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I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*

2NE1 Says “GO AWAY”

The girls have dropped No. 2 and it is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video is sooooo intense!!!! I forgot about everything except the story!!! LOL!!! The guy is hot but GOD what an A Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT believe he touched CL!!! WHATTTTT?????? Girl, we need to go pick up some aluminum bats and DO this!!!! I don’t care how fine he is!!!!

But jokes aside I loved the feeling of this! Like, how even strong girl’s stumble when deep feelings are involved. You could totally get that CL was shook! And even though the end is sad and violent, there is a grim satisfaction too.

It brings Madonna’s “For A girl” very much to mind with the same dis-empowered girl in a race car theme (though not sure if Madder’s car was a racing vehicle?) But I’m loving that the girls did a song like this about needing to get up and move on even when you get dumped.

I did manage to notice though, that CL as a racing driver is teh absoloute HOTNESS!!!!!! And Minji’s wearing the top from the sneak pics and it’s gorgeous!!! Wonder if it’s her Jeremy Scott gift!

Anywayz, hope y’all like it too!!!

No Power!!

3rd world woes!!! Having managed to maintain a semi decent 2ne1 countdown, I’m gonna miss the main event of launching the new vid due out later today because of double whammy bad luck coincidence.
1. Random Powercut (dunno when it will come back)
2. After running on my batteries all evening I left my power cord @ fiancees house so even if power returns can’t do nothing about it.
Really wanted to be part of 2ne1 global celebration:(
Ooh! And the girls have trended twice on twitter since yesterday!!!!
Cool beans for them. Sux biggie for me. T.T
Update: Seems this is tradition with me and highly anticipated stuff. Just noticed I posted Taeyang stuff from BB too. Lol!