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INAG Screen Caps^^: Taeyang and Sandara Focus!!!

Ahh – they’re not as high res as I would’ve wanted – but here they are anyway; my fave moments from Taeyang’s 2nd MV for I Need A Girl.

This is my last proper Taeyang spazz for a while or till he releases a new vid so enjoy. Look out for I Need A Girl SC: GD Focus next! He gets his own special post cos he’s GD, GD, Baby, Baby!!!


And Having Said That…

credit: ibigbang

(The Face/Palm describes my mood!)

I’m back!!!!

Got a new workstation (Gogo 3) and a new haircut! Celebrated a birthday (I’m 12 again) and now that we have all that out of the way…

Having said all I had to say about Tae-tae’s first INAG vid and not discounting any of it…

I have to say that I should have trusted Uncle YG because I am am absoloutely hypnotized by the second one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



First the “You Are…” beginning then next thing you know it’s INAG and SNAP but Taeyang is sooooooooooooooo ADORABLE in this with or without his shirt on! Am currently downloading the High Def version so I can watch it a million times while grinning like a complete idiot!!!!!!!!^^

And If i thought GD was hot in in the first vid I don’t even have words for him here!!! Especially when he’s tapping that woman’s thigh!!! Oh, both of them back to back in those suits!!!

I have NO MORE WORDS so expect high def Spazz Screen Caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH IT!!!!!!

I’m sorry I doubted you Uncle YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT.TT

Where’s my Tae-tae???

So, I really looked forward to posting Taeyang’s triumphant new MV on Sugarwater like the minute it dropped since I made such a hullaballoo about counting down to the release of Solar. But as you know of you read my earlier post (would link but not on lappy! Sorry!) the god of thunder had other plans and it was not to be.

I was still going to post it anyway, once I had time and access to a computer at the same time. Imagine my shock when I headed innocently to Uncle YG’s YT channel to link to it only to find Tae-tae’s MV (gasp!!) not there!

Why, Uncle YG? Why???

Truth be told, I agree with everyone when they say It’s not his strongest video to date. He barely dances and that’s pretty much what we were all dying to see (cos, boy, that boy can dance!). Instead he keeps doing this weird shoulder thing. Then GD shows up and then he’s gone and you kinda miss him which is probably not a good sign.


How about how much fun it looked like he had making that video? How about how many times he smiled? How about how much we love smiley eyed Tae-tae? How about pretty, playful Sandara Park?

Jeeze! Even if it wasn’t the bestest video he’s ever done, I wish it was still up there because of what it stands for. The first step in what I hope will be a successful journey. He worked so hard! And the live shows have been getting progressively better. (wish I could post them up here but once again…ah, never mind).

I really hope I’m wrong and that the video is missing for a better reason. I’m also looking forward to even cooler ones in the near future.

Don’t give up Dong Young Bae!!!


Found these stills of video at a friendly blog whose link I will use since I couldn’t quite catch it’s name.–-i-need-a-girl-480-x-270/

Quick Taeyang Update!!! (neogogo’s gonna be alright :))

Image courtesy ibigbang

(Click on image to see the rest!)

Hahas! Turns out the office computer didn’t blow! The place where the adaptor is plugged is just kind of spastic. In Nigeria we say the wires are “touching”. Anyways, I have a chance to update on a computer and I’m taking it!!!!

First of all, Taeyang’s final audio preview, “After You Sleep”:

Is it me or do they just keep getting better and better? And this one is composed by GD!! I LOVE the dance beat!! Gonna dance my socks off to this one! LOl!

I’m sad that I probably won’t be getting the solid Deluxe CD because for me it’s a huge process that will probably end with it being kidnapped by customs (maybe not such a bad thing. Everyone should hear Taeyang!) but if I can I will definitely buy it digitally.

Finally the bts of the vid for “I Need A Girl” that I spoke of in my earlier rant post.

There is so much to love about this!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure most or all of 2ne1 is in this!!! And GD!!!! Do you see those rings!!!!! PIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah – nothing like some good GDYB!!!!

Finally, for those of you who will be lucky enough to buy the cd, a thoughtful instructional so you don’t mess up your unboxing vids!

coool… *___*

All vids courtesy of gilbakk2010, all info courtesy of ibigbang!

Guy’s, I dunno if I’ll be able to blog Taeyang’s triumphant (hehe, I’m hoping!) solo debut so I’ll just say here how happy I was to count down with you!!!

Buy the CD! If you can’t then pirate it!!! Lol!! Whatever it takes, listen to Taeyang’s album and show love!! <3<3<3

Let’s watch the sun rise tomorrow and look forward to se7en!


EDIT: Couldn’t say bye without adding this! Lol!!! Final spazz barring actual album drop!! I swear!!!!

All the previews including track 7 which I missed (oopsie! =_=;)

Happy Listening! ^^

Taeyang’s Sun is Rising!!!

***All images credit as tagged except for the ones that aren’t and I forgot where I got them from!!! Sorryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! T.T

Tomorrow we will be getting our first sneak peek of what’s to come on the madly anticipated (by me^^) full length solo album of BigBang Sunbae, Dong Young Bae otherwise known as SOL or Taewon!!! **EDIT: Actually I think it was today!!! Excuse this giddy FanGirl!!!!^_^;

I am particularly happy about this because as I always tell people, Taewon was my gateway drug into KPop! If not for him and his world class singing and performance style, I may never have given in to Kpop! Lol!

