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Stella’s Cafe: Chapter 7 is here!!!

Annyeonghaseyo!!! Chapter 7 of my Sukkie fanfic is now here!^^ Thank you for your patience! Please continue to support me as I work on chapter 8 which is an extra special one dedicated to my SeOul Sisters!!!

I’m also saying this only here. I think this story will come to it’s conclusion at chapter 10. It’s funny because when I first wrote it, it was a one off! But, Min Hee – yah’s story just kept on expanding as her fangirl love for Sukkie became real love! Hee!!!!

I hope we can reach a happy ending together! FIGHTING!!!

Bringing Chap. 6 Home!^^

I’m late on this as usual! Miane! Gomenasai!!!

So I have added Chapter 6 to the fanfiction page and I’m trying to jumpstart chapter 7.

This poor blog has been so neglected!! So much wonderful Sukkie news and interesting things in kpop and none of it here! T.T

Sorry everyone. For now Neogogo has fallen ill. Somehow I managed to catch an interesting combination of upper respiratory tract infection and thyphoid! Buuuuu-uuuuuut – is a lot milder than it sounds. Only had the throw ups once and already feeling better, bit by bit. Hopefully will soon stop feeling tired all the time so I can get things done!

I think it was creeping up on me for a while and that’s why have been feeling so much fatigue lately? Well done my body for trying to fight it off by yourself and with no help from me, your owner!!! Lol!

Well, here’s hoping for better health and better time organisation so I can do my job and still feed my darling sugarwater blog!!!^^

Chapter 6 and Lots of Sukkie!!! Yay!!! \(^-^)/

Forgot to say – finally got out chapter 6 of the fic! You can find it here as usual: Eels USA FB Page

And of course, in about a week it will be here too! So please check it out.

Meanwhile I know every Eel has probably already seen Sukkie’s publicity stills for his upcoming drama Mary Stayed Out all Night but I’m gonna put them up here a gazillion years late, firstly cos I haven’t put any Sukkie material up in a while and secondly so I could add my two cents to the talk the images generated.

So here they are via Drama Beans:

So the talk I read mostly centered around how feminine he looked in these pictures and I’m not going to complain about that  – why? Well, I think he does too, buuuuuuuuut… in a masculine way! hehe! Seriously! The fact is he’s a beautiful boy but he’s still a bit too tall and a tad too wide at the shoulders to pass for a lady, I think. Which leaves him at just that perfect sort of loveliness a guy can have which as you all know I think is just adorable!! *____* And then he speaks and his voice really just sums it up. You really can’t have a voice that sexily masculine and be mistaken for a chick. Not poss.

It’s not even my favourite of his hairstyles. It’s a bit too centre parted and wavy-cavey for me. I prefer his long hair properly tousled or packed up in a coconut tree!^^ But I still think he looks just edible!!!

But if you find those pics to sweet for you, then how about the ones he did for Series Nuovo?

credit: DC and tdedie via Sear’s Blog

All i’m saying is, I don’t see no girl up there!

And now an extra treat cos I’ve been so sparse these days! It’s a promo vid for Sukkie’s new show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


credit nanami5876@YT via Sears Blog.

Neogogo is Soooooo Tired

Between Bobs. So tired and it shows! =_=

(this is my second pass at this post. There’s been no power since yesterday so I did the first one from my BB but it spazzed and instead of publishing it, lost the entire post. The ENTIRE post. *sigh* Third world blues y’all.)

I’m having fatigue issues y’all but that doesn’t stop me from missing this blog. And I miss my Kpop too!!!

I was watching the 3rd episode of 2ne1 tv yesterday (Yup, all in Hangul too. I swear I’m beginning to pick it up!) and I just about died when they showed GD and Teddy jamming in a YG studio!!! Skinny Gorgeous GD baby in a typically stylish cap and Teddy Oppa, wrapped up like a mummy with only his cute, mischievous face showing (thug life, baby!) SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!>< And I think we got a preview of BB’s comeback song? If so, the sound is madly sexy and I fully approve!!!!!

(Screencaps cos it’s been a while and you deserve ’em)

Where I want to be (See space between Teddy and GD)

Oppa is so talented!!! *___*

Thug <333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lips, throat...mph!

He. Is. Tryna. Kill. Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's Singing! *sigh* Look at those cheek bones! *melts*

Throw ur BigBang gang sign, boo!

Oh but I’m loving the second season of 2ne1 TV even without the subtitles!! YG Ahjussi is the best for giving us this show! The girls are adorable and there’s so much interaction within the YG family which is just AWSOME!!! I love when GD makes fun of everyone’s choreography! I love how you could see different YG members in the audience at Taeyang’s solar concert (that choked me up a little! Lol!) In episode 3, Se7en-nim describes Minji’s turn in the “Can’t Nobody” MV as “Ero Minji” which made me almost fall out of my chair! For any true YG fan, this show is COMPULSORY WATCHING!!!!!!

(Moments from Eppy 3)

Rolling with my homies! The girls in LA!

He got teary at the end! Young-baeeeeee T.T!!!!

Bommie torturing her trainer! Lol!

And I have to say that I’m completely gay for 2ne1 girls! I just cannot express how utterly cute they are to me! And you all should know by now that I’m a complete sucker for cute. Yup. Can’t resist it, period.

And everyday my rankings for them changes. Today it’s: Bom, Minji, CL and Dara (wait, wasn’t that it yesterday too?<<). Anyway, it’s not that Dara is my least favourite, it’s more like I have extra soft spots for Bom and Minji and CL is just the BOSS!!!!!!!! In the show, I think Will. I. Am. liked CL and Minji best. He shook everyone’s hands but then he grabs CL and hugs her! And then he kept going “Minji!!” in this funny voice! Lol! I’m pretty sure he was hit by the cute too!

