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Praying for a topless TOP

Bless you fan girls.

Seriously, bless your little idol chibi fan girl socks, all of you.

Everything else in the world can change but one thing will always remain constant and that is the pervertedness of fan girls!

AllKpop lately announced that Kim Ha Neul (we love her because she is Sukkie/Momo’s owner in “Your’re My Pet”) has been chosen to lead in a remake of the Japanese hit Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) opposite none other than Choi Seung Hyun better known as Big Bang’s power rapper TOP!

It hasn’t been confirmed yet though rumours already have it that TOP is looking favourably on the role. For K-drama lovers this is great because KHN is reputedly really good and TOP has been getting critical acclaim for his work too.

Not to mention that casting him is also dead on because who looks more cyborg perfect boy friend than TOP? He’s a complete doll! He even dresses like a Ken doll most of the time, right?

Fan girls however have cut quickly and efficiently to the single most important point that this news implies. As anyone who’se read the manga or the anime knows, Absolute boyfriend is about a girl who orders and receives a perfect boyfriend in the form of a cyborg.

What is of optimum importance here is that the cyborg/boyfriend is delivered to her in a box.


Did you catch that?


This would be enough to cause heart attacks with any idol but with TOP there is a possibility that the very foundations of KPop world may shift beneath our feet as everything we thought we knew changes.


Pay attention. There are many mysteries in Kpop, but one of the greatest ones is the mystery of TOP’s naked torso.

In a world where every idol has at some time or other had to give chest and ab fan service, TOP is an idol that has not only stubbornly continued to cover up, but  has done so with frustrating layer after layer of annoyingly, all covering layered fashions and for five years no amount of begging, pleading or weeping on the part of VIPs has moved him to reveal so much as a nip shot. Not since that time years ago when freshly debuted, he mistakenly flashed a micrometer of flesh only to show some of the baby fat that was the plague of his teenage years.

KPop theorists have mulled deeply over the years on it. Why is TOP’s torso one of the best kept secrets in Kpop? What could he be hiding? Tattoos? Scars? Grotesquely distended skin? Popular opinion has been forced to conclude that it can be none of these things due to various clues.

What makes it worse is that his co-Big Bang members have openly confided that TOP has the best chest of them all. People. We are talking about a group that includes the glorious torsos of Dong Young Bae and Kang Daesung. I personally believe they were trolling us when they said that.

So this is the gravitas that hangs around the possibility of TOP being in a movie where at last, that which has been concealed will finally be revealed to us.

I expect there will be a great blinding light.

I don’t plan on wearing sunglasses.

I think the general sentiment is best summarized by the hashtag banner of one commenter on the AKP thread:


Now let us spazz.

The Peekaboo Chest Collection

All images were pilfered and belong to their respective owners.

OMG! Ji-Yongie!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O

credit: ibigbang

Today ibigbang served up some news that got me flustered!

Apparently the news going round is that GD Baby is actually someone’s baby and has been so since Bigbang’s debut in Japan!!! That’s almost a year now, right? Yup! He’s dating someone ladies!!!!!! The Heartbreaker has actually lived up to his name!!!

Of course, YG is denying everything saying that GD and the lady in question are just close friends. I really don’t want to be one to doubt Uncle YG because he’s been so good to me (as far as feeding my Kpop habit) buuuuuuuuut – the point was raised that they denied se7en’s gf too and now we all know that they’d been dating since high school!!! So that really makes me go hmmmmmm…

Other gathered evidence that GD is dating:

The Interview: Where he singled her out from an edition of Vivi Mag as his ideal type

The Other Interview: Where he practically just says it (you’ll know what I mean if you know her name!)

Now, how do I feel about GD having a GF (If he does of course)?

I’m happy for our Ji-Youngie. It’s funny but over the last couple of months, he’s been looking kind of skinny and tired in some of his pics and I had thought casually how nice it would be if he had a special someone to be with apart from the boys sometimes.

