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Saengil Chukha Hamnida Jang Geun Suk!!!!!^^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUKKIE STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^0^)/

Today the world is full of Eels who will show you their love in many ways (and hopefully most of those ways won’t be too crazy^^)

I wonder how he will celebrate???

He seemed to have a really great time in Thailand! He’s glowing in all his pics! Maybe it was an early birthday celebration? Here are some new pics from his vacation: (credit: jksland via I Love Jang Geun Suk FB Page)

And these ones from a Japanese Magazine (don’t know the name T.T) from the same source I’m just adding because *_____*

credit: Baidu via I love Jang Geun Suk FB Page

I’m celebrating by joining the push to make him trend on twitter!!! If you want to join in just make sure your twitter account is unlocked so your tweets will count and use the hashtag #keunsukvolutionday

Also… Zazang!!!!

Happy Birthday Your Sukkieness!!!

Very Goofy with terrible photoshop and probably bad Hangul but my heart was in the right place! Kekeke!!!

And just like I promised, I ‘m including the birthday song I made for his Sukkieness with Garage band! It’s nothing much but like I said it was fun to do and I really hope it’s fun to listen to!

Check it out if you want!

(EDIT: Finally Fixed it! =_=;;;)

It’s called: For Sukkie

And finally a message to my fellow jangeos/eels from all around the world: I think this is the best day to say that meeting some of you has been one of the best things about fan girling Sukkie. For your friendship *bow* thank you, arigatou, khamsahamida…

love u guyz!!!!!!!!!!!! xx


On August 4th, thousands of eels around the world (not the marine variety) shall spontaneously SPAZZ to the highest degree because that day is the day their star, Jang Keun Suk was born!!! As you all know, I am one of those happy Eels and my spazzing starts here!!!!

To be honest I’m happy for an excuse to talk about Sukkie. It’s been so quiet in Jangeo land lately. Very few images, barely any messages or baits. Not that I’m complaining. I know King Sukkie has been working hard making “You’re My Pet”  into a Sukkilicious masterpiece and also doing other projects. I really can’t wait till that movie comes out!! I may watch it before it’s even subbed!!

News also has it that he recently took a short holiday in Thailand and the following images have surfaced from that event:

He smiles and the fact that his hair is ORANGE doesn't seem so bad anymore! XD

Work hard then play hard! No one understands this like the Sukkster!!!

Credit: raine@JKSland@pantip + shiro401 + daily_tofu@soompi via Sear’s Blog

Soooooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Crazy orange hair notwithstanding!!! I really think this color choice means he’s going to cut it soon so he wanted to do something crazy with it first.

Ah – it’s nice to see him having fun 🙂

Anyways because his birthday is on wednesday, Jangeo land is aflutter as Eels do their best to buy or create gifts for Sukkie that will make him smile!!! It’s kind of like Christmas except instead of getting gifts we give them to Sukkie!!! LOL!!!!

The SeOul Sisters (my own Eel subset) also put together a gift of love which you can check out here. My personal contributions to this were a photoshopped picture with a birthday message and an original happy birthday song, both of which were very fun for me to do (though I really had to scrape out the time to do them). I will be posting both of them up on this blog on Sukkie’s actual birthday!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

I was also going to contribute on a cool gift with some friends but I goofed and missed the deadline. But it’s okay because the cool thing about birthdays is that there’s one every year!!!^^

So how am I starting off my SPAZZ-down? How about Chapter 4 of my Sukkie Fanfic!!!

For all lonely Eels who miss Sukkie as much as I do, you can share Min Hee Ssi’s experience and meet with him every week in a romantic cafe somewhere in Seoul!^^

The story is posted as usual on the Eels USA FB page and now also on the SeOul Sister FB Page too!!! Next week it will come home to roost on this blog.

Please read and enjoy and leave comments!!!! ^^

Bye cri~!!!!