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BATTLE OF THE GIRLBANDS: SNSD vs Secret vs Wonder Girls vs T-ara

As a hardcore YG Stan/VIP/Blackjack, I wondered if I’m still qualified to give unbiased opinions on the happenings in Kpop.

Truthfully? I don’t know but – my peeps are on break and I love Kpop so I can’t help being drawn into the excitement of the season we are currently witnessing.

And, Oh my fandom, what an exciting season it is for Kpop right now!!! Hearts are beating, ba-thump, ba-thump all across Kpop land and why? Because we are in the season of the return of the mighty SoShi (aka So Nyuh Shi Dae aka SNSD aka Girls Generation)! The 9 angels of Kpop and South Koreas National Girl Group!

I don’t think there’s been such an anticipated come back since I got into Kpop (which granted was just a little more than a year ago! Lol!) Sones (their fanclub) are in an agitated ecstacy!

And the hype is intense too. Newsie blogs have it that other Entertainment Companies were so intimidated by the impending return of the power house girl group that they all rescheduled their own artists come backs! Imagine that!!!

All, however, except the little girl group that could named, Secret, who just released their album “Moving in Secret” as well as one helluva jimmy-janglin title track called “Love is Move” (사랑은 MOVE) .

The four girl group is right now being applauded for their brave “movement” in going ahead with their schedule even though they did say they were concerned since they know what they are up against. It’s already being said by netizens that losing to SNSD would be an honourable defeat for them. One has to admit, lose or win, they definitely got some good spotlight for their “moves”!

Interesting enough though, Secret Time (Secret’s fan club) seem to be cultivating high hopes for their girls based on the released track. I can’t say I blame them. It’s one toe tapping, hip shimmying, hair lashing blast of an infectious song. I’ve listened to it quite a bit myself and it kinda makes me want to get up and shake it! If there’s one thing I can say, the girls of Secret brought an A game to the table and have nothing to be ashamed of.

The drama continues however as also in the running to challenge the Princesses of Kpop are the former Queens of Kpop, The Wonder Girls! I must say I’m excited about this particular chapter in the drama. A noble story of kpop royalty and the struggle to regain that coveted throne of the no 1 girl group!

Both groups have a lot at stake as they have to reward the faithfulness of their respective fandoms by showing they can still deliver on what made them great.

Wonderfuls (the Wonder Girl fanclub) especially have something to be anxious about as their girls have been out of the game for years. Till recently, their activities were all based in the US and there is some sensitivity in their camp over the fact that they never quite blew up over there. This however in no way discounts them as a powerful contender from a very strong Company and with the plans they have in store for a US debut album whose release will coincide with TV Movie to air nationwide on Teen Nick; things may soon change!

I’m really excited to see what they come with. JYP has been dropping intriguing hints on Twitter and  the company’s official word on the album is :

“Since it’s the first album to be released after such a long time, we’re putting a lot of care into each and every song. We will work to bring out a great album and show an awesome image on a perfect stage. We ask for your support.”

(cr: AllKPop)

And on competing with SNSD:

“It’d be a lie if we said we’re not stressing over SNSD’s comeback. But because we’ll be standing in front of everyone after such a long period away, we’re concentrating more on bringing out a quality album.”

(cr: AllKPop)

The girls are rumoured to be leaving behind their trademark retro style and adopting a more pop look to compliment the style of their movie.  I stand beside Wonderfuls in looking forward to this come back. A group that inspires such an unshakable confidence in fans that have waited this long deserves respect!

And finally to add more sugar to all that spice, we are also expecting come backs from After School’s wildly successful sub-group Orange Caramel and from T-ara who actually already had a hit this summer with “Roly-Poly” and are currently making  rapid advances into Japan.

Back to SNSD; Sones are also another fandom that have unshakable confidence in their girls and the fact that they are one of the biggest fandoms in kpop is also something to respect.

The gorgeous girls of SoShi have already wowed people across the board with the elegant and more mature sexiness of their come back concept looks, a look that seems to announce they are ready to graduate from Princesses to Queens. They have also been dropping teasers for their title track “The Boys” which is said to have been produced by legendary US R&B producer, Teddy Riley. Newsey Blogs have it that SM (SNSD’s Company) plan to use this track to introduce the girls into the US (hence there is an English as well as a Korean version)and there has been much debate as to how successful they will be in that notoriously difficult market.

(Actually it’s officially a race now as to who will break successfully in the US first: 2ne1 with Will-I-Am? SNSD with Teddy Riley? Wonder Girls with the inroads they have already made and I suspect Timbaland which would be so awesome? The good thing is whoever makes it will be opening the door for everyone so there are no losers. Just bragging rights at stake here! Kk!)

The teasers released by SoShi which opens with an uncharacteristically fierce rapping verse and features the girls showing subtle sex appeal in dance moves have been loved by some while others are keeping their judgement till they see the whole video. I think I will be doing that too.

Between all this and Kara’s return from Japan earlier in the season with the successful “Step” as well as Brown Eyed Girls return with the Epic disco-licious “6th Sense,” I have to say that this is a pretty good time to be into Kpop!

Since at the end of everything, the winners are the fans I say – Let the Games Begin! KPop Girl Groups, HWAITING!^^

Enjoy Below Secret’s MV and SNSD’s Teasers!

Secret: “Love is Move”

SNSD: “The Boys” Teaser 1 (Eng.)

SNSD: “The Boys” Teaser 1 (Kor.)

