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50 Reasons why Seoul is the Worlds Greatest City

30. G Dragon

Since debuting in 2006, the audacious leader of Big Bang has thrilled Seoul fashionistas with fierce fashion — Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves, wedge loafers, skirts! Best fashion moment: head-to-toe vintage Chanel — complete with a retro headband — and Kanye West Louis Vuitton neon high tops for the group’s concert Big Show 2008.

CNN had to Recognize!!!

I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*

Get out the Wayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Cos Kpop gods and pimps are swaggering through!!!!! Looks like some people ain’t playin’ in 2011 and i Just. Effin’. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I mean??? Today and yesterday alone new vids from Rain’s Princes: Mblaq, the desperately anticipated TVXQ and the Flyest Playboys in Seoul: GD&TOP. I tell you my browser is swaying under the weight of all the youtube and kpop news pages I have open! Lol! I just had to come out of hiatus again and share, share, share!!!!

Well. here are the vids and my opinions wether you like em or not! heh!


courtesy jtunecamp@YT

These boys have always been cute to me because I like Rain and they are so obviously his boys. They sing like him, dance like him and one of them even looks like him (*____*)! This video only further pushes that impression for me. The song is sexy and in a classic R&B style that I like but the video……

I really preferred “Y” I think. This one was just made me wish they were doing something a little fresher. And the wardrobe! I know as a GD fan I shouldn’t really be qualified to talk about what other people wear but I believe that GD can get away with ANYTHING. It’s one of his particular gifts. It’s not a gift that a lot of people have. Seriously the boys of Mblaq are cute enough so I believe they could simplify. With them, less would be sooooooooooo much more >:)

But overall, a nice effort. It’s just that the bar keeps rising so they really have to push more to distinguish them selves.


courtesy sment@YT

I’m not a Cassie but I do like the men of TVXQ! Who wouldn’t, right? I was delighted to see that HoMin was out with a new video (I actually havn’t seen JYJ’s yet! Shame! Shame!) and felt quite rewarded when I watched it!

The song is epic!!! Epic!!! EPIC!!! Reminds me of everything I love about Kpop! And they look GREAT!!! The choreography is on point too! Really powerful and at one point it really reminded me of Black Greek Stepping which is something I really like!!! The wardrobe was a little woah! At a point they seemed to be wearing something made from ugly furniture with hair on the back. The miracle is that their smexiness shone through!^^

Changmin really blossomed in this video even though he had fewer parts than Yunho. His voice just AMAZED me! And from the comments section on the YouTube page I think many Cassie’s felt their biases shifting towards this manly macknae by the end of the video!

Just great! Can’t wait to see Live performances. I bet they’ll kill it!



courtesy BigBang@YT

I’m honestly speechless about this video.

I really am literally knocked out. I’ve been rewatching it all day and I still can’t find the words to express how much I love it. I can just say that I believe that YG has swaggered its way out of the KPop box because this is just GOOD POP, PERIOD!

I already liked the song from when they performed it at the MNet Award thing because of the catchy chorus and because GD’s funny, crazy wave dance. I got the album in itunes and I was loving it on there along with High High, Oh Yeah, Obsession, Don’t Leave, What Do You Want (LOVE THIS ONE!!! GD doing Vintage Funk with a hint of his inner Punk!!!<3<3<3)

The video is beyond any expectation I could have had for it! It’s the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party meets the Playboy Mansion and GD and TOP showcase a crazy, fun kind of cool that just looks so easy on them! It’s fresh! It’s different! And it’s very, very them!!!!

There are so many bits I love that it doesn’t even make sense!!! The bubble wrap addiction! The insane couture and hair (honestly only THEY can get away with it!), Gaho all grown up! The butt chairs? The Tank? The list is just endless!!! Ican’t even hope to photo spazz it all!!!! And I cannot watch this video without grinning crazily then pressing replay at the end! Even now I want to go back to it! Waaaaaahhhhh!!!! It really is an obsession like the chorus says!!!

And let me also just take the opportunity to say this bcos i dunno if I have yet.

Over this past year I have come to seriously respect G-Dragon as an entertainer. The music he writes and produces, his consistently break through style, his amazing skills as a dancer and choreographer (I LOVE how he moves!!!!! this part of him is so under rated because he underplays it so much but as a lover of dancing, I can’t help but notice it!) his effectiveness as a leader, his professionalism and ability to keep pushing through hard times, all at such a young age have earned him my sincere admiration. He works so unbelievably hard and has been doing so for so long. If I could take just a little of his work ethic I can only imagine what I could achieve.

I now believe he is one of the most exciting acts currently active on the world’s Pop music scene and I know he’s only going to get better!

Er – I guess my GD bias was showing there. Well, TOP is also hella sexy, slayin’ the ladies with those glances and that knowing smirk! And I extra appreciate the effort he put into dancing, even pulling out a commendable Harlem shake!!! I once said that if I had GD I would probably cheat on him with TOP and also vice versa. This remains true! Lol!