That said though, I have to admit that there is a bit of a sense of loss. This is weird because it’s not like he will stop being GD or performing. It’s not like I was standing in line to be the lucky chosen one either (I got a man. A veeerrrrry patient one!^^). So why is it sad to a fan girl when one of her favourites gets their own favourite?

I thought about it for a bit and here are my conclusions. First of all, fangirlism as I know it works mainly in the realm of fantasy. Our favourites weave fantasies for us with their music and their performances and win our fan girl hearts. Then we the freshly minted fan girls take the fantasy and run with it. We dream, we create and we share based on favourites. A lot of times the stuff we do spreads the popularity of the favourite and a symbiotic relationship is born. But things like the favourite getting a girl or a wife kind of puts a crack in the dream that it’s hard to pretend not to see. The fan girl may still love the favourite but it’s not as fun to fantasize about someone who you know is in a relationship. It’s also pretty weird trying to ship them (Oh Gi-Ri!!! I shall never let you go, though!!!!)

The other thing is that fangirls are territorial and possessive. Being someone’s fan is almost like owning shares in their cult of personality and you feel invested in sharing the love because of this. You collect their pics and interviews and everything they’ve ever done and show them off like card collections. I think there is a part of us that feels we partly own the idol (that doesn’t sound good anyway I put it! Lol! but just trying to think this through). So we have opinions on everything they do cos we’re that invested. But when they get into a relationship, that illusion which they themselves usually help promote, goes away. No matter what, they belong to that other person before you, the fan. So all a good fan girl can do is wish them happiness (and threaten bloody murder if their favourite is hurt in any way >:)

And that’s the end of the analytical bit. Now on to the burning question…Who is she?????????????????????

Who is GD’s GF?


Vivi model Kiko Mizuhara!!! (Japanese/Korean/American, fluent in the three languages, Born October 15, 1990
in Texas, United States, Hometown Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, Height 166 cm to GD’s 177 and Blood Type A just like GD)

It didn’t surprise me to hear GD was dating a model. He obviously has a taste for fine things and is very much at home in the world of fashion so it goes. But I was still curious so I stalked her online to see her images and –


She’s Gorgeous.

Honestly when I saw her pictures I felt a pang of pride for GD! He picked well and of course he would be pulling this kind of hottie!!! Aaaaaaand, I’d actually seen her before cos I saw an announcement on Twitch that Haruki Murakami’s Norweigian Wood was being made into a movie. I watched the preview and there she was playing the role of ‘Midori’. At that time I thought (kinda like GD in the interview were he admitted to admiring her) wow — the girl playing the lead is cute!!! O.O And now she’s (maybe?) GD’s girlfriend!!!

So now, I’m completely on board with this!^^ Listen to me being possessive!! I have granted Kiko-chan my permission as a GD stan (yes, I admit it, I am.) to be his smoking/cute gf! Part of it also because I feel they kinda almost look alike too! Or is that just me?

This is how I wish it happened. GD who has seen some of K-chan’s editorial stuff before and always thought she was really cute finally gets to meet her via BB promotions in Japan. It’s total crush at first sight and our Ji-Youngie who can be so aggressive when he is playing Tom to Seungri’s Jerry is completely shy and tongue tied the way he is when he is around people he admires!! The swaggering, smexy bad boy prince of Pop is reduced to shy glances and monosyllabic conversation.

K-chan who is a BB fan and secret GD stan is also smitten and shy and takes Ji-Youngie’s quietness as lack of interest. Regretfully she keeps her feelings to herself and they part ways each one already stinging from the missed opportunity. But thank goodness for friends! Taeyang knows the signs of love struck GD! Spending more time surfing than composing, always distracted, asking very unsubtle questions about Vivi models. He and TOP take pity on him and take matters into their hands with the help of her friends who are doing the same thing cos K-chan has the exact same symptoms. What is their solution?