SNSD: “The Boys” Teaser 2 (Eng)

SNSD: “The Boys” Teaser 2 (Kor)

Neogogo’s Eye Candy: Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Gee

This vid is of the ultra cute, SM Entertainment, 9 member girl group Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD, an acronym for their Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae). Member are: Yoona,Tiffany,Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sunny.

The name of the song is “Gee” and it had quite an impact when it was released early in 2009 as in other groups are constantly doing references to this song and some, I think, have covered it.

Watching it I can totally understand why because for me it contains everything that is addictive about kpop; off the chart cuteness, hypnotizingly bright colors and sets, yummy choreography and a more than catchy tune. Did I mention cute? In fact I really should put a warning on this: If you aren’t into cute/kawaii/aego then this will probably be too much for you!!!!

Many people that see this vid for the first time ask me why jpop and kpop groups sometimes have so many members. I’ve never gotten an official answer to that question but my theory is: first of all it gives fans more variety in terms of favouriting and second of all it’s a good way for agencies to introduce their talent before giving them solo careers.

That’s just my guess. If anyone knows better, I’m all ears.

Anyway, expect to see Girls’ Generation again in this series!

credit: maly_4life

Hot Da-

-yum!!! O.O

2pm and snsd for Carribean Bay. Image courtesy of Popseoul.

Guys, does it make me super shallow if I say my interest in 2pm just sky rocketed?

(oh. yeah – the girls look very nice too!^^)

This is teh awesomeness!!!: KPop Girls Mashup!

I looooooooooooove this!! Even though I’m still such a noob at this that I can’t pick out all the acts I can at least identify 2ne1 (my girls!!!), SNSD, 4pm and Brown Eyed Girls. Kara and After School might be in there too but I need help Identifying!

What’s really great about this is the amazing editing matched up with the fantastic mixing on these tracks!!! Can’t remember how I ran into this but I knew I had to share it and big up the maker: MasaMixes

Hotness!!! Really want to do something like this (minus the song mix) so totally inspired now!! XD


Ran into this at verbal diarrhea. It’s a remix of SNSD’s Run Devil Run by Robotika!!!

I think it’s neato! Very Daft Punk-y. Makes me want to club right now!!!

Check it out:

Girls Generation vs Kara

(credit: Popseoul, Seoulbeat)

Or should I say Run Devil Run vs Lupin?
Ok, let me establish right away that this post is not about instigating. There has been inevitable bickering between the fan bases of both girl groups since the unveiling of SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation’s) “black SoShi” look and the subsequent release of their ‘Run Devil Run’ MV. Quite a few have alleged that the whole thing is just a bad copy of Kara’s “Lupin” (others say they are both copying T-ara, etc [-_-;]). Some of the bickering has gotten pretty vicious and sounds like just plain beef so I’m not going to go into it.

Personally, I don’t believe ideas belong to anyone but themselves. If you’re a creative you will find a lot of times that if a great idea comes to you and you decide to sit on it too long, someone else will eventually come up with the same idea and execute it.

As far as the going “black and sexy” thing, I believe it is just the season for it. SNSD has just been the most recent act to perform it. If one wants to trace back who is copying who, they will have to go waaaaaay back, further back than 2010. Probably right back to the last century.

The real question is whose execution of black and sexy was more successful?

This question is hard to answer objectively if you are biased towards either group. My position is one of a person newly arrived to kpop and not truly committed to any one group yet. I have listened to more SNSD than Kara though but I’m trying to catch up.

So first: SNSD’s Run Devil Run:
On a first pass I don’t really have a problem with this MV. It’s the girls doing sophisticated and sexy which is a nice change in stride for them. The song is catchy and they bring their characteristic polished chorus girl choreography to play giving the concept a touch of classy burlesque in a very clean SNSD way.

On a second pass I could see how it may have come across as underwhelming as,  to be completely honest, not too much happens in this video. Especially after all the anticipation built from the campaign. It is a very sleek and highly polished but sort of conservative addition to the black and sexy genre. A bit like an opening stage performance leading to the main act.

That said, I still like it a lot and find myself humming the song quite a bit, but I can see why more may have been expected.

Kara’s Lupin
As an introduction to Kara, I have to say this was a good one. I already liked the concept of Lupin, the gentleman thief (I liked the anime ^^) and I thought their interpretation of it was loose but fun and sexy!

On a first pass I find the song is the kind that makes you want to get up and perform right alongside them and the video definitely gives you something to look at with the bright, starry backdrops and their almost cosplay looks. The general effect is electric.

On a second pass, I still like the song a lot!!! So upbeat and dramatic! Brings out the dance diva in me! But the choreography begins to show some weaknesses. Not because i think it’s unoriginal (remember my theory about ideas?) but because of execution. The moves are cute, sexy and funky but sometimes look like they could have been tighter? It felt a bit like they’d all practiced really hard but dancing isn’t the personal strength of one or two of the members. But the strong ones (sorry, don’t really know them by name) more than make up for any slack in energy and attitude!

Both groups brought their own spirit to this concept and did it in the way only they could but as far as over all sheer entertainment which is what music and MVs are about in the end, I have to give this one to Kara’s ‘Lupin’.

These opinions are of course my personal ones. If yours are different, that’s perfectly cool with me^^.

Now you make up your mind.

SNSD/Girls’ Generation: ‘Run’:

Kara: ‘Lupin’:


credit: Nuel92’s Blog

I’ve updated my Eye Candy page!

It now features the ultra cute vid for the ultra cute song, “Gee” by ultra cute Girls’ Generation!

Was that too many ultra cutes? Not for these girls!

Check it out! Just scroll down.