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Let’s Roll!!!!!!

Cute Nigerian Hip Pop Princess, Mo’Cheddah finally dropped her new album yesterday! It’s called Franchise Celebrity and has a very pop/electronic song with a very Nigerian flavour. I loves it to death! Lol!!

Here’s the Video for the lead single “Ko Ma Roll” which means “Let’s Roll”

Also gonna take this opportunity to big up my three young friends who have formed the Nigerian styling collective BuBaAi (like saying Buh – bye)!!!

These bold, new adventurers are bringing colour back into our world, one gauze ribbon at a time and I think their work is just adorable!

YG Holding it Down and some Down Home Love!

So YG are not letting up on the excitement! I don’t even know where to begin!!!

The credit for this info goes to ibigbang.

First of all, Yesterday was G-Dragons birthday so, Happy 23rd Birthday Kwon Ji-Youngie, you freaking wunderkind, smexy, Pop Prince, you!!! Hope you were able to enjoy it and that you love all the great presents I know you’re getting!!!^^

The party doesn’t stop there! According to ibigbang, today is the official anniversary of BigBang!! They are 4 years old in the industry now!! Almost Hyungs!!!^^ Congratulations to BB on this special day and of course to all VIPs!!!!

Credit: ibigbang

Credit: ibigbang

Now for some goodies:

A Teaser for the latest BB single; “Beautiful Hangover” has been released!!!!! Finally!!!! Big Bang season is about to start and what a smexy start!!!! The boys look just gorgeous (esp. u GD!!!!!!) and you already know I love this song so now I’m just going to die untill they release the full vid, at which point I will resurrect and there shall be some righteous squeeing!

Check it out:

credit: ryke96

Then we finally get to see some choreography for Taeyang’s track, “I’ll Be There”!! Sorry! It’s a fan cam so it’s shaky and he drops  out of sight a few times!^^ On ibigbang the poster implied that this is Shaun Evaristo’s choreography and I can see why, it’s totally his style and I love his style!!! I hope BigBang always works with him!!!!

Anyways, check it:

credit:DYBLGE via ibigbang

And here is some bts goodness from the vid shoot!!:

credit: gilbakk2010

Hehe!! Epic much?

Good News for all 2ne1 fans!!!! That is, good news if you like Black Eyed Peas (and I do!^^)

Rumour (or rather PopSeoul) has it  that Will. I. Am after checking one of their vids decided he wanted a piece of them and the famous producer has worked on a slew of songs with them!! The result of their work together will be used for their US debut but as of now we have no date for that.

Nervous about my girls trying to crack the US market 0.0; But very proud of them and really can’t wait to hear what the collabos sound like!!!

Finally, I want to finish this post on a hometown note. Most of you know that I’m a total Cheddah Head, meaning fan of Nigerian Pop artist, Mo’Cheddah. Well I had to do a slideshow for her latest track, “Shampoo” cos it’s so yummerlicious!! Here it is!!!^^

Just ❤ ^^

Mo’Cheddah sez: Ko Ma Roll!!!

Just when I was getting all depressed because the Nigerian Super Eagles decided to make WorldCup history by giving Greece its first goal and first win, my cute, spunky Naija (slang for Nigerian^^) pop favourite, Mo’Cheddah dropped her latest single: Ko Ma Roll (t/n: Let it Roll), a track from her much anticipated debut album, “Franchise Celebrity.”

This bubbly, infectious dance number reached out to me, shook me and said, what the hell!! So what if we’re not the most promising world cup contenders! It’s Summer dammit and I want to have a good time!!!

Give it a listen Here.

Even if you don’t understand most of what she’s saying, catchy is catchy and this joint is a jam!

Really can’t wait to see the MV!

image courtesy: www.notjustok.com

Mo’Cheddah Spam^^

So I finally got my lappy back with a new hard drive and I am slowly rebuilding it from old back ups (that will teach me to be too lazy to back up in over a month!!T.T). This has been the main cause of my unexpected hiatus.

In the meanwhile, the ball has been set rolling towards my getting married and we’ve set the date for January. My family and Y’s family recently went through the traditional rite of Introduction where the families get together and intentions ae made known.

Y moved into his new place. It looks great! He has quite the cute domestic side!

Have I seen anything in anime, doramas or Asian Pop worth spazzing over? Certainly! But, sadly, It’ll have to wait till I have more than five minutes at a time to post on the blog! Same goes with my fanfic though I’ve been working on it.


Anyway, since I hate to leave you with nothing (whoever you might be! Lol!), here’s a a mashup vid I did of my fave Nigerian Hip Pop act, Mo’Cheddah. Someone called A1 actually did a track called, “I’m Obsessed with Mo’Cheddah.” I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard it. I immediately hunted down all her videos and did a mash up to it!^^

This was done on iMovie. Enjoy!

Some Home Town Love <3

I know I only post about Asian content here and lately only about Korean stuff (will this phase never end?) but today I wanted to do something from home for a change. That’s Nigeria in case you didn’t notice it on my huge ass header^^!


Her name is Mo’Cheddah and she records with up and coming indie label Knighthouse. Don’t be fooled by her daintiness because this pocket sized diva is fierce!!!

And very, very, very cute!!!!

She’s also finally released her first solo vid!!!! This is FRESH out the kitchen, folks as in literally just dropped!

Check it out, the song is called “If You Want Me”

Images credits as tagged.