Blindu Date-o!!!

So the two are dragged, very reluctantly to a gokun and imagine their shock and secret joy seeing each other there!!Well, it goes on but this post was not meant to be a Fanfic so I’ll stop here!

VIPs, if GD is really dating K-chan and they have been dating for so long, then lets give them all the support we can because we love our Ji-Yong and want him to be happy ^^!

But I’m still also a total G-ri fan. What can I say. Fan Girls are complex.

***Kiko Mizuhara’s images were borrowed from the Vivi model soompi thread which I have lost the link to. Gomenasai!! ^^;

In a K-Pop Kinda Mood

Things have been kind of slow for me in Kpop-dom and busy in the real world.

Hence the silence. :”) Sorry!

But I’ve been up to a few things.

Chapter 4 of my Sukkie fanfic is one of them. Making songs on garage band is another!

Yup. I have just discovered the joy of garage band and I’m like a baby that just discovered its bellybutton! I’m sorry but this is something I will probably be sharing with you in the near future! Hehe! Especially since I did a song for Sukkie’s birthday (August 4th). I will be launching it here on that day so be prepared for amateur hour on Sugarwater!!!!

Anyways, I spent a lot of time waiting today and suddenly got into such a KPop mood that I started uploading images I’ve scrounged off the internet over the past months to my FB just because I wanted to spread the love.

Love of my K-boys and girls so to speak.

Wanna see my current favourites?

Okay starting with the boys:

1. Sukkie:

The absolute King of my fan girl heart who beat out all my other fan girl passions in the space of one drama, (You’re Beautiful): Jang Geun Suk!!!!! I’ve already written the history of how I became a crazy Sukkie fan girl so I won’t write it here. I will just say King Suk continues to reign supreme. He is more beautiful and funny and crazy and passionate and enchanting with each day. He just radiates life and energy!!! If you don’t love Sukkie you should love him already!!! Watch one of his dramas or movies! Check out any of his tons of video footage, listen to one of his songs! I know I’m completely biased but Sukkie is love and you’re supposed to share love so SUKKIE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. G-Dragon:

The Swag, The Fashion, the Ghetto Engrish, the Horny Lyrics, The Angelic hotness, what on earth is there not to love about GD??? He is one of my top Sukkie anti-dotes (for when Sukkie fervour becomes too intense) and that means he’s pretty powerful stuff. I first got curious about him not cos of his music (which I hadn’t heard) but because I kept seeing comments comparing him to Sukkie (his smile especially). I was like, “what impertinence” and looked him up and then I was like, “hm…interesting.” Then several videos later I was his. Completely. I love him as a Kpop boy but I also love and respect him as an artist and entertainer. Blond, red haired, poumpadoured, preppy, punk, psychadelic, murderous, ghetto, Pimped, Princely, funky, nerdy, silly, gay, diva, leader, bad-ass, sexy, goofy, etc, I love every GD there is!!! Like I said, what’s not to love???

3. TOP (TABI):

It’s terrible to love two men from the same group as much as I love GD and TOP but what can I do? I literally see one then forget the other till I see him again! It is impossible to choose between them because If I had GD, I would be cheating with TOP on the side and vice-versa. I wouldn’t mean to hurt them but what else can I do!!!!!! TT.TT

TOP is just so damn hot! It’s wonderful because he’s pretty much hot despite himself. TOP in real life is a complete goofball with a passion for toys and loud suits and accessories. But God gave him those eyes, those brows and that smirk. He also gave him that voice! With those weapons of mass fan girl destruction, (and he has this lazy, peek-a boo dimple that plays now u see me, now you don’t ><) it is no wonder that I’m cheating with Sukkie and GD with him.

No, but for real, TOP is fine. I’m waiting for him to get confident enough in his body to start showing us a little more skin! It was so frustrating in the Turn It Up video when he wore that bathrobe that was almost strangling him. He should take a leaf from Sukkie’s book. Wear your bath robe loosely belted. Then do cart wheels.

