Neogogo’s Fiction and Fanfiction

“To be a writer you need to write.”

Simple words taught to me by Professor Lester Goran while I was at the University of Miami.

Well I’ve wanted to be a writer from the time I started to read so I finally decided to listen to him and try.

Check here for all my continuing efforts!



*Also being published at Eels USA Facebook Page home of US based Eels and at!

Disclaimer: the author of the fan fiction does not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s).

Author’s Note: This Fanfic is dedicated to all Eels and in particular to my SeOul Sisters (from Sear’s Blog). It is an ongoing piece about an ordinary girl who is lucky enough to meet her favourite idol in a cafe one night! Enjoy cri!

 Stella’s Cafe (Long Format)

SC Chapter 1  SC Chapter 2 , SC Chapter 3SC Chapter 4,  SC Chapter 5  SC Chapter 6 , SC Chapter 7



An excerpt of a short story I am working on for an anthology of Nigerian stories.




An excerpt from a short story. This is meant to be part of a collection of fantasy and sci-fi Nigerian stories I’m working on with Y. He created the character and the world and I’m writing the story.^^

The Archer


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