But enough with the fan girling. I had to get my behind over to the Club (like a country club not a night club!) so I could charge my batteries enough to make this post. I’m happy to say I’ve been a good little fan-girl and have been working on chapter 6 of my fanfic. Because of the power situation I’ve had to resort to the ancient methods of pen and paper which was kind of interesting. Haven’t done that since high school, really! Lol!

Anyway, now that I’m here, maybe I’ll transcribe. I’m really aiming to finish up by this weekend so please wish me luck.

Finally, it was my real live sweetie’s birthday on Oct 6th, so just want to say to the only man more beautiful than idols to me: Sang il chukhae hamnida! Sarangheo!

PS: Ooh almost forgot. Has anyone read this manhwa called 100% Perfect Girl by Wann? It starts with a quote from a Haruki Murakami short story? I’m reading it now and let me tell you it took me by surprise! I was expecting a sweet, funny and light love story because that’s what it looks like and starts like but boy! Was I wrong! What I’m getting is a disturbing, dark, twisted obsession story. Oh such a happy surprise! This is delicious dark chocolate! A perfect guilty pleasure read! Lol! (Yes, I’m mildly depraved, but we still love me, right?^^)


Fanfic Update and Hot Suk Sunday!!! ^^

I’ve put up Chapter 4 of  my Sukkie fanfic, “Stella’s Cafe”!!!!!

Can’t believe I’m on chapter 4 already and currently working on chapter 5! Who knows how long this thing plans to be? =_=;

Oh well, I’m having a great time writing it so I hope you’re having as good a time reading it :DDD!

So I can’t leave without mentioning that apparently today is Hot Suk Sunday because the japanese magazine Hot Chili Paper just released a photo editorial of his Sukkieness that is just SMOKING!!! We might seriously have to change his title to his royal SMEXINESS!!! LOL!

credit: as tagged + tdedie@baidu via Sear’s Blog

This one was my fave just because of the smile ^_____^ You can See more of this amazingness at Sears Blog!

As if this wasn’t enough, heroic eel shiro401 has managed to track down the behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

There are no words to express the mix of adorable and hotness contained herein. It is just *__________*

EDIT: Here’s the 2nd part.  WARNING: This is probably going to put you all in hospital.

No. Words.



I just really need to thank the eels that take the time to find this stuff and then post it up for all of us to share and kya-ah and nose bleed over. You guys are lovely and surely have a high place in Sukkie heaven!^^

Hah. Happy Eel signing off.

World Cups, Taeyang and Fanfics

FIFA World Cup

I’ve never really been into football, but everyone knows that the World Cup is different!! Was sad when Nigeria flunked out but happy Ghana stepped in to represent Africa! The US played a great game (those guys are fast like you wouldn’t believe) but Ghana’s Black Stars played the “beautiful” game! I don’t know how far they will go but it is an honour as it is for them to have qualified for the 16.

Also saw the Korea game against Uruguay. Talk about heart!! I was really moved by their effort! They gave a powerful team like Uruguay a run for their money. I really feel the only thing they are lacking is more rounded International experience. They are formidable team in the making and they went down like heroes! Well done Red Devils!!!!

Taeyang!! I Can’t Take it No More!!!

My beautiful BigBang Boy has released two more teasers and in my opinion they are certainly doing the job of teasing. Yes, I am feeling very teased and I kinda just want full songs AND videos to rock on my Pod like NOW!!!!!

3 more days till album drop! Sheesh!!!!

Vids Credit: Gilbakk2010

Fanfic News

Chapter 3 of Stella’s Cafe, my Sukkie Fic, is now available on my Fanfic page! Chapter 4 is still in the works. Please bear with me and I’ll try and make it worth your while!! Thank you everyone that’s been reading so far and leaving such encouraging comments! You have no idea how much I lov u guyzzzzzzzzz!!!!\(^__________^)/

Radio Silence…

Sorry, it’ s been so quiet. I didn’t die of happiness after my Big Bang spazz.

Well, I did, but only for a little while because  I had to quickly resurrect again so that my cup could properly runneth over when Sukkie’s new Samsung Yepp CF came out like one day later!!!

My Screencap Teasers:

Just so damn pretty!!!! #^_____^#

Yes, apparently, Heaven is trying to kill me with pleasure.

Expect a proper spazz on this soon! All I’ll say for now is that I foresee a problem for casting agents picking out leading ladies for His Sukkieness in the future as he will have a way of just outshining them ridiculously. Otokajo!!? Seriously, my boy could use some ugly cream just to tone it down! Good luck Han Ye Seul! Lol!

Also forgive me for being so late on updating my fanfic here though it’s been updated for ages on FB. If you haven’t read chapter 2 yet, it is now available in Neogogo’s Fanfic. Hope you like! I will do my best to get out chapter 3 and your comments will be most appreciated!

As usual there is much to say and almost no time to say it! Tomorrow I will be helping my fiance to move into his new apartment which will be the future site of our wedded bliss ^__^ hehe!

Please forgive the slowness of the blog during this short period.

Here is an offering: something interesting I found on PopSeoul: This dutch act Nathalie Makoma also got the rights to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” song and she performed a whole different version of the song but with the same tune.

Check it out:

and the SNSD version:

Is it a sign that I’m completely Hallyu Feverish that I kinda prefer the SNSD version for now even though I don’t understand most of it? I think this new version will just take some getting used to for me. Something about the tempo and rhythm are just a little out of wack for me for now!

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Will hopefully post again real soon!!!