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The Joy of Sukkie-ness.

(credit:  Can’t remember source for any of the images! Miahne!)

This time last year I was a baby jangeo (eel aka fan of Jang Keun Suk/Sukkie). I remember basking in post YAB  (The Korean series You Are Beautiful/He is Beautiful) afterglow and hoarding information, images and video footage of my brand new idol like mad (as every fan girl must.) I remember I wrote a post about how I discovered him and everything that I thought was so wonderful about him.

I can scarcely believe its been more than a year. Thinking about that made me think I ought to do a bit of a retrospective.

I have changed and grown in this year but it seems I still love my Sukkie! ^^ The interesting thing is, I think he has changed and grown even more than I have.

Of course, the core things I love about him are still there. He’s still this beautiful boy/man full of precocious energy and charm. His smile and his laugh are still infectious and his voice still bone melting. He’s still almost compulsively watchable both on and behind the scenes.

His popularity has grown phenomenally in this past year and his schedule has become more punishing including just scads of campaigns and adverts, a TV series, multiple fan concerts around asia as JKS and as part of DJ Party “Lounge H,” and a record breaking, chart topping debut album for an artiste that is not even a singer. It’s almost scary seeing how the crowds have doubled then tripled in just 1 year at his events. I realize that I found him just as the upward curve of his popularity began (*sighs* remember when it was like he was just ours! Huc! Bittersweet T-T).

He used to laughingly say he wanted to take over the world and now I have to say, he seems to have conquered at least a good piece of Asia. There’s almost no part of the continent where you wouldn’t find someone that knows of him. This is due partly to the Hallyu Wave which is still an ongoing cultural phenomenon around the world.  Korea has created a niche for itself in creating addictive dramas and Pop songs populated by some of the most beautiful people in the world! Due to Hallyu Wave the internet is full of Korean pop culture that has garnered many international fans.

But I think thats only part of it. The rest is fascination. I believe Sukkie has characteristics that just fascinate people. It’s his physical appearance; an almost feminine beauty yet undeniably masculine aura (like a shoujo manga bishounen come to life), it’s the crazy and often times questionable dressinge. It’s how he’s a complete mixture of boy and man. It’s how he gives interviews so well that you forget how young he really is! It’s the way he always seems to be giving his all without any reservations. It’s the famously strong relationship he continues to maintain with his jangeos and the way he handles the growing attention and pressure on him with grace, patience, cheerfulness and often times a large streak of despotic mischief. And even these descriptions don’t quite capture it I think.

The last two characteristics continue to be my favourite, though. I love how he handles his fans. In his Princedom (and make no mistake, it is a prinicipality and he is a Regent in residence that rules  with a firm but humerous hand) he has turned his fans into his playmates, his confidantes, his partners in crime (when it comes to getting things he wants from Mama Jang) his dongsaengs (when fans have misbehaved and must be scolded), his creative partners, and ultimately, that friend you talk about films, books and music with far into the night. He is a natural nurturer and has carefully groomed the relationship over the years starting from when they were just a few to now when they are thousands upon thousands. This is why his fans can’t leave him alone.

He is currently a big hit in Japan and the videos below attempt to define what it is that captures us so much about him:

Sukkiri 1

Sukkiri 2

It’s true of course that not everyone sees him this way.

My cousin who is also into korean and japanese stuff is more into more overtly masculine types like Lee Byung Hun and Oh Ji Ho ( and Lord knows I don’t blame her! hubba hubba!!!) and she said to me she feels Sukkie looks like an underfed woman.

I thought about it and I realized that I had also thought that (maybe in kinder words, hehe!) on one or two occasions due to one look or the other. And other eels have actually said it every now and then: Wow, he looks like an ahjumma or OMG he’s prettier than me or Omo! I thought that was a girl…!

And yet does it make sense that we love him even with that? It seems to me like it’s part of that magnetic pot pourri that is him. Because of it, even when we wander away to our other biases or discover new ones, we always, always find ourselves coming back.

Endlessly fascinated by our Sukkie.

Stella’s Cafe: Chapter 7 is here!!!

Annyeonghaseyo!!! Chapter 7 of my Sukkie fanfic is now here!^^ Thank you for your patience! Please continue to support me as I work on chapter 8 which is an extra special one dedicated to my SeOul Sisters!!!

I’m also saying this only here. I think this story will come to it’s conclusion at chapter 10. It’s funny because when I first wrote it, it was a one off! But, Min Hee – yah’s story just kept on expanding as her fangirl love for Sukkie became real love! Hee!!!!

I hope we can reach a happy ending together! FIGHTING!!!

Chapter 6 and Lots of Sukkie!!! Yay!!! \(^-^)/

Forgot to say – finally got out chapter 6 of the fic! You can find it here as usual: Eels USA FB Page

And of course, in about a week it will be here too! So please check it out.

Meanwhile I know every Eel has probably already seen Sukkie’s publicity stills for his upcoming drama Mary Stayed Out all Night but I’m gonna put them up here a gazillion years late, firstly cos I haven’t put any Sukkie material up in a while and secondly so I could add my two cents to the talk the images generated.

So here they are via Drama Beans:

So the talk I read mostly centered around how feminine he looked in these pictures and I’m not going to complain about that  – why? Well, I think he does too, buuuuuuuuut… in a masculine way! hehe! Seriously! The fact is he’s a beautiful boy but he’s still a bit too tall and a tad too wide at the shoulders to pass for a lady, I think. Which leaves him at just that perfect sort of loveliness a guy can have which as you all know I think is just adorable!! *____* And then he speaks and his voice really just sums it up. You really can’t have a voice that sexily masculine and be mistaken for a chick. Not poss.

