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Archangels, Space Bunnies and the Boys from the Block…

This is really about much more than the above! Lol! Basically my summary of what I’m looking at for 2012 in Kpop! I wrote this for a new facebook group I’m admining, Afro-Kimchi.

2012 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Kpop. For anyone whose interested in asian popculture, the ultra competitive k-pop model is actually pretty interesting one to watch and this is a particularly good time to begin observing.

Things to come include:

Boy Bands:

formerly rookie groups like Beast and Mblaq who did phenomenally well in 2011 are going to be making attempts for that top tier level currently occupied by DBSK/JYJ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee and 2pm.

Power debut group from last year Block B are scheduled for a much anticipated comeback and have to prove they weren’t a flash in the pan and have staying power. Their competition will be new debut B.A.P who have a similar concept (edgy, hip-hop based pop) who are already creating buzz thanks to a single released by their sub-unit Bang and Zelo.

Also to debut from the number one entertainment group in Korea (SME) we have EXO (above is apparent group leader, Kai), a sort of 10 member collective of multitalented rookies with arch-angel good looks that have already got a loyal fan base based off their teasers alone.

Then there is Big Bang’s much anticipated comeback. Their activities were halted last year due to a series of scandals but their company, YGE, has promised us a return on a scale larger than anything they have done before (VIPs are in a froth)

Can’t remember any more for now!

Girl Groups: One word, WORLDDOMINATION. The race is on to see who can make the most impact on the western pop scene first and the contenders are:

Girls Generation (snsd), SM’s ridiculously popular 9 member group with their single “The Boys” produced by Teddy Riley and already released in stores all over the US as a maxi single. One remix even features Snoop Dogg.

Next is the Wonder Girls whose made for TV movie (think it’s named after them) recently premiered in the states (along with an MV for the soundtrack single “The DJ is Mine”) and will be airing on Teen Nickelodeon.

JQT is also in the running but i don’t have much info on them.

Finally there is 2ne1 who won MTV Iggy’s best band in the world competition last year and whose Will I Am produced english album is still in the works!

Look up all these bands at your leisure and judge for yourself who you think may come out on top in 2012!


Kimi wa my Beautiful – Hangover! Hangover! Yeah!!!

I'm just so d*** pretty!

And Big Bang season begins with the new MV from their hot new track: “Beautiful Hangover”!!!

Everything about it is beautiful!!!!! Seungri with his lopsided smirk, Daesung with his wicked choirboy, hotness, Taeyang with his pure UMPH!, TOP with his maaaaaaad sex appeal and the lord of charisma, GD with his style and smexiness to die for *____________*

I wish I wasn’t just buried in work so I could spazz all over this like I want to!!!

Well here it is anyway in case you somehow missed it:

Well you know what they say about curing hangovers. You need to go for the hair of the dog that bit you! In other words –


khamsahamidaaaaa! ^_____^

UPDATE: *sigh* really love this song!!! And I just noticed at 1:51 GD’s classic wolf howl!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ><!!!! How did I miss that???? It’s been a while and I missed that sound!!!!!!! XDDD

YG Holding it Down and some Down Home Love!

So YG are not letting up on the excitement! I don’t even know where to begin!!!

The credit for this info goes to ibigbang.

First of all, Yesterday was G-Dragons birthday so, Happy 23rd Birthday Kwon Ji-Youngie, you freaking wunderkind, smexy, Pop Prince, you!!! Hope you were able to enjoy it and that you love all the great presents I know you’re getting!!!^^

The party doesn’t stop there! According to ibigbang, today is the official anniversary of BigBang!! They are 4 years old in the industry now!! Almost Hyungs!!!^^ Congratulations to BB on this special day and of course to all VIPs!!!!

Credit: ibigbang

Credit: ibigbang

Now for some goodies:

A Teaser for the latest BB single; “Beautiful Hangover” has been released!!!!! Finally!!!! Big Bang season is about to start and what a smexy start!!!! The boys look just gorgeous (esp. u GD!!!!!!) and you already know I love this song so now I’m just going to die untill they release the full vid, at which point I will resurrect and there shall be some righteous squeeing!

Check it out:

credit: ryke96

Then we finally get to see some choreography for Taeyang’s track, “I’ll Be There”!! Sorry! It’s a fan cam so it’s shaky and he drops  out of sight a few times!^^ On ibigbang the poster implied that this is Shaun Evaristo’s choreography and I can see why, it’s totally his style and I love his style!!! I hope BigBang always works with him!!!!

Anyways, check it:

credit:DYBLGE via ibigbang

And here is some bts goodness from the vid shoot!!:

credit: gilbakk2010

Hehe!! Epic much?

Good News for all 2ne1 fans!!!! That is, good news if you like Black Eyed Peas (and I do!^^)

Rumour (or rather PopSeoul) has it  that Will. I. Am after checking one of their vids decided he wanted a piece of them and the famous producer has worked on a slew of songs with them!! The result of their work together will be used for their US debut but as of now we have no date for that.

Nervous about my girls trying to crack the US market 0.0; But very proud of them and really can’t wait to hear what the collabos sound like!!!

Finally, I want to finish this post on a hometown note. Most of you know that I’m a total Cheddah Head, meaning fan of Nigerian Pop artist, Mo’Cheddah. Well I had to do a slideshow for her latest track, “Shampoo” cos it’s so yummerlicious!! Here it is!!!^^

Just ❤ ^^

A Mysterious Box Came…

Via DHL!

Addressed to me, from Hong Kong via England!

What could be in it??

The only way to find out is by opening it. So I do!! And what do I find???????

Iris Box Set

Big Bang – Electric Love Tour

Beethoven Virus with Sukkieeeeee!!!!!!

Brilliant Legacy!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!

Crowning Glory: My Shine A Light Concert DVD \(^o^)/ Woooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A peek inside the book that came with: Epicness!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, this took me several days to write and upload images for cos my internet subscription expired and I’ve been doing it sentence by sentence at work!





Anyways, have started in on some of the loot a little bit. Previewed the G-Dragon and BigBang concert and my conclusion is that I need a big screen TV in my life.

Also started on Brilliant Legacy and I’m happy to say that not only am I happily addicted to this show, but I am not alone!!! First two of my sisters joined me in it, then last night my Mom joined us and we watched till 2am! It was so much fun!!! It’s not the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty simplistic (even for a K-drama!) and the plot is always super convenient but who cares, the story is one that anyone can plug into, the characters are funny (especially the Grandma and the step mom!) and it’s one of those shows that’s also fun to watch with folks so you can cheer or groan together as the case may be!

Ooh, also watching PT via downloading. Just finished first episode and all I can say is: Aw, Heeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll Naw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INAG: GD Baby Focus!!!!!! XD

I was going to tack this on to my last post just so I could kill a bunch of birds with one stone. But then i thought: It’s GD Baby! And No one puts GD Baby in a corner!! (or at the end of a post about something else!!! Lol!)

So here are my lovingly captured GD moments from Taeyang’s I Need A Girl video.

And my favourite sequence!!!!

This is almost too much charisma/sexiness/swagga!!!!! Nobody can tell me G-Dragon isn’t a pimp.

I’m just sayin’.

(PS. Boy, I really want to caption these! But I’ve learned my lesson. No promises. But I will if I can !^^)

Where’s my Tae-tae???

So, I really looked forward to posting Taeyang’s triumphant new MV on Sugarwater like the minute it dropped since I made such a hullaballoo about counting down to the release of Solar. But as you know of you read my earlier post (would link but not on lappy! Sorry!) the god of thunder had other plans and it was not to be.

I was still going to post it anyway, once I had time and access to a computer at the same time. Imagine my shock when I headed innocently to Uncle YG’s YT channel to link to it only to find Tae-tae’s MV (gasp!!) not there!

Why, Uncle YG? Why???

Truth be told, I agree with everyone when they say It’s not his strongest video to date. He barely dances and that’s pretty much what we were all dying to see (cos, boy, that boy can dance!). Instead he keeps doing this weird shoulder thing. Then GD shows up and then he’s gone and you kinda miss him which is probably not a good sign.


How about how much fun it looked like he had making that video? How about how many times he smiled? How about how much we love smiley eyed Tae-tae? How about pretty, playful Sandara Park?

Jeeze! Even if it wasn’t the bestest video he’s ever done, I wish it was still up there because of what it stands for. The first step in what I hope will be a successful journey. He worked so hard! And the live shows have been getting progressively better. (wish I could post them up here but once again…ah, never mind).

I really hope I’m wrong and that the video is missing for a better reason. I’m also looking forward to even cooler ones in the near future.

Don’t give up Dong Young Bae!!!


Found these stills of video at a friendly blog whose link I will use since I couldn’t quite catch it’s name.


World Cups, Taeyang and Fanfics

FIFA World Cup

I’ve never really been into football, but everyone knows that the World Cup is different!! Was sad when Nigeria flunked out but happy Ghana stepped in to represent Africa! The US played a great game (those guys are fast like you wouldn’t believe) but Ghana’s Black Stars played the “beautiful” game! I don’t know how far they will go but it is an honour as it is for them to have qualified for the 16.

Also saw the Korea game against Uruguay. Talk about heart!! I was really moved by their effort! They gave a powerful team like Uruguay a run for their money. I really feel the only thing they are lacking is more rounded International experience. They are formidable team in the making and they went down like heroes! Well done Red Devils!!!!

Taeyang!! I Can’t Take it No More!!!

My beautiful BigBang Boy has released two more teasers and in my opinion they are certainly doing the job of teasing. Yes, I am feeling very teased and I kinda just want full songs AND videos to rock on my Pod like NOW!!!!!

3 more days till album drop! Sheesh!!!!

Vids Credit: Gilbakk2010

Fanfic News

Chapter 3 of Stella’s Cafe, my Sukkie Fic, is now available on my Fanfic page! Chapter 4 is still in the works. Please bear with me and I’ll try and make it worth your while!! Thank you everyone that’s been reading so far and leaving such encouraging comments! You have no idea how much I lov u guyzzzzzzzzz!!!!\(^__________^)/