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I Think This Might Be A Sign…

The fact that I got hacked…
And that I haven’t done a new post in forever…

I really didn’t want to end this. I haven’t even finished my fanfic. But I have to own up that Sugarwater’s time seems to be already behind me because I am changing and it’s past time to re-invent myself.

So many years. So many adventures. Do I still love all the things I spoke about in my about page? Gaming? Anime? Doramas? Kpop? I must say some of my tastes have refined over the years.

But more importantly my life is expanding so much that they do not occupy as a big a space in me heart as they once did. Buut I am still fond of this world and I will never forget how much joy it gave me at a time when I felt like I really needed it.
I don’t think I will ever leave it completely.

I don’t know if there will be another post after this. Maybe when I create a new blog, my final post will be directing anyone who even reads this to it.

To everyone who read, especially to those who commented and even more especially to those who reached out in friendship –

and a million sugary hugs and kisses!^______________________^!!!!


Breathing Deep…

cos I got a lot to say…


EDIT: and would you believe this is my 180th post???? (what the heck have I been writing??? (ohmygod, I’ve wasted me life! Lol!)

Getting Married – Y&B

(Y&B stands for Yegwa and me, Bibi aka Neogogo)

A million years ago (Nov 10th, 2008) I put up my first ever Sugarwater blog post. In those days the blog was on blogspot and it went a little something like this:

I’m a neogogo. And this blog is going to be about all the silly inconsequential stuff that we never talk about here. And by here I of course mean Nigeria.
As my header suggests, this will mainly consist of manga, gaming, foreign films and, since I don’t have a cat, my boyfriend.
Hope you like!

So many things have changed since then. My life, my interests, me – but this post is really just to talk about one particular change…my marriage!^^

For those who follow this blog (As BigBang said: “Thank you and you.”) you may have noticed that my posting went sort of downhill for the last several months. This was mainly because of the count down to my big day which was on Feb 12th. The funny thing is that I did mean to document the whole thing. I even took the pics! But at the end of the day the wedding was huger than me and took over completely and I was lucky to even find time to breath!

But at the end of the day it’s just cool to note that the person who started on this blog as my boyfriend and then became my fiance is now my hubby! 🙂

So without to much more ado here are some pics (Scanned and one’s I stole from friends on FB), my only regret is I gained all the weight I lost while I was actively working out (sigh) but all that withstanding, we had a pretty rocking time:

My Mom-in-Law on the left!

We are flanked by my Mom and Dad (sorry! So fuzzy!)

Our Civil Ceremony, bro-in-law, sis, me, hubby (we got married thrice!^^)

If you want to see what it was really like, I have bonus Videos!!!!!!! This was done for us by my bro-in-law who is a film maker in the UK (more on that later).

Part 1.

Part 2.

So many people suffered so we could have these moments. Our parents, our siblings, our relatives and our friends. I know we can never adequately thank everyone but we’ll keep trying anyway!

Finally, many people have asked me since getting back from our honeymoon (another post!) what it’s like to be married. To them I say, since Y and I worked together and were almost always in each other’s company before, the main difference now is that we live together in our own little place.^^ So for me marriage is kinda like before but now with sleep overs! hehe!

Hopefully I will be better at posting as I get my life back in control.

Still love u all madly.


New Chapter Alert…

I’m not even going to go in to how long it’s been or how much just really GREAT stuff I’ve missed covering and how many epic spazzes I’ve missed indulging in.
Let’s just say, it’s been a while, I’m married now (more on that laterz) and I wrote a new chapter for my Sukkie fan-fic!^^
Find it here.

Missed u madly.

Gomenasai!! Miane!!! Chap. 5 is here!!!

Just realized I haven’t uploaded the last chapter (chap 5) of my fanfic on the blog yet and it’s loooong overdue!!!  So embarrassing! Please forgive m( _  _ )m

Its there now! In this chapter the heroine finally gets to be with her Prince outside the cafe!!

If you havn’t read it yet, hope you like!!

Read Fanfic.


First it was cos I got BURIED @ work, but now its cos I forgot to renew my internet.
Cos I was BURIED @ work! Lol!
Anyways, these r emotional times. My sister who has also been my roomie for the last hundred years (give or take a year or two) left for post grad last wednesday. I miss her dreadfully. In fact I still keep forgetting she’s gone.
But on the up side, I have my own apartment till I get married (which is looking like February). Been reorganising the place all day. Spreading out so to speak.^^
Today I felt like being in Paris so I played my french playlist and lit a cigarette. My sis would’ve liked that^_^. No wine though. I should stock up!
Gonna bring chap 5 of Stella’s Cafe (my fanfic) on the blog as soon as I can get on line so pls look out for it.

