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Girls Generation vs Kara

(credit: Popseoul, Seoulbeat)

Or should I say Run Devil Run vs Lupin?
Ok, let me establish right away that this post is not about instigating. There has been inevitable bickering between the fan bases of both girl groups since the unveiling of SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation’s) “black SoShi” look and the subsequent release of their ‘Run Devil Run’ MV. Quite a few have alleged that the whole thing is just a bad copy of Kara’s “Lupin” (others say they are both copying T-ara, etc [-_-;]). Some of the bickering has gotten pretty vicious and sounds like just plain beef so I’m not going to go into it.

Personally, I don’t believe ideas belong to anyone but themselves. If you’re a creative you will find a lot of times that if a great idea comes to you and you decide to sit on it too long, someone else will eventually come up with the same idea and execute it.

As far as the going “black and sexy” thing, I believe it is just the season for it. SNSD has just been the most recent act to perform it. If one wants to trace back who is copying who, they will have to go waaaaaay back, further back than 2010. Probably right back to the last century.

The real question is whose execution of black and sexy was more successful?

This question is hard to answer objectively if you are biased towards either group. My position is one of a person newly arrived to kpop and not truly committed to any one group yet. I have listened to more SNSD than Kara though but I’m trying to catch up.

So first: SNSD’s Run Devil Run:
On a first pass I don’t really have a problem with this MV. It’s the girls doing sophisticated and sexy which is a nice change in stride for them. The song is catchy and they bring their characteristic polished chorus girl choreography to play giving the concept a touch of classy burlesque in a very clean SNSD way.

On a second pass I could see how it may have come across as underwhelming as,  to be completely honest, not too much happens in this video. Especially after all the anticipation built from the campaign. It is a very sleek and highly polished but sort of conservative addition to the black and sexy genre. A bit like an opening stage performance leading to the main act.

That said, I still like it a lot and find myself humming the song quite a bit, but I can see why more may have been expected.

Kara’s Lupin
As an introduction to Kara, I have to say this was a good one. I already liked the concept of Lupin, the gentleman thief (I liked the anime ^^) and I thought their interpretation of it was loose but fun and sexy!

On a first pass I find the song is the kind that makes you want to get up and perform right alongside them and the video definitely gives you something to look at with the bright, starry backdrops and their almost cosplay looks. The general effect is electric.

On a second pass, I still like the song a lot!!! So upbeat and dramatic! Brings out the dance diva in me! But the choreography begins to show some weaknesses. Not because i think it’s unoriginal (remember my theory about ideas?) but because of execution. The moves are cute, sexy and funky but sometimes look like they could have been tighter? It felt a bit like they’d all practiced really hard but dancing isn’t the personal strength of one or two of the members. But the strong ones (sorry, don’t really know them by name) more than make up for any slack in energy and attitude!

Both groups brought their own spirit to this concept and did it in the way only they could but as far as over all sheer entertainment which is what music and MVs are about in the end, I have to give this one to Kara’s ‘Lupin’.

These opinions are of course my personal ones. If yours are different, that’s perfectly cool with me^^.

Now you make up your mind.

SNSD/Girls’ Generation: ‘Run’:

Kara: ‘Lupin’: