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OK, Hiatus Over.

Why did I think I could stay away??

I miss my blog!

Hiatus is over!!

Now check out all the cool changes I made!

– New Pinky Header!

– Kinda New layout!

– New Awesome Pages

– All New Content!!

I’ll do a more detailed post later.

For now, I’m just going to bask in being back here! Lol!

I is back babeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Married – Y&B

(Y&B stands for Yegwa and me, Bibi aka Neogogo)

A million years ago (Nov 10th, 2008) I put up my first ever Sugarwater blog post. In those days the blog was on blogspot and it went a little something like this:

I’m a neogogo. And this blog is going to be about all the silly inconsequential stuff that we never talk about here. And by here I of course mean Nigeria.
As my header suggests, this will mainly consist of manga, gaming, foreign films and, since I don’t have a cat, my boyfriend.
Hope you like!

So many things have changed since then. My life, my interests, me – but this post is really just to talk about one particular change…my marriage!^^

For those who follow this blog (As BigBang said: “Thank you and you.”) you may have noticed that my posting went sort of downhill for the last several months. This was mainly because of the count down to my big day which was on Feb 12th. The funny thing is that I did mean to document the whole thing. I even took the pics! But at the end of the day the wedding was huger than me and took over completely and I was lucky to even find time to breath!

But at the end of the day it’s just cool to note that the person who started on this blog as my boyfriend and then became my fiance is now my hubby! 🙂

So without to much more ado here are some pics (Scanned and one’s I stole from friends on FB), my only regret is I gained all the weight I lost while I was actively working out (sigh) but all that withstanding, we had a pretty rocking time:

My Mom-in-Law on the left!

We are flanked by my Mom and Dad (sorry! So fuzzy!)

Our Civil Ceremony, bro-in-law, sis, me, hubby (we got married thrice!^^)

If you want to see what it was really like, I have bonus Videos!!!!!!! This was done for us by my bro-in-law who is a film maker in the UK (more on that later).

Part 1.

Part 2.

So many people suffered so we could have these moments. Our parents, our siblings, our relatives and our friends. I know we can never adequately thank everyone but we’ll keep trying anyway!

Finally, many people have asked me since getting back from our honeymoon (another post!) what it’s like to be married. To them I say, since Y and I worked together and were almost always in each other’s company before, the main difference now is that we live together in our own little place.^^ So for me marriage is kinda like before but now with sleep overs! hehe!

Hopefully I will be better at posting as I get my life back in control.

Still love u all madly.


Bringing Chap. 6 Home!^^

I’m late on this as usual! Miane! Gomenasai!!!

So I have added Chapter 6 to the fanfiction page and I’m trying to jumpstart chapter 7.

This poor blog has been so neglected!! So much wonderful Sukkie news and interesting things in kpop and none of it here! T.T

Sorry everyone. For now Neogogo has fallen ill. Somehow I managed to catch an interesting combination of upper respiratory tract infection and thyphoid! Buuuuu-uuuuuut – is a lot milder than it sounds. Only had the throw ups once and already feeling better, bit by bit. Hopefully will soon stop feeling tired all the time so I can get things done!

I think it was creeping up on me for a while and that’s why have been feeling so much fatigue lately? Well done my body for trying to fight it off by yourself and with no help from me, your owner!!! Lol!

Well, here’s hoping for better health and better time organisation so I can do my job and still feed my darling sugarwater blog!!!^^


Waiting patiently for 2ne1 TV to start.

Really ought to use this time to do any of the cool posts or post updates I’ve promised in the past but too stressed, and tired and never seem to have time…

pls forgive.

Working one sentence at a time on fanfic chapter 4!

And looking forward to Sukkie’s Birthday on August 4th when all eels plan to make him a trending topic on Twitter!!! Just use the hashtag #keunsukvolutionday


neogogo sez: hwaiting ❤

ps. got myself Final Fantasy: Ring of Fates for the DS. But when will I have time to play it?????

neogogo is not ok

That’s right. I’m so bitter right now that I was forced to refer to myself in third person.
Cos for the third time since I spent a bajillion naira getting my piece of junk mac book pro, it is down. This time less than a month since I put in a new hard drive!!!!!
Thank God I backed up this time.
And you know what they told me the last two times I took it in to be fixed?
Power Surge. In 3rd World-ese that would be the God of thunder has it out for me.
Remember my surge protector of love? I can’t really link to it cos I dunno how to do that while blogging via BB.
I would like to place a curse on whoever stole it but the way things r it would just bounce back on me. Anyway who can blame them. Surge protectors (aka amulets of protection from the god of thunder) are super valuable around here and if I was smart, I would be figuring out how to steal a new one!
This sux. My Taeyang countdown ends with a fart one day short of release. All I can do is say there was another song preview and also a bts vid for can’t remember which song and can’t check. I saw part of it before the imac I was using at the office just randomly blew (see what I mean?).
I’m a homeless blogger.
I’m captain Bitter with bitter rays coming from my eyes.
I’m so tired of this.
Someone needs to create a word for crap that happens to you and you can’t do jack about soley because u live in the 3rd world.
EDIT: well, the world isn’t 100% gray. For one thing, my incredibly patient fiance, Y, made me lunch. Grilled chicken in sauce with veggies. It was within diet and really yummy and I feel a bit better after eating it! 🙂
Another thing; desperation made me discover that I can stream YT vids on my BB! The quality is incredibly crap and the audio jumps but it’s something which I can tell you is wayyyyyyyy better than nothing!
So even if I can’t display TY’s BTS vid here I can at least give my opinion and it’s SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s actually hard to do on BB so believe the sincerity!)
Saw Sandara Park, CL and GD!!! I’m going to have to kidnap someone’s system to see this in HQ when the full thing comes out!
Regardless of my new vagabond status; TAEYANG!!! YG!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!


I have to say, quite defensively I’m aware, that its not all been thumb twiddling during my long absence. I actually managed to try out some new games and check out some new (at least to me) shows so I have a plump post or two coming up on that.

I’m also tweeting now so you can get accosted by me in a whole new medium. I’m @neogogochan and I’m about sugar water stuff but also the hard ship of being an online scam artisan in a disillusioned world. Which I must be since I’m a Nigerian and I’m online? Oh – wait, no. I think we’re terrorists now.

My sister and I have a t-shirt line (Imekura) and we just released a new collection. It’s been years since we released one so please check it out. I even shot a video for it!

I have been working with Y and an amazing artist on a comic book called, “Monster Boy.” It’s a Nigerian cyber punk/fantasy boy adventure mini series. Easy.Delicious is on hold for now though not forgotten.

Well, ’09 was a crazy year. I’m hoping i can make some sense out of ’10 but so far, it ain’t looking good. I really hope I can at least be a better blogger.

Here’s looking at y’all kiddoz.