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Anyone Watching “Oh! My Lady” ?

credit: dramawiki

It’s a Kdorama that’s airing right now and I thought I’d try it out because it was mentioned on dramabeans. A girl has to do something while she’s waiting for Jang Keun Suk to put out some more work already!!! (Come on Sukkie! How about an MV or a CF!! We need more product!!!)

Hehehe, well, I’m four episodes in and I remember now why I HATE watching things that are currently airing bcos now I’m dying to see what happens next!

The premise at least is preparing me for the coming of the Korean “Kimi wa Petto” as it involves a young, hot guy and a Noona (older lady). Well…an Ahjumma to be precise (a woman about 30s/40s). Here is the synopsis from drama wiki:

A spunky 35-year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Romantic hijinks and hilarity ensues when they find themselves in an awkward living situation as Min Woo pays Gae Hwa to take care of his daughter, Ye Eun.

The Ahjumma is played by cute Chae Rim while the top star is played by real life top idol, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, he of the dimples and the belief defying abs.

credit: my screen cap                                                           Credit: my screen cap

Please don’t imagine that this is in anyway a deep show. It is a typical, shallow, cliched romcom with laughs and hi-jinks that does not take itself that seriously. That said, I am finding it very entertaining.

Here are my top reasons for you to check out OML:

Fan Service:

credit: My screen cap.

My comment here? “Oh flegibberty…” because some things can not be expressed in words that mean things! And is she seriously supposed to answer that?

Every episode so far except episode 4 has featured a more than satisfying glance of the famous abs. I don’t care how above fan service you consider yourself to be ladies but Siwon’s abs are a wonder to behold and it is worth checking out this show just for a glimpse of them. This is just plain truth

Possibly the World’s Cutest Little Girl:

credits: My screen caps. Goodness, would you look at those cheeks!!!

Oh my God, I dare you to show me a little girl more adorable than sad little Ye Eun played with cry baby aplomb by tiny actress Kim Yoo Bin. In fact it is a ridiculous aspect of the plot that this kid was abandoned!!! Who wouldn’t want her???? Oh and the adorable little wardrobe that the show’s stylist has hooked her up with has such incredible awwwwwwwww factor!!! Loves it and her!!!!!!!!! ^________^

Love Triangle:

credit: dramawiki

Ooh!! Big surprise there! But lets not be cynical, after all this is what we watch dorama’s for, right? So they haven’t come out and said it but it’s looking like both Siwon’s top star and the producer of the show he’s working on, an older but still dapper guy played by Lee Hyun Woo, will be battling for our cute ahjumma’s affection. And of course they each have an evil lady in their life whom we will love to hate so the set up is quite complete.

Anyways, this is where I am patiently following this show. It’s a really great site cos you get to see the translator’s comments as you’re watching and they are hilarious!!!