute behind on that MV ft your GF, don’t you worry.

And I hear you too Miss A!


2NE1 Schedules and 2NE1 TV SEASON 2!!!!!!!!

News, news from YG!!! A message and a Proper Schedule!!

Is YG Entertainment.

Sept. 9 will come as an album full of 2NE1 [TO ANYONE], but the presentation
0:00 2NE1 was scheduled to be released music album and music video release time
In some of the changes notified formally.

▶ 2NE1 source disclosure: Sept. 9, 2010 10:00 a.m.

Through various online music sites are expected to be released at the same time.
▶ 2NE1 music video release schedule:

September 9 10:00 a.m. – “Applause” myubi public
Sept. 10 10:00 a.m. – “GO AWAY” myubi public
Sept. 11 10:00 a.m. – “CAN’T NOBODY” myubi public

Suddenly become open to change time out to apologize sincerely.

2NE1 smooth promotion of the sludge for a difficult decision
Please note that the open-minded fans, and I’ll understand.

(hehehe, Uncle Google translation!)

2NE1, first broadcast schedule

12 September – SBS Inkigayo [CAN’T NOBODY] [Applause] [GO AWAY] slack

September 14 – SBS Chocolate transcription (28 days will be aired)
[CAN’T NOBODY] [Applause] [GO AWAY] [ill] will – four mince

Sept. 16 – M. Countdown (15 days will be pre-recorded)
[CAN’T NOBODY] [Applause] [GO AWAY] slack

September 17 – Music Bank [CAN’T NOBODY] [GO AWAY] slack

September 18 – Music Core [CAN’T NOBODY] [Applause] 6 minutes


Probably because someone was crying (me!) Uncle YG released another teaser for my fave online show!!! 2ne1 TV!!! Season 2 is coming!!!!

OMOMOMOMOMOOMOOOMOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is so cute and funny ^___________________^ Bommie is her usual self and Dara always shines!! Her press ups at the end!! And OMG Se7en Oppa!!! And TOP!!!!!!!!!!!! And Teddy Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The schedule according to YG Life:

2NE1 TV Season 2 September 14, starting with the first broadcast 18:00
Tuesdays at 6 will be broadcast via M. NET.  MUST WATCH!!!!

Se-Se7en and T.O.P!!!!

credit: ibigbang

Just saw the “Digital Bounce” Live M-Net performance.

I am speechless. In fact I am breathless.

YG has some of the SMEXIEST men in Korea! Cute with swagger for miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those SUITS!!! (I think TOP’s shirt under his jacket is Wire Mesh?) *_______*

And when Se7en takes off his shades I pretty much have a spazz attack. And then another one when TOP appears.

I’m fortunate to have survived this video so I encourage all fan girls to watch with extreme caution!

Lor’ take me now!

PS. Counting down to King Sukkie’s birthday, ladies! Save the date! August 4th!!!

More Dance, More Clothes, More Se7en!!!^^

The other cut of Se7en’s “Better Together” Vid!

I think this one is mildly sexier but a bit disjointed.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it! This song is actually CONSTANTLY playing in my head these days!

I’m haunted T.T

Se7en’s “Better Together” MV

There’s no point in me saying I LOVEd it because you know I did (If you read this blog, you’ll probably have noticed I tend to mostly blog things I love or that at least intrigue me)!!!

My credibility is, I’m sure, shot to hell.

But it’s true. I loved the video!

Se7en is so GORGEOUS!!!

And I loved the little plane thing they do with the choreography at the chorus! And, I’m pretty sure he’s wearing eye liner towards the end!!! And then there’s that bit where he lays on the floor and say he wants to do “something – something -” and snaps his hips in time to it and…



(I did the watermarks the hard way so they may be a bit wonky =_=;)

Get it, Se7en!!! YG Fighting!!!

We Want More!!!!!

It’s Se7en!! He’s Back!!!

Digital Pimp, Woot!!!

I Spent all last night listening to Se7en’s new mini album on repeat!

It’s called Digital bounce and it really is very digital with lots of auto tune and electronic sounds.