The sugar in me!^^

Have I mentioned how I just recently discovered garageband and now I think it’s love?

Today was incredibly stressful. But then I came home and watched some kpop and then a little Beethoven’s Virus (nothing like a little Sukkie for the blues) and I cheered up a whole lot.

I cheered up so much in fact that i went on garageband and made a hum (as in like Winnie the Pooh^^). It’s called “Sugar” in honour of the blog but it’s really about the fact that I drink too much red bull!!! Lol!!

Anyway, I made a vid of it so enjoy!

Fanfic Update and Hot Suk Sunday!!! ^^

I’ve put up Chapter 4 of  my Sukkie fanfic, “Stella’s Cafe”!!!!!

Can’t believe I’m on chapter 4 already and currently working on chapter 5! Who knows how long this thing plans to be? =_=;

Oh well, I’m having a great time writing it so I hope you’re having as good a time reading it :DDD!

So I can’t leave without mentioning that apparently today is Hot Suk Sunday because the japanese magazine Hot Chili Paper just released a photo editorial of his Sukkieness that is just SMOKING!!! We might seriously have to change his title to his royal SMEXINESS!!! LOL!

credit: as tagged + tdedie@baidu via Sear’s Blog

This one was my fave just because of the smile ^_____^ You can See more of this amazingness at Sears Blog!

As if this wasn’t enough, heroic eel shiro401 has managed to track down the behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

There are no words to express the mix of adorable and hotness contained herein. It is just *__________*

EDIT: Here’s the 2nd part.  WARNING: This is probably going to put you all in hospital.

No. Words.



I just really need to thank the eels that take the time to find this stuff and then post it up for all of us to share and kya-ah and nose bleed over. You guys are lovely and surely have a high place in Sukkie heaven!^^

Hah. Happy Eel signing off.

I Can See The Weight I Lost!!!

I really can in this pic! But now I wonder if it will stay off!

Earlier this year, powered by newly discovered kpop energy and the desire to stop feeling so lifeless I was on a rampage!! I ate healthy, took vitamins and worked out almost everyday!

Now its the end of July and my eating habits can best be described as scavenging, I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and before that was a similarly long gap. I’m drinking way too much redbull and getting less and less out of it and that familiar old tired feeling is coming back.

Where did it all fall apart??? T.T

Scared I won’t be able to get back on the wagon!


Ps. I am surrounded by chaos and love!!^^

EDIT: Yikes!! Posted this with my phone n didn’t see how HUMUNGOUS the image was!! :”|

Enywayz, adjusted now!!!

Se7en & Selcas!!!

credit: http://shimbi.livejournal.com/tag/.artist:%20se7en

heehee!!! Doesn’t it look like he’s looking at me? Lol! *blush* swoon*

Was looking at my blog today and realized it was all Taeyang-ed out! Heehee!!! Did I get a little too enthusiastic?


But I think with all the success he’s having on the charts and the release of the last MV, he’s probably good to go now. Fly, baby, fly ^^!!

I’ll still put up the screen caps though, just cos I wanna!

From now though I’ll be counting down for Se7en who’se new mini album we can expect for the 21st of JUly! Doesn’t my birth month ROCK!!? (That is until BB and 2ne1 blows it out of the water at the end of the year!)

Now I don’t have as strong a relationship with him as I do with BB since I came on to the scene so late. My thing with se7en is that I like his music style, he’s part of the YG family which I identify strongly with and he’s just completely Yum-alicious!!!!

credit: http://asiacelebritygallery.blogspot.com/2009/06/se7en-pictures-plus-profile.html

Now I just listened to the first teaser released by YG for the album and people – I know I spazz way too much but… SPAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!! I love it soooo much!!!! Se7en is going to kill this!!!!! It’s like electro-hiphop and it’s just so funky!!!! WhaaaaaaaaaaaaA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy about it!!!!

You listen too!

I could actually put this on my ipod already! Lol!!!

Anyway, the Selca bit about this post is just I thought, hey it’s been a while since I put up a me pic on this blog !

And since I just did a new haircut (stellena chan knows my secret! Lol!) I wanna share! So here!!!

classic selca pose!!!^^

peace sign Selca

Still working on them bangs!

Hope u likey!!!