4. Rain:

What? You thought it would be Taeyang? I know I spazz about him and I think he is amazingly adorable and that he should conquer the world and NO ONE can lie on the floor and roll their hips like he can….but, when it comes down to my personal, personal favourites, he’s actually a bit further down the list. Seriously. I don’t think I would date him so much as mess around with him.

Now Rain on the other hand… Rain is …is….there are really no words for Rain. Just pictures. Glorious, glorious pictures. He is the perfect physical specimen and Governments round the world should seriously make sure they have copies of his DNA because if things go belly up for humanity, he’s the way we want to re-boot! UNF!!!!

5. Kim Hee Chul-nim:

I think by now you will have noticed I like most of my boys FULLY in touch with their feminine sides. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m latently gay? Who knows, I just know I prefer my guys slender, love it when their looks though masculine puts girls to shame, love a man who crosses his legs when he sits (I’m weird! I know!) and can wear a blouse better than you can and is very aware of it!

This is why Hee-nim aka Dangerous Cinderella of Super Junior is one of my favourites!!! To me he is the ultimate diva of the k-pop world and anyone who can french kiss his group members in public with as much bold relish as he does is a keeper for me!!!

Plus he’s friends with Sukkie!

Love u Hee-nim <3<3<3

6. Teddy:

My fangirl crush on Teddy, formerly of 1tym and currently hot YG producer developed behind my back and caught me unawares. It started with wondering who the hottie with the spiky mohawk in Taeyang’s “where U at” MV was to where I now actually Squee every time his name comes up.

Why do I like him? It’s a combo of things. He’s definitely not my bishounen type. More of a thug type, really. Reminds me of my thug love phase in Uni (fufufu). He’s super cute (he has a quirky smile), I love his hiphop swag and I love his flow. In a word: Smexy.

Just wish he wasn’t probably the one that taught T.O.P to cover up!!!

7. Junsu:

the most adorable k-boy alive in my opinion. I have mentioned before that I find him completely ravishable and this remains true. Something about him makes you want to just jump him and leave him in serious disarray. His beauty, his crazy laugh, his A-MAYzing vocals, his stage presence – I blame stella-chan for the sweet tooth I have for him!^^

8. Taecyeon:

This one is a really a guilty pleasure since I’m not even strictly fan of 2pm. What I’m a fan of are his abs, his dimples and the cute pics he keeps putting up on twitter (yes, I’m stalking him on twitter). Don’t have too much to say about him as I’ve only recently accepted that I’m into him! Lol!

Oh, my. This post has grown quite epic! And I haven’t even done Jaejoong or Taeyang or any girls!!! I may have to continue this later! That is if I can! I’m still thinking to my no promises thing! Kekeke!

So Many Things to Post!! =_=;

Gosh, I owe so many things on this blog that I just haven’t found the time to do!!!

– Unboxing pics of my Sukkie FM DVD

– Pics of my Mystery Gift from my fiance

-GD screen caps from Taeyang Video

-Part 2 of my Epic Sukkie Spazz

-Se7en Updates

-Chapter 4 of my fanfic

I should probably stop promising stuff and just adopt a more philosophical approach to blogging. A sort of : What U see is what I blog thing?

Just that that isn’t me! I can actually feel this stuff piling up in me and it’s actually a relief when I can post something! It’s actually a little disturbing 0.O

Anyways just so this post isn’t wasted on random midnight ramblings, I will at least strike 2 things off the list;

Se7en’s new Teaser featuring TOP

credit: aleeexGD

If you know anything about me from reading this blog then you probably have an idea how I feel about TOP. I will not elaborate. Let’s just say that as far as I’m concerned; this track is GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!

