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In a K-Pop Kinda Mood

Things have been kind of slow for me in Kpop-dom and busy in the real world.

Hence the silence. :”) Sorry!

But I’ve been up to a few things.

Chapter 4 of my Sukkie fanfic is one of them. Making songs on garage band is another!

Yup. I have just discovered the joy of garage band and I’m like a baby that just discovered its bellybutton! I’m sorry but this is something I will probably be sharing with you in the near future! Hehe! Especially since I did a song for Sukkie’s birthday (August 4th). I will be launching it here on that day so be prepared for amateur hour on Sugarwater!!!!

Anyways, I spent a lot of time waiting today and suddenly got into such a KPop mood that I started uploading images I’ve scrounged off the internet over the past months to my FB just because I wanted to spread the love.

Love of my K-boys and girls so to speak.

Wanna see my current favourites?

Okay starting with the boys:

1. Sukkie:

The absolute King of my fan girl heart who beat out all my other fan girl passions in the space of one drama, (You’re Beautiful): Jang Geun Suk!!!!! I’ve already written the history of how I became a crazy Sukkie fan girl so I won’t write it here. I will just say King Suk continues to reign supreme. He is more beautiful and funny and crazy and passionate and enchanting with each day. He just radiates life and energy!!! If you don’t love Sukkie you should love him already!!! Watch one of his dramas or movies! Check out any of his tons of video footage, listen to one of his songs! I know I’m completely biased but Sukkie is love and you’re supposed to share love so SUKKIE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. G-Dragon:

The Swag, The Fashion, the Ghetto Engrish, the Horny Lyrics, The Angelic hotness, what on earth is there not to love about GD??? He is one of my top Sukkie anti-dotes (for when Sukkie fervour becomes too intense) and that means he’s pretty powerful stuff. I first got curious about him not cos of his music (which I hadn’t heard) but because I kept seeing comments comparing him to Sukkie (his smile especially). I was like, “what impertinence” and looked him up and then I was like, “hm…interesting.” Then several videos later I was his. Completely. I love him as a Kpop boy but I also love and respect him as an artist and entertainer. Blond, red haired, poumpadoured, preppy, punk, psychadelic, murderous, ghetto, Pimped, Princely, funky, nerdy, silly, gay, diva, leader, bad-ass, sexy, goofy, etc, I love every GD there is!!! Like I said, what’s not to love???

3. TOP (TABI):

It’s terrible to love two men from the same group as much as I love GD and TOP but what can I do? I literally see one then forget the other till I see him again! It is impossible to choose between them because If I had GD, I would be cheating with TOP on the side and vice-versa. I wouldn’t mean to hurt them but what else can I do!!!!!! TT.TT

TOP is just so damn hot! It’s wonderful because he’s pretty much hot despite himself. TOP in real life is a complete goofball with a passion for toys and loud suits and accessories. But God gave him those eyes, those brows and that smirk. He also gave him that voice! With those weapons of mass fan girl destruction, (and he has this lazy, peek-a boo dimple that plays now u see me, now you don’t ><) it is no wonder that I’m cheating with Sukkie and GD with him.

No, but for real, TOP is fine. I’m waiting for him to get confident enough in his body to start showing us a little more skin! It was so frustrating in the Turn It Up video when he wore that bathrobe that was almost strangling him. He should take a leaf from Sukkie’s book. Wear your bath robe loosely belted. Then do cart wheels.

4. Rain:

What? You thought it would be Taeyang? I know I spazz about him and I think he is amazingly adorable and that he should conquer the world and NO ONE can lie on the floor and roll their hips like he can….but, when it comes down to my personal, personal favourites, he’s actually a bit further down the list. Seriously. I don’t think I would date him so much as mess around with him.

Now Rain on the other hand… Rain is …is….there are really no words for Rain. Just pictures. Glorious, glorious pictures. He is the perfect physical specimen and Governments round the world should seriously make sure they have copies of his DNA because if things go belly up for humanity, he’s the way we want to re-boot! UNF!!!!

5. Kim Hee Chul-nim:

I think by now you will have noticed I like most of my boys FULLY in touch with their feminine sides. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m latently gay? Who knows, I just know I prefer my guys slender, love it when their looks though masculine puts girls to shame, love a man who crosses his legs when he sits (I’m weird! I know!) and can wear a blouse better than you can and is very aware of it!