Ah – look at that!

This post has become a thesis!!!! Must stop now!

*runs away*



First of all a disclaimer: I seriously love these guys so it’s highly probable that nothing I say about this song and MV can be taken objectively.





Anyways that’s my opinion. I guess you could say I liked it. I did. It made me think how fun it would be to really party with the YG fam and with GD and TOP in particular! Such cool energy! I guess after Sukkie they are officially the idols I want to party wih most!

So, many interesting discussions have come up as a result of the video. Here are the ones I remember of the top of my head:

1. The Hair: TOP’s unbelievable shock of white hair and GD’s funky Mo’Fro. Quite a few people are saying No!NO! to the sylists for this one but I don’t know, I kind of like them!!! Talk about show stoppers! And I think I can say I’d never seen an Asian Mo’Fro before GD did one! The way I see it, they’re going to be gone in a flash because the boys change their hair like they change their costumes so lets enjoy the flamboyance while it’s here! Plus, no one else could wear it like them! NO ONE!

2. What’s With all the White Girls?: Seriously, what’s with this question? So what if there are a lot of white girls in the club? There were also Asian girls and I saw at least one black girl too! Jeeze, let our white sisters get some love too! Good to see all the variety of people that appreciate GTOP! And let’s not forget that GTOP are P.I.M.P.S!!!! Get your Pimp on Players! As we say in Nigeria; Nothing Do You!!!

3. It’s Kinda Like G6: Actually I agree with this one! Lol! I really feel like this song is their answer to G6, except their video killed Far East Movement’s Vid (what can I say, more cheddah i guess^^). I would definitely have rather gone to GTOP’s party. But seriously I’ve been playing the two songs back to back because I really like them together (it’s like my appreciation for G6 rose because of High High) and now I’d like to make a special request for anyone with the inclination: MASHUP PLEASE!!!

I do love my MASHUPS! ❤

Anyways, here my Spam of fave moments from the Vid.

GD: Welcome to the Fantastic World!!!                                                                     TOP: This is my pet VIP!!!                                                                                             Guy In Background: No, seriously! I’m supposed to be here!                                       Bouncer: I dunno, buddy. You don’t look like a hot chick to me…

GD: You can be a pet VIP too!!!                                                                                  TOP: Dial 1-800-PRETTYBOYSWAG                                                                           VIP: *_____________*

GD: What are you waiting for?? Call NOW!!!                                                           TOP: Em… VIP-Ssi, where are your hands??                                                             VIP: kekeke >:-)

Kush Oppa: BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                   GD: I KNOW, RIGHT!!!????                                                                                        TOP: Dudes – handle your s***!                                                                                 Teddy Oppa: Holla.

Tae-Tae: As longs as I’m up here, I’m not breaking any rules, right?                Seungri: Finally!!!! I’m old enough to be here!!!! Now to out-Pimp Ji-Youngie Hyung!!!!

I’ll be real with y’all. At first I was mad at this heifer. But then I saw what she was trying to do and I realized she must be working for us. Anyone who does anything to undress TOP is a friend in my book so *snaps* Go on, Girl!!!

Stranger: Never drink on an empty stomach!                                                          Top: Okies! Nomnomnom…

EXHIBIT A: I c u there sister girl!!!!! Lol!

Tae-Tae: It’s ok everyone! I’m surrounded by temptation but I am in complete control!

OoooH!!! So Puffy n Fluffy!!! I want the Plushies!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3


That was fun! Guess I really am High! Lol!

G-TOP Teaser!!!

Dammit! They psyched my mind for real!!!!!!

I was expecting a world premiere today as per info on ibigbang!!!

Ahh!!! The real World LIVE Premiere is supposed to go up on their channel tomorrow?? Or wait, what time is 5pm Korean time?? Ooh I better check back later today!

Meanwhile, watch this and be sick with anticipation like me! Lol!

(Loving the flashback to blonde GD!!! Ahh what times we had with the Heartbreaker…!)

EDIT: To feed the addiction and stoke the anticipation!

Found on the ever reliable ibigbang!

The last one is a bonus cos it has Se7en-nim! Wonder why….??

I’m Still On Hiatus But…

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and from the MAMAs

Words…are not required.

Credit: iBigbang and YG Life via iBigbang

OMG! Ji-Yongie!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O

credit: ibigbang

Today ibigbang served up some news that got me flustered!

Apparently the news going round is that GD Baby is actually someone’s baby and has been so since Bigbang’s debut in Japan!!! That’s almost a year now, right? Yup! He’s dating someone ladies!!!!!! The Heartbreaker has actually lived up to his name!!!

Of course, YG is denying everything saying that GD and the lady in question are just close friends. I really don’t want to be one to doubt Uncle YG because he’s been so good to me (as far as feeding my Kpop habit) buuuuuuuuut – the point was raised that they denied se7en’s gf too and now we all know that they’d been dating since high school!!! So that really makes me go hmmmmmm…

Other gathered evidence that GD is dating:

The Interview: Where he singled her out from an edition of Vivi Mag as his ideal type

The Other Interview: Where he practically just says it (you’ll know what I mean if you know her name!)

