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Breathing Deep…

cos I got a lot to say…


EDIT: and would you believe this is my 180th post???? (what the heck have I been writing??? (ohmygod, I’ve wasted me life! Lol!)


So, how was your week?

Business trip.




Working Sunday.


Theme Madness!

Okay it stops here. I’m settling on this theme.

For now.

Sorry for all the fluctuating. You see, I switched my theme earlier then regretted it. But then I didn’t remember what my former theme was so I’ve been adrift in theme limbo.

I’ll have to settle here for a while.

I just need to tweak my header.

sheesh, you’d think I didn’t have enough to do!

Miss Me??? No???

Ah – rats! To get anyone to miss me I probably need to stay away for more than a couple of days, lol!!!

Well since it doesn’t look like that’s possible, here’s some selcas of me on the business trip I’m on.

Le Meridien, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Enjoying my perks! Hehe

*sings* Welcome to the Good Life…!

(just kidding, I am actually dog tired and my butt hurts from sitting in meeting all day! =_=)

Neogogo’s new look…;p

I’m revisiting a look I had in ’99. Bangs!!!

still getting used to it, though.

I’m wondering if i shouldn’t go shorter? Maybe just at the ears?

Gonna update my profile image!

So Much to Say, So little Time…

which is why all I can say right now is I’m SWAMPED!!!

And all I can do is show you an image of the worlds most untidy work desk (that is, my desk)

complete with half finished bowl of carrot soup!

anyway, have so much to say! hopefully will find time in the near future to say it! T _T