This is why Hee-nim aka Dangerous Cinderella of Super Junior is one of my favourites!!! To me he is the ultimate diva of the k-pop world and anyone who can french kiss his group members in public with as much bold relish as he does is a keeper for me!!!

Plus he’s friends with Sukkie!

Love u Hee-nim <3<3<3

6. Teddy:

My fangirl crush on Teddy, formerly of 1tym and currently hot YG producer developed behind my back and caught me unawares. It started with wondering who the hottie with the spiky mohawk in Taeyang’s “where U at” MV was to where I now actually Squee every time his name comes up.

Why do I like him? It’s a combo of things. He’s definitely not my bishounen type. More of a thug type, really. Reminds me of my thug love phase in Uni (fufufu). He’s super cute (he has a quirky smile), I love his hiphop swag and I love his flow. In a word: Smexy.

Just wish he wasn’t probably the one that taught T.O.P to cover up!!!

7. Junsu:

the most adorable k-boy alive in my opinion. I have mentioned before that I find him completely ravishable and this remains true. Something about him makes you want to just jump him and leave him in serious disarray. His beauty, his crazy laugh, his A-MAYzing vocals, his stage presence – I blame stella-chan for the sweet tooth I have for him!^^

8. Taecyeon:

This one is a really a guilty pleasure since I’m not even strictly fan of 2pm. What I’m a fan of are his abs, his dimples and the cute pics he keeps putting up on twitter (yes, I’m stalking him on twitter). Don’t have too much to say about him as I’ve only recently accepted that I’m into him! Lol!

Oh, my. This post has grown quite epic! And I haven’t even done Jaejoong or Taeyang or any girls!!! I may have to continue this later! That is if I can! I’m still thinking to my no promises thing! Kekeke!


I’m a Non-VIP VIP.

I actually think there are a lot of ladies like me and today I kind of got to wondering what’s up with us??

It started after I almost got a hernia from laughing at a blog I recently discovered called Confessions of The K-Pop Addict. Seriously everyone should check this blog out because if you like dirty noona humour you will laugh your fillings out. My sides still hurt. And she (the blogger) is soooooooo on the money with so many things (Loved her open letter to G-Dragon. Really resonated with me^^)!!! PLUS this blog is home to one of the most beautiful collections of KPop Abs in Blogosphere (and the blogger takes submissions) so make sure you check out the page called Meat Market amongst the variety of fun and unholy stuff you will find there.

Anyway, it was hard not to notice that the blogger TKPA has a thing for BB. I can totally relate to that. from reading her posts though I also got the impression that, like me, she doesn’t consider herself an official VIP. I have also come across quite a few people that align themselves similarly. Nothing against VIPs who are awesome cos they keep us in BB info, pics and vids but why is it that while some of us LOVE us some BigBang, we hesitate to call ourselves VIPs?

I really wonder about this since I have a special place in my fangirl heart for those boys and this hesitation sometimes makes me feel kind of guilty?

Here is my List of Possible Reasons:

Fan Club Phobia

In my case I know it’s not really the fear of joining a fan club because if you read my Blog you will know that I consider myself to be an Eel (fan of Jang Keun Suk) and I am gagging at the bit to give his management company my hard earned money so I can be his first official African fan (crossing my fingers that some South African heifer hasn’t already beaten me to this >.<) So that is definitely not it.

Other Allegiances

It is true my primary devotion lies somewhere else but many fangirls hold multiple fandom passports. There is just so much smexiness out there that it is cruel to ask anyone to choose. Am I really a one idol girl? I doubt it. Not with the variety of idols that bring my dirty noona to the fore! Nothing wrong with being an Eel and a VIP

Ahjumma Hang Ups

Maybe I just feel too old to be an official fan? I am significantly older than their oldest member, true. But I’m also significantly older that Sukkie and if it doesn’t bug me with him why should it bug me with them? so we can strike that 😛

Fear of Commitment

Hellooo? Engaged to be married! Plus like I said earlier, I’m an Eel.