Now, seriously, I’m ready for some concept images! July 21st is like around the corner and I need something to hold onto till then, Uncle YG. Preferably something with madly smexy lips if you get my drift 😉


My Mystery Fiance Gift

Gosh, I just never found the time to do my grand reveal! I don’t really have the time now either but screw it. Carpe diem!

This is what Y got me for my birthday. The amazing thing that I could never have gotten myself:

I still can’t believe I’m an ipad owner \(^—–^)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can just. Never. Thank him enough. Racking my brain thinking of a way, though!

Well, that’s it for now.

J-Dorama, T-Dorama!!!

I actually managed to get in a couple of Doramas over the last couple of weeks. Two to be precise. The funny thing is I stopped short at the last episode of each one. Why? I think I’m becoming mucho sentimental in my old age!

The first one is one I mentioned that I was going to watch in an earlier post; the T-drama, Why Why Love starring Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone Wang.

I finally got to it and tbh, the first two episodes didn’t really do much for me.  It wasn’t all the commonalities it had with DBY. That I expected. It just seemed – slow and uninvolving. I was a bit disappointed since I really liked all the actors and actually considered skipping it. But I have a three episode rule so I hung in there and at episode 3, BAM. I was hooked.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for love triangles? Well the love triangle machinery here was even better than the one the same actors pulled for Devil Beside You!!! By the middle of the show, I didn’t know who I wanted her to be with! My loyalties just kept swerving all over the place.

Also, in DBY I used to think Kingone had a bit of a big head. Like literally. I’m happy to say that in WWL, he has totally grown into his head (don’t ask me how!) and he’s just perfectly dreamy!!! That’s some of the reason why I was actually torn between him and Mike He!

credit: Jeni_Cee

Anyway, the thing is that, after delivering on all the warm fuzzies, the show serves you up with one hell of a twist and I ‘m not sure how I feel about it so I’m actually scared to watch the last episode!!! ><

I actually teared up a few times during this show!!! Lol! It was actually a lot of fun!

It really had me going: WHY? WHY? LOVE!

credit: newsasia fansub

My second show has been the Japanese drama Sunao Ni Narenkute or Hard To Say I Love You.

This I got into because duh! Jaejoong from DBSK!!!


This show is 11 episodes long but feels like 5 because quite a bit happens over what seems like a short period of time. In fact every episode is pretty dramatic and ends on a cliff hanger! I have really enjoyed it because watching it has been kind of like listening to really good gossip. It’s all about personal lives and relationships and all the crazy undercurrents of friendship. Plenty of angst!!!!

Surprises for me from this show for me:

-Jaejoong is not half bad as an actor. He has this weird nervous energy that translates very well to his role as a somewhat awkward character. At the same time there is this intensity about him that makes him fascinating to watch. Sometimes it’s endearing and sometimes, it kind of freaks me out. Is it weird that I like that? Lol! Anyway, I feel his efforts were commendable and he ought to be proud of himself!

-Eita is – I don’t get it – he has a huge nose, sticky out ears and hair that really just defies any kind of explanation (like WTF hair) and yet – and yet – why is he soooooooo attractive????? Everyone – everyone in the show falls for him and you know what? It’s actually kind of plausible! If I was in their group of friends, he’s the one I would’ve fallen for too! The guy has some strong Juju!!

credits: AsianLuvs ,


– Such nice chemistry between lead player Eita and Juri (though for me Juri sort of moved between cute and annoying a lot). I really, really wanted them to be together so bad! Lol!!!

All in all, it’s a great, absorbing watch! Something happens towards the end that made me cringe so hard I almost fell out of bed! I had to pause the video and dance all over the room from painful embarrassment! If you see it you’ll know it!!!

The reason I didn’t see the last episode is because the sub took so long to come out. But I have it now and I kinda just don’t want to end it so I’ve been saving it for a rainy day!^^

Ah – how I will miss that big nose, those sticky out ears and that ridiculous hair! Sooo hotttttt!!!! Lol!!!

