This page is for songs created by me on Garage Band.

Yes, I’m afraid it’s gone that far!

I’m no singer but what can I do? I enjoy music so much and something about getting into kpop made me think; oh what the hell, I wanna make some pop too, even if it’s just for me!

Easy.Delicious is the rebooted version of a fictitious band I made up yonks ago. I was supposed to write a graphic novel based on them (*sigh*) but now I do my original stuff under this name (I can never throw anything out!)

Hope you have has much fun listening in as I had making these!^^




This bluesy, honky-tonk ditty is the first song I ever did that I liked.


“no fear”

I was feeling kinda fierce when I did this so there is mild swearing in it! Hehe ^^;



I really just wanted to do a nostalgic song. The video is from footage I took a while ago to advertise the tee shirts my sister and I design. (The collection was called 3rd world beautiful).


“paris Song”

About my first experience of Paris, a city I’ve always admired.


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