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I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!!!!!!!!!!><;; (8x)


Happy 1700 days since debut to my boys!!

Help trend Bigbang with #1700thlovesong!!!

More Spazzing ahead *w*


Beyond GQ

Sorry, I had to do the caps thing cos I haven’t been this tripped since I saw Micheal Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Vid for the first time.

Like I said, I love the whole Gangster/Racketeering/Al Capone/Bugsy Malone era!!! Epic bad-assery combined with epic style! That is what Jay-Z means when he refers to the Romance of the Streets! And I am feeling so thankful to YG Entertainment for allowing my Big Bang to tap into this particular concept for their latest video, “Tell Me Goodbye.” A surprise offering released no doubt to tide starving fans (who have been subsisting without complaint on Shout Campaign clips) over till their official come back next month.

Thank you Yang Hyun Suk shi!!!!!!! Khamsahamida!!!!!!!

Okay let me start this spazz off by saying I think this video officially for me outlines what my boys have been hinting at in all their most recent appearances. That they are no longer my “boys.” That’s right, my boys are now really, truly…(hix)…men…!

(runs off crying.)

(runs back to finish spazz)

Seriously though, everything about the styling and the props used in this video scream “Classic Man.” From TOP’s cigar to Seungri’s gun! The brightly coloured sneakers have been traded in for some fine ass italian leather!

TOP: Why does this setting suit TOP so much?

Seungri: I’m armed ladies, and I’ll use it if I have to!

Even GD who always has that mildly cherubic thing softening his corners has tamed his penchant for insane hair to a restrained coif. He also seems to have broadened out (or is it me just noticing? maybe…) which is displayed to advantage in the oh so elegant suit jacket and dress shirts he wears in turn.

Rain, rain, pls don’t go away!!!

Where does one begin? I almost gave up doing this cos a quick browse around showed me that almost everyone has already done their TMG spazz! So fast!!! There are Screen Caps everywhere!! KPop Addict’s spazz for one is particularly funny! Bless her perverted heart!!! LOL!

But I decided not to be discouraged and go for it. So, for your collection:

Like I said before, I don’t like slow songs but so far,  BB has maintained a way of winning me over with their insidiously funky style ballads accompanied by delicious eye candy video and I have to confess that they have done it again. The song is so sweepingly angsty and dramatic, it’s like a movie in song form and luckily, my BB guys are not short on acting skills so they totally bring it home.

We iz in your Cematury, rezurrecting fainted fan gurlz!

Especial kudos to Taeyang whose vocals have always reminded me of that real classic young R&B voice, like the kind that made New Edition stars back in the day and changed the genre. He’s in excellent form as always in this song and I’m going to enjoy mangling his bits while I’m performing this song in the shower (wow that just sounds so wrong somehow)! Plus his suit with those black gloves? To borrow a term – UMF!!!

Taeyang is Young Al Capone.

Also to Daesung who could not sound more angel voiced. He’s a real vocal power house that one!!! I feel seriously in awe of his talent when he hits those high notes standing beside the car in the rain! Beautiful! I wish he wouldn’t get too much more beautiful though. So far, he’s the member I can go shopping with – as long as I stay focused on that sweet angelic smile and don’t look below his neck! Damn, but that rain outlined one hell of a bod! O.O;

Seriously, Daesung, stop this now!

GD features in the beginning looking wonderfully grown up in a dapper two piece accessorized with these gloriously elegant, toffee coloured leather gloves. He spends most of the rest of the song in the background which I kind of regret. But we do get to see him weaving about helplessly in a hallway with what looks like a bottle of Jack. Oh the endless possibilities…^^!

Poor GD praying that I will not take advantage of him when he wanders down my hallway helpless and drunk. His prayers shall not be answered.

Seungri is one R-rated macknae bringing back memories of “Strong Baby” in that dress shirt and shoulder holster. Why are shoulder holsters soooooooooooo sexy????? Anyway, I think it’s officially okay to see him in a lustful light without feeling guilty about it ladies! He really doesn’t look anything like a kid in this vid! Well he still kinda does in behind the scenes stuff cos of that eager beaver attitude of his but we’re talking about the vid now! Focus!

Try to see me as your kid brother. Go on. I dare you.

But the Show Stealer? (And this opinion is ratified by my man so this is accredited!!!) T. to the hotness. O. P

That’s right. Even when he wasn’t saying a damn thing, he was stealing the show. From his foxy gray hair, to the gentleman’s glasses, to the cigar!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO SMEX!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH A BADASS!!!! And his SOLO!!!! I thought I loved his solo in “Lies” best followed by his solos in “Haru, Haru” but this!!! THIS!!!! (runs off to go and listen to it again)


He KILLS it!!! That sing-song thing in that smexy hoarse voice! And the performance! He’s all roughed up with a broken nose, driving a shot up oldsmobile. He looks defeated but royally pissed and dangerous! Like he’s been backed into a corner and is willing to do serious damage with anything that’s available. There are tears in his eyes…*dies*


LOOK at those eyes!!!! This is why TOP is my Jang Keun Suk antidote! And TOP fans will be delighted to note that he is down to one layer of clothing in that solo scene. Is this a sign of things to come? Dare we hope for more skin from TOP in this comeback? Dear YG Entertainment, please, please, please let this be what you have in mind for your faithful and ever loving fans.

Now on a final note, who else feels like this vid is a set up for a story? Like there is going to be a part two or something? I keep watching it trying to figure out what look to me like clues. This is not easy because I get distracted every single time by the bo- ahem – young men. But here are the things I noticed:

– Top seems to be some kind of Boss figure. It seems to be his house that the gun men break into

Dying to know who these are!! GD is that you???

– He obviously narrowly escapes some sort of fight. He is bloody and there are bullet holes in his car. The tears make me feel like he may have lost someone in the fight

You should see the other guy. Hell Yeah, I used my Pimp ring!

– Seungri is obviously a Cop in this. What is his connection with TOP? Why are they in a confessional together?

– Why is Taeyang wandering in the desert looking roughed up? Why is GD angst ridden with a bottle of Jack? Why is Daesang shown with used bullets in the foreground?

Tae:They lied to me! There isn’t a McDonald’s here at all!

Dae:My, what big feet, Dae ha- dammit!!!

– whose the girl? what’s her part in the story?

-Why are they singing in a graveyard? Is she dead? Who killed her?

I would be grateful if Big Bang could answer these questions before or at the time of their comeback so that I don’t die from curiousity.

I really enjoyed this song and its video. It’s not a paradigm shifter or anything deep like that. It’s just a really good song performed with nuance, feeling and charm so that a story that we’ve seen before does not feel old and tired. Or maybe this is just my insanely huge bias talking! I don’t know.

Wow! Don’t want to be rude to other fans whose idols have just released stuff, but to me, everything else looks kind of pale right now.  I think I need a little time to come down from my BB high!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Big Bang!!!!!!!!! You really are my no 1!!!!

The Rest of My Screen Caps ^^!

NOTE: All Screen Caps are mine. Feel free to plunder the Big Bang Goodness!!!

EDIT: Okay, just found out from PopSeoul that the song is from the Japanese OST of “Iris”. Crap. My dreams of a three parter music video just went down the toilet. Ah – well. There’s still the whole come back to look forward too!!!!!