Fan Girling


So…I kind of think I’m a fan girl.

Scratch that. I’m pretty much a fan girl I just didn’t realize it till my most recent fan girl obsession (more on that later). Strange thing is I’m coming to realize I’ve always been one. I’m actually the type.

Before starting this post i did a shallow browse to see what internet oracles Google, Wiki and Urban Dictionary said about fan girls and fan girlism. I wanted to have an idea of just what I was confessing too. I must say, it wasn’t pretty at all.

The term fangirl is mostly used in a derogatory manner and fan girl culture is largely derided. For some reason, maybe because of where i was looking, a lot of people seem to find the term inseperable from Twilight Culture and the teens that ascribe to it.


I don’t want to defend fangirlism. I just want to say why I am coming to terms with the fan girl in me.

I first started showing traits in my tweens which I suppose must be typical. What is interesting is I remember even before I fixated on my first boy group how much I wanted someone or something to love in that passionate yet giggly way. I wanted to be able fantasize with my girlfriends at sleepovers. I wanted to hunt down pictures and paste them up declaring my absolute allegiance to the world even before I found anything to obsess about. I wasn’t all that into real boys and I’m pretty sure I was already reading too many romance books.

Then I discovered the group ‘Take That’ (Mark Owen in particular) and my fan girl history began. My obsession with them was not entirely satisfying because, Nigeria doesn’t really foster fan or hobbyist communities and this was before internet so there was no one to love them with and maybe that’s why that first love faded (though there is still a lingering warmth for them. So happy they released an album again:))

Since then, over the years, I have nursed devotions to various personalities or groups including: The Beatles (very delayed beatlemania, lol!) Robert De Niro AND Al Pacino, Michael J Fox, Sharuk Khan, Dave Matthews Band, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Ikuta Toma and most recently Jang Geun Suk.

Yes. Most recently. All these years down the line. I’ve been working for years now and I’m still reading “comics,” watching “cartoons” and fangirling. There’s a word for people like me in Nigeria. It’s “Agbaya” and to sum it up I would say it’s what you call someone that is – er – maturity challenged?

I don’t know what makes me fan girl. I just know that sometimes I admire something or someone so much that it gives me the uber happies which leads to portrayal of fan girl traits: taking in all their work repeatedly, hording images and information, refusing to obey the laws of grammer or even express intelligibly, being totally shocked when anyone doesn’t like them and looking for other people doing the exact same thing so we can do it together.

Sick and sad? I don’t know.  To be honest, I believe it can be. There is a thin, almost invisible line between fanning and stalking and there’s a dark place where reality can blur with fantasy and one constantly hears of fangirls who wander into this limbo never to return again. This is where non-fan-people believe we already dwell. That’s why they look at us with that particular *look* when they stumble unto our image collection/fan fiction bank/shrine (I kid, I kid! U should have seen tour face when u read shrine).

The thing is, I also think there are positive aspects to fan girling. It’s true we speak a strange language and use way too many emoticons and punctuations in general. But my experience as a fan girl makes me wonder does it matter how we communicate if we are communicating? Isn’t it great to be able to get on like a house on fire with someone from the other side of the world because of a shared passion? And isn’t it wonderful to be able to let yourself be passionate and not be ashamed to be so?

I think it’s great to be able to crush like the teen girl I still am inside (I really am an agbaya!) and to have friends who help me laugh at myself because they do the same thing. I think sometimes our devotion is important to the industries they tend to rise around. Our support can sometimes push our stars to new heights which makes us even happier. Also sometimes our admiration influences us positively to do greater things with our lives like learn languages, write or just try harder in life.  There’s so much more I want to say about positive aspects of fan girl culture but this post has gone beyond epic. Gotta round up!

