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Let’s Roll!!!!!!

Cute Nigerian Hip Pop Princess, Mo’Cheddah finally dropped her new album yesterday! It’s called Franchise Celebrity and has a very pop/electronic song with a very Nigerian flavour. I loves it to death! Lol!!

Here’s the Video for the lead single “Ko Ma Roll” which means “Let’s Roll”

Also gonna take this opportunity to big up my three young friends who have formed the Nigerian styling collective BuBaAi (like saying Buh – bye)!!!

These bold, new adventurers are bringing colour back into our world, one gauze ribbon at a time and I think their work is just adorable!


Mo’Cheddah sez: Ko Ma Roll!!!

Just when I was getting all depressed because the Nigerian Super Eagles decided to make WorldCup history by giving Greece its first goal and first win, my cute, spunky Naija (slang for Nigerian^^) pop favourite, Mo’Cheddah dropped her latest single: Ko Ma Roll (t/n: Let it Roll), a track from her much anticipated debut album, “Franchise Celebrity.”

This bubbly, infectious dance number reached out to me, shook me and said, what the hell!! So what if we’re not the most promising world cup contenders! It’s Summer dammit and I want to have a good time!!!

Give it a listen Here.

Even if you don’t understand most of what she’s saying, catchy is catchy and this joint is a jam!

Really can’t wait to see the MV!

image courtesy: www.notjustok.com

Korea vs. Nigeria T.T

I knew it was coming since Nigeria and South Korea were put n the same group but I just decided not to think about it.

Now, it’s come home to roost.

Not only is Nigeria going to play against my Sukkie’s country, Sukkie will be watching and expecting his eel’s support. I discovered the evidence on sears blog today!

courtesy: shiro401

This is a dilemma! My loyalties are divided! Do I support King or country?

What if Nigeria loses??? What if Nigeria wins??????

Will his Sukkieness forgive this eel if she stands against him just this one time so she can stand for her country???

I can’t even watch this match. I will stay far away not having a heart attack.

And hoping selfishly for a draw!

PS. Yes, I noticed they spelled Nigeria wrong and no I will not be making a big deal of it unless they spell it wrong in Hangul. (Just kidding. Frankly don’t care how they spell it. I know I can’t say or write ‘Korea’ in Hangul!)

Some Home Town Love <3

I know I only post about Asian content here and lately only about Korean stuff (will this phase never end?) but today I wanted to do something from home for a change. That’s Nigeria in case you didn’t notice it on my huge ass header^^!


Her name is Mo’Cheddah and she records with up and coming indie label Knighthouse. Don’t be fooled by her daintiness because this pocket sized diva is fierce!!!

And very, very, very cute!!!!

She’s also finally released her first solo vid!!!! This is FRESH out the kitchen, folks as in literally just dropped!

Check it out, the song is called “If You Want Me”

Images credits as tagged.

Miss Me??? No???

Ah – rats! To get anyone to miss me I probably need to stay away for more than a couple of days, lol!!!

Well since it doesn’t look like that’s possible, here’s some selcas of me on the business trip I’m on.

Le Meridien, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Enjoying my perks! Hehe

*sings* Welcome to the Good Life…!

(just kidding, I am actually dog tired and my butt hurts from sitting in meeting all day! =_=)

So Much to Say, So little Time…

which is why all I can say right now is I’m SWAMPED!!!

And all I can do is show you an image of the worlds most untidy work desk (that is, my desk)

complete with half finished bowl of carrot soup!

anyway, have so much to say! hopefully will find time in the near future to say it! T _T

Lagos gets eaten by a Mysterious Haze

If I was a studio head, I wouldn’t need to hear one more word. My signature would already be drying on the cheque. But no, unfortunately this is not the concept for the Nigerian schlock horror flick that we’ve been waiting decades for (that’s not just me, right?) It’s just a weather report.

Why the heck did I step out last night to go to the gym and find myself on the set for Nightmare on elm st.?

This is the power of The Haze….wooooooooooh!!!! O.O

UPDATE: Er…wot’s this I’m hearing about my beloved country and nuclear proliferation? The Haze Plot thickens!

…..yeah, I’m moving to Korea. Annyeong!!!!