Fear of Calling Myself a Funny Name

Er – too late for that.

Just Don’t Love Them Enough

Not trueeeee!!!!!!!! I really do love them! Together and as solo acts! I love their music and almost all their videos. The three sunbaes are my best in different orders depending on my mood and I’m going to all kinds of lengths to buy the Shine A Light Concert and Electric Love Tour DVDs!!! (YesAsia does not trade with Nigeria because, as you know, we are all scam artists and greedy dictators). I definitely love them enough.

Well, I am at the end of this post and I am no closer to figuring out my mysterious fear of official BB fandom. I like to love them from a small distance I think. But my support is real and I really want them to continue to do well.

Especially Taeyang who introduced me to KPop, G-Dragon who got me addicted to it and TOP who is Just. Too. Damn. Smexy!!!

In the backrow: Ji Young (G-Dragon), Seung Hyun (TOP) and Youngbae (TaeYang) (Sorry Dongsaes, love you too but in a different way^^)

credit: Asian Central News

PS. Forgot Laziness. It is quite a bit of work being a devoted fan to one idol much less several. That is a lot of stalking/purchasing/spazzing and I am a significantly lazy girl.


That kind of feels like it might be it. I’m too lazy to be both an Eel and A VIP but it don’t mean that I don’t love my boys!!! Lol!!!

Speak of the Dragon…!

credit: My screencap.

Style to Die for? Kekeke!

Is it because I was talking so much about him today?

I’ve been on a G-Dragon high since I saw the trailer for the movie release of his concert yesterday and I know I have been talking off the ears of my loved ones trying to share who he is and why he’s so cool to them! I probably exhausted their patience (Sorry!/Gomenasai!/Miane!) but just as they say no good deed goes unpunished, it seems not so good ones get rewarded!!!

I was literally force showing my sis all my G-Dragon vids (I’ve actually accumulated more than I realized #-_-# ) when the news popped up on Kpop Rants (bless their scoop happy hearts) that an excerpt from the Shine a light concert movie, the creepy, controversial vid for G-dragon’s song, “She’s Gone” has just been released!!!! Literally the vid I had just been showing my sister the blurry, fan cam version of!!!

So here it is in technicolor, minus shaky fan cam! An homage to vintage, psycho killer horror!

(thanks for the upload bigbangupdatesblog!)

Didn’t I say he was something else? So coooooool! I feel bad he got in so much trouble for it! Just put an R-rated sticker on it dude! Case closed!


Ran into this at verbal diarrhea. It’s a remix of SNSD’s Run Devil Run by Robotika!!!

I think it’s neato! Very Daft Punk-y. Makes me want to club right now!!!

Check it out:

Rainy Easter^^

Happy Easter, everyone!!!

Here’s a nice screen cap from Rain’s “Love Song” for you!

It’s not very holy, in fact I think it’s the opposite!! Ah, well. Enjoy!

K Pop Update: SNSD, G-Dragon

credit: SeoulBeat

SNSD finally dropped the story version of Run Devil Run aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

Well, I kinda think maybe they should have just started out with this one cos it doesn’t feel like they added that much of anything new. I guess it’s cool that each version can work on it’s own.

But the girls look a-mayzing and that hasn’t changed!

Judge for yourself:

This info is courtesy of PopSeoul who are very good at this sort of thing! Lol!


Credit: Angela of scintilla-love.blogspot.com

As an unofficial fan of the adorable boys of BigBang, you can’t imagine how my stomach jumped yesterday morning when PopSeoul broke the news that G-Dragon has dropped a special 2nd CD for his Shine A Light Album featuring killer remixes of Heartbreaker, A Boy, This Love and Breathe!!!

Heartbreaker actually has two remixes, one of them featuring popular american hiphop act Flo Rida.

Credit: PopSeoul Credit: Angela of scintilla-love.blogspot.com

Oooooooh, that cross over dream is slowly coming into focus!!! XD

Best of all, a MrTadaMusic was obliging enough to put them up on YouTube so you can actually hear how GD-elicious these tracks sound!!!

So far my fave is the A Boy Choice 37 Remix (you have to wait till after the first chorus for it to kick in)

Waaaaaaaahhhhh! I want to own this CD!!!! Xp