Here’s the track listing (courtesy All KPop):

01. INTRO – RESET : Really gives you a taste of what to expect: Excellent intro!!!
02. DIGITAL BOUNCE ( Feat. T.O.P): This is a JAM!!!!!!! Se7en has an awesome voice so him on autotune is just gorgeous if you like that kind of thing and I do!!! “Digital Bounce, Digital Sound, Digital X, Welcome to Digital World!!!” There HAS to be a video!!! It has TOP!!!!  “Se-seven and T.O.P”!!!!
03. BETTER TOGETHER: This is has sexy verses and a chorus that makes me want to jump around!!! You get to hear those vocals auto tune free too in the chorus. Oh Se7en! Make us an MV please!!!! Can’t wait to see the performances!
04. I’M GOING CRAZY: kind of slow and singable along with. No Autotune. Will prolly be my shower song on this album
05. MONEY CAN’T BUY ME LOVE: I can see why this was supposed to be a track on his American album, very American R&B. Se7en is really flawless in this style! And he has no accent at all when he sings English (not that I don’t enjoy the accents with those that have them^^)
06. DRIPS: Vocal Sextacy!!! OMG, I love this track so much!!! The way it comes in, the verses the dance chorus. This song is mostly in a high register and there is no strain at all!! This song makes me think of speeding down a cybernetic highway (whatever that is) and ending up at a deep cyber punk club! I don’t even know what’s supposed to be dripping and I’m not really sure I want to know! Lol!
07. ROLLER COASTER: AWESOME!!!!! FABULAWESOME!!! Excuse the Caps but this is gonna be my going nuts song!!! There will be swervage whenever this song comes up on my car stereo!! LOL!!

Honestly, it’s like he just short cutted into my brain’s pleasure zones with this album and as a late comer on the K-Pop scene I can finally say about se7en: I get it now!

He’s too Fresh!!!

This is another one for the YG fam!!! A totally different sound from Taeyang and I have to say, since this is more me, I actually like this more!!!

Gonna get both, though!

YG Family!! FIGHTING!!!!

To hear some of these tracks yourself go here.


credit: PopSeoul

And It Shall be Given Ye…

I asked and Uncle YG gave!^^

Spotted on Stella chan’s blog!!! **FanFare** SE7EN’S CONCEPT PICS!!!

See ’em and drool!!!

credit: Stella~chan

Se7en awesomely hot images!! I feel Like I should laugh like the Sesame St. Count! LOL!

Anyways I’m loving this bold idea. Something neo-punk and something cybertronic (is that a word? No? Oh.) Love it when beautiful people take risks and Se7en is definitely that! Even GD said so!. And this look really goes with the teaser that Uncle YG also generously provided us with:

credit: YG Entertainment

I think this is from a track called “Better Together”? I can’t explain it but I feel like I’m gonna like this song! It’s probably better not to speculate but I’m already looking forward to it!!! Please Uncle YG can we have it on itunes????

And now for the “My Cup Runneth Over” Section!!!

According to Pop Seoul, 2ne1TV is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Yes!!!! The girls are back with their reality TV show!! I Am tremendously happy about this because somehow I got totally addicted to it after discovering it on YT (along with BigBangTV and GDTV) and I’ve been suffering major cravings since finishing the 1st season! My favourite character is Park Bom!!! Oh, I love my Bommie!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ She’s the cutest most hilarious creature ever XD!!!

Here’s the preview:

credit: Nolja21subs

For all you lucky animals who can see it live, it premieres July 27th @ 6pm!

Didn’t I tell y’all that YG owns my Summer?

So Many Things to Post!! =_=;

Gosh, I owe so many things on this blog that I just haven’t found the time to do!!!

– Unboxing pics of my Sukkie FM DVD

– Pics of my Mystery Gift from my fiance

-GD screen caps from Taeyang Video

-Part 2 of my Epic Sukkie Spazz

-Se7en Updates

-Chapter 4 of my fanfic

I should probably stop promising stuff and just adopt a more philosophical approach to blogging. A sort of : What U see is what I blog thing?

Just that that isn’t me! I can actually feel this stuff piling up in me and it’s actually a relief when I can post something! It’s actually a little disturbing 0.O

Anyways just so this post isn’t wasted on random midnight ramblings, I will at least strike 2 things off the list;

Se7en’s new Teaser featuring TOP

credit: aleeexGD

If you know anything about me from reading this blog then you probably have an idea how I feel about TOP. I will not elaborate. Let’s just say that as far as I’m concerned; this track is GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!

Now, seriously, I’m ready for some concept images! July 21st is like around the corner and I need something to hold onto till then, Uncle YG. Preferably something with madly smexy lips if you get my drift 😉


My Mystery Fiance Gift

Gosh, I just never found the time to do my grand reveal! I don’t really have the time now either but screw it. Carpe diem!

This is what Y got me for my birthday. The amazing thing that I could never have gotten myself:

I still can’t believe I’m an ipad owner \(^—–^)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can just. Never. Thank him enough. Racking my brain thinking of a way, though!

Well, that’s it for now.