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Getting Married – Y&B

(Y&B stands for Yegwa and me, Bibi aka Neogogo)

A million years ago (Nov 10th, 2008) I put up my first ever Sugarwater blog post. In those days the blog was on blogspot and it went a little something like this:

I’m a neogogo. And this blog is going to be about all the silly inconsequential stuff that we never talk about here. And by here I of course mean Nigeria.
As my header suggests, this will mainly consist of manga, gaming, foreign films and, since I don’t have a cat, my boyfriend.
Hope you like!

So many things have changed since then. My life, my interests, me – but this post is really just to talk about one particular change…my marriage!^^

For those who follow this blog (As BigBang said: “Thank you and you.”) you may have noticed that my posting went sort of downhill for the last several months. This was mainly because of the count down to my big day which was on Feb 12th. The funny thing is that I did mean to document the whole thing. I even took the pics! But at the end of the day the wedding was huger than me and took over completely and I was lucky to even find time to breath!

But at the end of the day it’s just cool to note that the person who started on this blog as my boyfriend and then became my fiance is now my hubby! 🙂

So without to much more ado here are some pics (Scanned and one’s I stole from friends on FB), my only regret is I gained all the weight I lost while I was actively working out (sigh) but all that withstanding, we had a pretty rocking time:

My Mom-in-Law on the left!

We are flanked by my Mom and Dad (sorry! So fuzzy!)

Our Civil Ceremony, bro-in-law, sis, me, hubby (we got married thrice!^^)

If you want to see what it was really like, I have bonus Videos!!!!!!! This was done for us by my bro-in-law who is a film maker in the UK (more on that later).

Part 1.

Part 2.

So many people suffered so we could have these moments. Our parents, our siblings, our relatives and our friends. I know we can never adequately thank everyone but we’ll keep trying anyway!

Finally, many people have asked me since getting back from our honeymoon (another post!) what it’s like to be married. To them I say, since Y and I worked together and were almost always in each other’s company before, the main difference now is that we live together in our own little place.^^ So for me marriage is kinda like before but now with sleep overs! hehe!

Hopefully I will be better at posting as I get my life back in control.

Still love u all madly.


So Many Things to Post!! =_=;

Gosh, I owe so many things on this blog that I just haven’t found the time to do!!!

– Unboxing pics of my Sukkie FM DVD

– Pics of my Mystery Gift from my fiance

-GD screen caps from Taeyang Video

-Part 2 of my Epic Sukkie Spazz

-Se7en Updates

-Chapter 4 of my fanfic

I should probably stop promising stuff and just adopt a more philosophical approach to blogging. A sort of : What U see is what I blog thing?

Just that that isn’t me! I can actually feel this stuff piling up in me and it’s actually a relief when I can post something! It’s actually a little disturbing 0.O

Anyways just so this post isn’t wasted on random midnight ramblings, I will at least strike 2 things off the list;

Se7en’s new Teaser featuring TOP

credit: aleeexGD

If you know anything about me from reading this blog then you probably have an idea how I feel about TOP. I will not elaborate. Let’s just say that as far as I’m concerned; this track is GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!

Now, seriously, I’m ready for some concept images! July 21st is like around the corner and I need something to hold onto till then, Uncle YG. Preferably something with madly smexy lips if you get my drift 😉


My Mystery Fiance Gift

Gosh, I just never found the time to do my grand reveal! I don’t really have the time now either but screw it. Carpe diem!

This is what Y got me for my birthday. The amazing thing that I could never have gotten myself:

I still can’t believe I’m an ipad owner \(^—–^)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can just. Never. Thank him enough. Racking my brain thinking of a way, though!

Well, that’s it for now.

Radio Silence…

Sorry, it’ s been so quiet. I didn’t die of happiness after my Big Bang spazz.

Well, I did, but only for a little while because  I had to quickly resurrect again so that my cup could properly runneth over when Sukkie’s new Samsung Yepp CF came out like one day later!!!

My Screencap Teasers:

Just so damn pretty!!!! #^_____^#

Yes, apparently, Heaven is trying to kill me with pleasure.

Expect a proper spazz on this soon! All I’ll say for now is that I foresee a problem for casting agents picking out leading ladies for His Sukkieness in the future as he will have a way of just outshining them ridiculously. Otokajo!!? Seriously, my boy could use some ugly cream just to tone it down! Good luck Han Ye Seul! Lol!

Also forgive me for being so late on updating my fanfic here though it’s been updated for ages on FB. If you haven’t read chapter 2 yet, it is now available in Neogogo’s Fanfic. Hope you like! I will do my best to get out chapter 3 and your comments will be most appreciated!

As usual there is much to say and almost no time to say it! Tomorrow I will be helping my fiance to move into his new apartment which will be the future site of our wedded bliss ^__^ hehe!

Please forgive the slowness of the blog during this short period.

Here is an offering: something interesting I found on PopSeoul: This dutch act Nathalie Makoma also got the rights to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” song and she performed a whole different version of the song but with the same tune.

Check it out:

and the SNSD version:

Is it a sign that I’m completely Hallyu Feverish that I kinda prefer the SNSD version for now even though I don’t understand most of it? I think this new version will just take some getting used to for me. Something about the tempo and rhythm are just a little out of wack for me for now!

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Will hopefully post again real soon!!!