Anyways, due to this he holds a special place in my heart and I feel very invested in his career.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have always wanted to do a spazz post about Taeyang. This is mainly because I really feel he is an artist with amazing crossover potential and International appeal. He’s just SO TALENTED!!!!

For me, Taeyang has always had that modern R&B voice that reminds me of everything that I love about the genre.  His voice has always been the groove in Big Bang hits adding a smooth, sexy urban feel to their overall sound.

But Taeyang isn’t just a soulful crooner. He is also a shining star in the new generation of MJ influenced dancers including Usher, JT and Chris Brown to name a few American examples.

His performances are unforgettable  and have made his music videos stand out. The most foremost example of this is in the Music Video for the Single “Where You At” that dropped in 2009 and featured former 1TYM rapper and current unbelievably hot YG Entertainment Producer, Teddy (another guy I need to spazz about!!).

I love dancing so I love this video to death!!!!!!! XD

credit: YG Entertainment
What a lot of fans love about Taeyang though, besides his Mad Skilz (^^) is his humble and shy character.

Watching the pre-dubut documentary on Bigbang (If you’re a BB fan, you really should watch this) endeared me to all the boys in the group. The most memorable Taeyang moment for me was when G-Dragon got an expensive gift from a japanese fan and Taeyang was all rueful and wondering why he didn’t get anything though he’s the one that speaks japanese! Then he answered his own question by confessing how when confronted with girl fans he found he could only look down and not talk. Then he smiled this unbelievably cute smile and admitted, “Girls are scary!”

Another thing I love about Taeyang is how hard he works. He’s very talented but he does not depend on that at all. Instead he works amazingly hard to give his all whenever he performs both in his singing and his choreography.

In the group, all his dongsaengs (juniors) acknowledge him for being a caring, older brotherly figure with vast amounts of patience. G-dragon who he trained with for 6 years before debuting says Young Bae is always the first to pat you on the back after a particularly harsh scolding from Company Sunbaes (Seniors).

Having said all that, here is a sampling of Taeyang’s MVs and Video moments for your enjoyment!

For the Drama Lovers!  “Wedding Dress” (This one was my first!!)

Credit: YG Entertainment

All of BigBang cameos in this one!  “Only look at me”

credit: YG Entertainment

EDIT: Can’t believe I forgot to add this!! “Super Buff Taeyang with Chest Popping action!!!” (also ft. Teddy^^)

credit: BigBang

10 reasons to love YoungBae

credit : ultimaterosebud

Dance Cuts: O.M.G!!!!!! O.O *nosebleed waterfall*

credit: froggy20


I left the most obvious thing for last just cos it feels like I shouldn’t have to say it!!!! But just in case you somehow miss it: Taeyang is TEH SMEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Taeyang Ssi, this is not what good, christian boys like you should look like!!!

**Look out tomorrow for a Teaser from the Album and July 1st for Album Drop!!!!

Full Track Listing (including “Take it Slow” Taeyang’s first self composed Single!!!)

credit: ibigbang


Here it is VIPs! Official and Unofficial:

And just because Uncle YG loves us so much, apparently the single is now available on iTunes with a digital booklet!!!! Marking it as the first Big Bang offering on there!!! (Is it the first YG offering?)! Get it here people! And buy it, buy it, buy it to show love and encourage all the others to get on itunes!!! ><!!!!!

(info courtesy: ibigbang: Go there for a HD download and the mp3!))

HALLELUYAH,  I’m fallin, I’m fallin, fallin…! \(^-^)/

Now, we are officially counting down to Taeyang’s “Solar”!!!

9 more days!!!!

Nostalgia: Devil Beside You

So Stellena@Lady Dynamite put up a new MV by an artist I hadn’t thought of in a loooooong while! Rainie Yang! I’m putting it here for reference and it’s a really sweet song and video so you should check it out.

Anyway the main thing is as I told her, I fell in love with RY a couple of years back when I saw her in the T-Drama, “Devil Beside You.” I discovered this show after I read the Manga and I JUST LOVED IT!!!! Honestly I cannot recommend it enough!!!

After I saw it I crushed hard on the leading couple for like a year after! And who could blame me? Tiny Rainie is really just too cute and she plays fiesty in the most adorable way!!!

And then Mike He who plays, Ahmon!!! Umph!!!!! Let me just say, before he started acting, this guy was an Underwear Model. I’m not kidding.

Am I the only one he thinks that when an underwear model morphs into a not-half-bad actor this is a GOOD thing??? Lol!

Anyway, I  had such a great time watching this show. Nothing like a possessive, absolute hottie torturing you then becoming your personal knight in shining armour! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I’m getting fangirl warm fuzzies thinking of it again! I think I’ll have to buy it!!!!


Anyway, on stellena’s recommendation, I’m watching Why, Why, Love which is kind of the reunion show for the love triangle from Devil Beside You.

Hopefully it will be as good as DBY. Here are pics of my fave couple from the show. (I used to have a huge heap of these including screen caps and I have NO idea what happened to them O.O)