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Miane everyone!!! I know this took too long!!!

But Chapter 5 is finally here! Please check it out at the Eels USA FB page for now, here.

Hope you like it!

The sugar in me!^^

Have I mentioned how I just recently discovered garageband and now I think it’s love?

Today was incredibly stressful. But then I came home and watched some kpop and then a little Beethoven’s Virus (nothing like a little Sukkie for the blues) and I cheered up a whole lot.

I cheered up so much in fact that i went on garageband and made a hum (as in like Winnie the Pooh^^). It’s called “Sugar” in honour of the blog but it’s really about the fact that I drink too much red bull!!! Lol!!

Anyway, I made a vid of it so enjoy!

Fanfic Update and Hot Suk Sunday!!! ^^

I’ve put up Chapter 4 of  my Sukkie fanfic, “Stella’s Cafe”!!!!!

Can’t believe I’m on chapter 4 already and currently working on chapter 5! Who knows how long this thing plans to be? =_=;

Oh well, I’m having a great time writing it so I hope you’re having as good a time reading it :DDD!

So I can’t leave without mentioning that apparently today is Hot Suk Sunday because the japanese magazine Hot Chili Paper just released a photo editorial of his Sukkieness that is just SMOKING!!! We might seriously have to change his title to his royal SMEXINESS!!! LOL!

credit: as tagged + tdedie@baidu via Sear’s Blog

This one was my fave just because of the smile ^_____^ You can See more of this amazingness at Sears Blog!

As if this wasn’t enough, heroic eel shiro401 has managed to track down the behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

There are no words to express the mix of adorable and hotness contained herein. It is just *__________*

EDIT: Here’s the 2nd part.  WARNING: This is probably going to put you all in hospital.

No. Words.



I just really need to thank the eels that take the time to find this stuff and then post it up for all of us to share and kya-ah and nose bleed over. You guys are lovely and surely have a high place in Sukkie heaven!^^

Hah. Happy Eel signing off.

I Can See The Weight I Lost!!!

I really can in this pic! But now I wonder if it will stay off!

Earlier this year, powered by newly discovered kpop energy and the desire to stop feeling so lifeless I was on a rampage!! I ate healthy, took vitamins and worked out almost everyday!

Now its the end of July and my eating habits can best be described as scavenging, I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and before that was a similarly long gap. I’m drinking way too much redbull and getting less and less out of it and that familiar old tired feeling is coming back.

Where did it all fall apart??? T.T

Scared I won’t be able to get back on the wagon!


Ps. I am surrounded by chaos and love!!^^

EDIT: Yikes!! Posted this with my phone n didn’t see how HUMUNGOUS the image was!! :”|

Enywayz, adjusted now!!!


Waiting patiently for 2ne1 TV to start.

Really ought to use this time to do any of the cool posts or post updates I’ve promised in the past but too stressed, and tired and never seem to have time…

pls forgive.

Working one sentence at a time on fanfic chapter 4!

And looking forward to Sukkie’s Birthday on August 4th when all eels plan to make him a trending topic on Twitter!!! Just use the hashtag #keunsukvolutionday


neogogo sez: hwaiting ❤

ps. got myself Final Fantasy: Ring of Fates for the DS. But when will I have time to play it?????

Se7en & Selcas!!!


heehee!!! Doesn’t it look like he’s looking at me? Lol! *blush* swoon*

Was looking at my blog today and realized it was all Taeyang-ed out! Heehee!!! Did I get a little too enthusiastic?


But I think with all the success he’s having on the charts and the release of the last MV, he’s probably good to go now. Fly, baby, fly ^^!!

I’ll still put up the screen caps though, just cos I wanna!

From now though I’ll be counting down for Se7en who’se new mini album we can expect for the 21st of JUly! Doesn’t my birth month ROCK!!? (That is until BB and 2ne1 blows it out of the water at the end of the year!)

Now I don’t have as strong a relationship with him as I do with BB since I came on to the scene so late. My thing with se7en is that I like his music style, he’s part of the YG family which I identify strongly with and he’s just completely Yum-alicious!!!!


Now I just listened to the first teaser released by YG for the album and people – I know I spazz way too much but… SPAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!! I love it soooo much!!!! Se7en is going to kill this!!!!! It’s like electro-hiphop and it’s just so funky!!!! WhaaaaaaaaaaaaA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy about it!!!!

You listen too!

I could actually put this on my ipod already! Lol!!!

Anyway, the Selca bit about this post is just I thought, hey it’s been a while since I put up a me pic on this blog !

And since I just did a new haircut (stellena chan knows my secret! Lol!) I wanna share! So here!!!

classic selca pose!!!^^

peace sign Selca

Still working on them bangs!

Hope u likey!!!

Happy Solo Album Launch, Young Bae Ssi!!!

I think I saw “I need a girl” already climbed to #1 on mnet countdown! If this is so then I’m soooooo happy for him! He must be thrilled!!!

I must say today is making up for the past week! Two amazing things have happened!

1. My fiance, Y, the one who makes me lunch everyday, (because he is entirely loveable and that’s why I’m marrying him ^^) surprised me with an early birthday gift! I wasn’t looking to get this mostly because with other things I need to get it was way out of budget! It is the gift to end all gifts and I’m going to keep you in suspense about what it is till I can get to a computer and post pictures!! Hehe!!! Himitsu desu!!!

2. My first Eel purchase came in today!!!!! That’s right! The Jang Keun Suk Seoul FM DVD!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So happYyyyyyyyyyy \(^____^)/
I’d like to thank the kind Eels that made this possible! Daily Tofu and her friend Becky! Also my SeOul sisters from Sears Blog!!! And not least of all my adorable future brother in law who was my patient go between!!! I love you guys!!! And I love Sukkie!!!