Now, how do I feel about GD having a GF (If he does of course)?

I’m happy for our Ji-Youngie. It’s funny but over the last couple of months, he’s been looking kind of skinny and tired in some of his pics and I had thought casually how nice it would be if he had a special someone to be with apart from the boys sometimes.

That said though, I have to admit that there is a bit of a sense of loss. This is weird because it’s not like he will stop being GD or performing. It’s not like I was standing in line to be the lucky chosen one either (I got a man. A veeerrrrry patient one!^^). So why is it sad to a fan girl when one of her favourites gets their own favourite?

I thought about it for a bit and here are my conclusions. First of all, fangirlism as I know it works mainly in the realm of fantasy. Our favourites weave fantasies for us with their music and their performances and win our fan girl hearts. Then we the freshly minted fan girls take the fantasy and run with it. We dream, we create and we share based on favourites. A lot of times the stuff we do spreads the popularity of the favourite and a symbiotic relationship is born. But things like the favourite getting a girl or a wife kind of puts a crack in the dream that it’s hard to pretend not to see. The fan girl may still love the favourite but it’s not as fun to fantasize about someone who you know is in a relationship. It’s also pretty weird trying to ship them (Oh Gi-Ri!!! I shall never let you go, though!!!!)

The other thing is that fangirls are territorial and possessive. Being someone’s fan is almost like owning shares in their cult of personality and you feel invested in sharing the love because of this. You collect their pics and interviews and everything they’ve ever done and show them off like card collections. I think there is a part of us that feels we partly own the idol (that doesn’t sound good anyway I put it! Lol! but just trying to think this through). So we have opinions on everything they do cos we’re that invested. But when they get into a relationship, that illusion which they themselves usually help promote, goes away. No matter what, they belong to that other person before you, the fan. So all a good fan girl can do is wish them happiness (and threaten bloody murder if their favourite is hurt in any way >:)

And that’s the end of the analytical bit. Now on to the burning question…Who is she?????????????????????

Who is GD’s GF?


Vivi model Kiko Mizuhara!!! (Japanese/Korean/American, fluent in the three languages, Born October 15, 1990
in Texas, United States, Hometown Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, Height 166 cm to GD’s 177 and Blood Type A just like GD)

It didn’t surprise me to hear GD was dating a model. He obviously has a taste for fine things and is very much at home in the world of fashion so it goes. But I was still curious so I stalked her online to see her images and –


She’s Gorgeous.

Honestly when I saw her pictures I felt a pang of pride for GD! He picked well and of course he would be pulling this kind of hottie!!! Aaaaaaand, I’d actually seen her before cos I saw an announcement on Twitch that Haruki Murakami’s Norweigian Wood was being made into a movie. I watched the preview and there she was playing the role of ‘Midori’. At that time I thought (kinda like GD in the interview were he admitted to admiring her) wow — the girl playing the lead is cute!!! O.O And now she’s (maybe?) GD’s girlfriend!!!

So now, I’m completely on board with this!^^ Listen to me being possessive!! I have granted Kiko-chan my permission as a GD stan (yes, I admit it, I am.) to be his smoking/cute gf! Part of it also because I feel they kinda almost look alike too! Or is that just me?

This is how I wish it happened. GD who has seen some of K-chan’s editorial stuff before and always thought she was really cute finally gets to meet her via BB promotions in Japan. It’s total crush at first sight and our Ji-Youngie who can be so aggressive when he is playing Tom to Seungri’s Jerry is completely shy and tongue tied the way he is when he is around people he admires!! The swaggering, smexy bad boy prince of Pop is reduced to shy glances and monosyllabic conversation.

K-chan who is a BB fan and secret GD stan is also smitten and shy and takes Ji-Youngie’s quietness as lack of interest. Regretfully she keeps her feelings to herself and they part ways each one already stinging from the missed opportunity. But thank goodness for friends! Taeyang knows the signs of love struck GD! Spending more time surfing than composing, always distracted, asking very unsubtle questions about Vivi models. He and TOP take pity on him and take matters into their hands with the help of her friends who are doing the same thing cos K-chan has the exact same symptoms. What is their solution?

Blindu Date-o!!!

So the two are dragged, very reluctantly to a gokun and imagine their shock and secret joy seeing each other there!!Well, it goes on but this post was not meant to be a Fanfic so I’ll stop here!

VIPs, if GD is really dating K-chan and they have been dating for so long, then lets give them all the support we can because we love our Ji-Yong and want him to be happy ^^!

But I’m still also a total G-ri fan. What can I say. Fan Girls are complex.

***Kiko Mizuhara’s images were borrowed from the Vivi model soompi thread which I have lost the link to. Gomenasai!! ^^;