I do wish all fan girls could be the healthy type that respect as well as love their idols and keep fantasy and reality in  their respective compartments. I wish they could be like the fan girls I have met so far who prioritize mutual respect and organisation above all in creating the communities through which we relate. Fan girling to me is supposed to be about pure, girl-centric fun. But I don’t run the world. I’m just a fan girl who deliberately chats with typos and shamelessly uses terrible japanenglish/Hangulenglish with her OL friends.

I should know better. Actually, I do, I just happily ignore it.



Are there Gamer Widows in Nigeria?

Nigeria is football country (if you’re in the US then Soccer Country). People here are absolutely fanatical about the old, leather ball and not just on a local level either. My country is home to some of the International leagues most manic fans. As a result, football culture is far from exotic here and almost any one would know what you meant if you brought up the catch phrase: “Football Widow.”

It’s not that there are no female football fans here because there are. Lots of them. It’s just that for every one of them you could probably count 50 women who are only mildly interested in the game (“I only like to watch our boys”) and maybe 20 who are left cold by it (“I’d rather be watching old episodes of Law&Order. Mmmm, Benjamin Bratt.”).

Since the majority of football fans are male and a substantial number of them are married or involved in a relationship, it is quite inevitable that the phenomenon of the football widow would arise. Wives who are thrown to the side during all important footy events. It’s a problem that female culture has been trying to come to terms with for years. What to do? Fight? Revenge? Compromise?

The whole thing got me thinking. Is there an equivalent situation for the wives and girl friends of gamers? Especially here, in football country?

If one thinks about it, the situations are somewhat similar. People who are far enough into the vast world of gaming to be considered gamers have just as much a passion for their consoles, handhelds, and desktop platforms as any rabid football fan. Even though female gamers exist, they are way fewer and further between than female football fans in Nigeria. It stands to chance, therefore, that most Nigerian, male gamers that are in relationships are not in the happy position of being able to share their passion for the joystick with their significant others. Logic, therefore, suggests that Nigeria as a country must be sprinkled with it’s fair share of Gamer Widows.

And how do you know you are a Gamer Widow? Do you spend a lot of your visits to his place on the couch watching him defeat vast hordes of enemy orcs? Is it like pulling teeth to get him to spend time with you in your cold, console bereft home? Does he fight for possession of the TV set with the kids on Saturday morning? Does he have a Halo night (an entire day and night to be spent with his buddies drinking beer and shooting each other)? Are you forced to use Mario allegories when trying to explain your feelings to him? (okay, that last one was a cheesy joke!) Then don’t kid your self because you are indeed a Gamer Widow.

We don’t hear that much about it here but I assume that this is because adult gaming (er – not pornography) is still barely one step above a dirty little secret in Nigeria. Overseas one hears much more about this sort of thing. I have heard the story of a girl whose boyfriend was so deeply involved in his Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Game (MMORPG) world that their relationship melted down. This despite the fact that she was actually a gamer too and also involved in that particular world too. But cases like these are pretty drastic and Gaming culture is rife with similar sensational stories!

I ask out of the curiosity of a girl who is indeed in a relationship with a gamer. Unfortunately I can’t truly bring my experience to bear here because I myself am a casual gamer. In fact at this point in my life I have realised that not only do I have a predilection for games, but I also have a taste for the guys that love them. Why? I will have to explore that in another post as I think there’s something there that perhaps I can get some feed back on.

Anyway, apart from that I think I may be lucky as my gamer boy falls in a category that I would like to call “the considerate gamer.” What this means is he always tries to get me involved, going out of his way to find out what games might interest me and seek them out. He also makes sure Halo night will be okay with me and has an open door policy as far as it’s concerned. Finally, he actually makes out time from his work and gaming schedule to be my bf. Putting it all down like this is my way of saying I noticed and thank you.

Meanwhile I will try and investigate by asking the gfs of the gamers I know here what they think of their gamer boys and if any of them have been widowed. Who knows, Nigeria might have a better track record as far as this is concerned than the rest of the world!

Anyway here’s a funny I stole from somewhere about gamer relationships.