Look out for unboxing goodness in my next post!

Thank u Lord for this break in fate!

neogogo is not ok

That’s right. I’m so bitter right now that I was forced to refer to myself in third person.
Cos for the third time since I spent a bajillion naira getting my piece of junk mac book pro, it is down. This time less than a month since I put in a new hard drive!!!!!
Thank God I backed up this time.
And you know what they told me the last two times I took it in to be fixed?
Power Surge. In 3rd World-ese that would be the God of thunder has it out for me.
Remember my surge protector of love? I can’t really link to it cos I dunno how to do that while blogging via BB.
I would like to place a curse on whoever stole it but the way things r it would just bounce back on me. Anyway who can blame them. Surge protectors (aka amulets of protection from the god of thunder) are super valuable around here and if I was smart, I would be figuring out how to steal a new one!
This sux. My Taeyang countdown ends with a fart one day short of release. All I can do is say there was another song preview and also a bts vid for can’t remember which song and can’t check. I saw part of it before the imac I was using at the office just randomly blew (see what I mean?).
I’m a homeless blogger.
I’m captain Bitter with bitter rays coming from my eyes.
I’m so tired of this.
Someone needs to create a word for crap that happens to you and you can’t do jack about soley because u live in the 3rd world.
EDIT: well, the world isn’t 100% gray. For one thing, my incredibly patient fiance, Y, made me lunch. Grilled chicken in sauce with veggies. It was within diet and really yummy and I feel a bit better after eating it! 🙂
Another thing; desperation made me discover that I can stream YT vids on my BB! The quality is incredibly crap and the audio jumps but it’s something which I can tell you is wayyyyyyyy better than nothing!
So even if I can’t display TY’s BTS vid here I can at least give my opinion and it’s SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s actually hard to do on BB so believe the sincerity!)
Saw Sandara Park, CL and GD!!! I’m going to have to kidnap someone’s system to see this in HQ when the full thing comes out!
Regardless of my new vagabond status; TAEYANG!!! YG!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!


My lappy refused to boot up yesterday!!!

Dunno what’s wrong! It makes a weird clicky sound and refuses to proceed to the login screen!

I don’t know when I will be able to get it fixed! I’ve searched everywhere for my startup discs but they have mysteriously disappeared.

Heart broken. I am on forced hiatus for who knows how long. How could this happen during Sukkie and BigBangs triumphant visits to Japan??? And I don’t even want to begin to think of how I’m supposed to get any work done.

Yoko (my lappy) how could you do this to me!!!!!?????? TT.TT

I don’t get it.

Is it really that weird???

That I’m a Nigerian woman that loves Korean Pop Music???

Or K and J Doramas and the entire culture that comes with it?

I ask because of the reaction I keep getting when people see me watching my music vids or my shows. I actually never really think of it as strange till I see their expressions when I try to explain to them what I’m doing. It’s like this careful blank look you give someone when you are surprised by the realization that they might be mildly disturbed (see weird, obsessed fanatic).

I mean sure, I am passionately involved with the genre now; as in just about every vid on my ipod is korean and my screensaver is a vast slideshow exhibition of Jang Keun Suk (with the occasional BB, 2ne1, CNBlue and DBSK members). But I’m a passionate follower type and that’s how I show my colors! No one looks at Manchester United fans like their crazy when they do the exact same thing!!!


My Sukkie!!!: The second most beautiful man in the world (after my fiance^^)

Is it because I’m Nigerian? From West Africa? Should people from Nigeria or Africa only watch and listen too a prescribed set of things? Am I outside of our safe stuff to be into zone?

Would it help if I said that just as I’ve been taking in Western media content my whole life I’ve also been consuming eastern media content in one form or another for most of my life? That before I let myself get into Kpop, one of my favourite genres of music was anime soundtracks?

Is it because they’re talking and singing in a different language? Don’t we do the same thing here? Is non-english pop or hiphop only real or okay or acknowledgeable if it’s in our own languages? Does that even make sense???

If I can recognize hotness in people who are black, does it mean I may not recognize it in others who aren’t? And if I do, is that a cause for concern? If my admiration rests on artists who also share the condition of not being black and part of my appreciation is physical is this, because I’m black and West African and Nigerian, a sign of oncoming dementia? A symptom of an ignorant or badly brought up girl?

Is one really not supposed to like an artist even if they’re really good because they use a different word to say “hello,” or because they just don’t look enough like you?

If I think he’s hot…

…does it mean I can’t think he’s hot???

I actually, seriously don’t get this!

Sorry to rant but it really dampens my enjoyment of these things a little bit when people act like it’s soooooo odd and weird. Why do they jump to the conclusion that I’m weird for liking something that they have no idea about? Shouldn’t they be the weird ones? Why is it that on encountering something they don’t understand, rather than curiousity, their reaction is judgement?

This year I discovered K-Pop and it’s all I listen to because it de-stresses me, gives me great joy and is better than my former habit of junk food in bed. Last year I was listening solely to alt. rock. At one point I was only listening to anime and gaming music. I have no idea what I will be listening to next year but I do know that I will probably listen to it passionately and almost exclusively because that is how I deal with the things I love.

Thank god for the internet and being able to reach across the globe if that’s what it takes to find like minded people.

But I have to say, it would be really nice to find one person in Nigeria who doesn’t think it’s weird to love KPop cos  they love it too.

ps. I’m only half as pissed as I sound. I’m telling myself it’s like the anime/manga scene around here. Less and less people these days look at you like you’re crazy when they see you watching cartoons with people speaking japanese and there is actually quite a big community to indulge one’s enthusiasm in the genre with thanks to the overwhelming popularity of franchises like Naruto and Bleach.
So, there’s nothing like that for Asian Pop or Doramas. Maybe I’m just early to the party is all.