It’s not even my favourite of his hairstyles. It’s a bit too centre parted and wavy-cavey for me. I prefer his long hair properly tousled or packed up in a coconut tree!^^ But I still think he looks just edible!!!

But if you find those pics to sweet for you, then how about the ones he did for Series Nuovo?

credit: DC and tdedie via Sear’s Blog

All i’m saying is, I don’t see no girl up there!

And now an extra treat cos I’ve been so sparse these days! It’s a promo vid for Sukkie’s new show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


credit nanami5876@YT via Sears Blog.


gghggyccdsfc yaaaaaerthrfkygulvf luftthhhhhhftkfd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omomomomomomomomo!!!!!!!!!!! O.O


SUKKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *___________* <3<3<3

He’s the CUTEST EVAH!!!!! BOW BEFORE HIS SUKKIENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Credit: shiro401@soompie via Geun Sama’s Cyworld

Fanfic Update and Hot Suk Sunday!!! ^^

I’ve put up Chapter 4 of  my Sukkie fanfic, “Stella’s Cafe”!!!!!

Can’t believe I’m on chapter 4 already and currently working on chapter 5! Who knows how long this thing plans to be? =_=;

Oh well, I’m having a great time writing it so I hope you’re having as good a time reading it :DDD!

So I can’t leave without mentioning that apparently today is Hot Suk Sunday because the japanese magazine Hot Chili Paper just released a photo editorial of his Sukkieness that is just SMOKING!!! We might seriously have to change his title to his royal SMEXINESS!!! LOL!

credit: as tagged + tdedie@baidu via Sear’s Blog

This one was my fave just because of the smile ^_____^ You can See more of this amazingness at Sears Blog!

As if this wasn’t enough, heroic eel shiro401 has managed to track down the behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

There are no words to express the mix of adorable and hotness contained herein. It is just *__________*

EDIT: Here’s the 2nd part.  WARNING: This is probably going to put you all in hospital.

No. Words.



I just really need to thank the eels that take the time to find this stuff and then post it up for all of us to share and kya-ah and nose bleed over. You guys are lovely and surely have a high place in Sukkie heaven!^^

Hah. Happy Eel signing off.

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Jang Geun Suk!!!!!^^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUKKIE STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^0^)/

Today the world is full of Eels who will show you their love in many ways (and hopefully most of those ways won’t be too crazy^^)

I wonder how he will celebrate???

He seemed to have a really great time in Thailand! He’s glowing in all his pics! Maybe it was an early birthday celebration? Here are some new pics from his vacation: (credit: jksland via I Love Jang Geun Suk FB Page)

And these ones from a Japanese Magazine (don’t know the name T.T) from the same source I’m just adding because *_____*

credit: Baidu via I love Jang Geun Suk FB Page

I’m celebrating by joining the push to make him trend on twitter!!! If you want to join in just make sure your twitter account is unlocked so your tweets will count and use the hashtag #keunsukvolutionday

Also… Zazang!!!!

Happy Birthday Your Sukkieness!!!

Very Goofy with terrible photoshop and probably bad Hangul but my heart was in the right place! Kekeke!!!

And just like I promised, I ‘m including the birthday song I made for his Sukkieness with Garage band! It’s nothing much but like I said it was fun to do and I really hope it’s fun to listen to!

Check it out if you want!

(EDIT: Finally Fixed it! =_=;;;)

It’s called: For Sukkie

And finally a message to my fellow jangeos/eels from all around the world: I think this is the best day to say that meeting some of you has been one of the best things about fan girling Sukkie. For your friendship *bow* thank you, arigatou, khamsahamida…

love u guyz!!!!!!!!!!!! xx


On August 4th, thousands of eels around the world (not the marine variety) shall spontaneously SPAZZ to the highest degree because that day is the day their star, Jang Keun Suk was born!!! As you all know, I am one of those happy Eels and my spazzing starts here!!!!

To be honest I’m happy for an excuse to talk about Sukkie. It’s been so quiet in Jangeo land lately. Very few images, barely any messages or baits. Not that I’m complaining. I know King Sukkie has been working hard making “You’re My Pet”  into a Sukkilicious masterpiece and also doing other projects. I really can’t wait till that movie comes out!! I may watch it before it’s even subbed!!

News also has it that he recently took a short holiday in Thailand and the following images have surfaced from that event:

He smiles and the fact that his hair is ORANGE doesn't seem so bad anymore! XD

Work hard then play hard! No one understands this like the Sukkster!!!

Credit: raine@JKSland@pantip + shiro401 + daily_tofu@soompi via Sear’s Blog

Soooooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Crazy orange hair notwithstanding!!! I really think this color choice means he’s going to cut it soon so he wanted to do something crazy with it first.

Ah – it’s nice to see him having fun 🙂

Anyways because his birthday is on wednesday, Jangeo land is aflutter as Eels do their best to buy or create gifts for Sukkie that will make him smile!!! It’s kind of like Christmas except instead of getting gifts we give them to Sukkie!!! LOL!!!!

The SeOul Sisters (my own Eel subset) also put together a gift of love which you can check out here. My personal contributions to this were a photoshopped picture with a birthday message and an original happy birthday song, both of which were very fun for me to do (though I really had to scrape out the time to do them). I will be posting both of them up on this blog on Sukkie’s actual birthday!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

I was also going to contribute on a cool gift with some friends but I goofed and missed the deadline. But it’s okay because the cool thing about birthdays is that there’s one every year!!!^^

So how am I starting off my SPAZZ-down? How about Chapter 4 of my Sukkie Fanfic!!!

For all lonely Eels who miss Sukkie as much as I do, you can share Min Hee Ssi’s experience and meet with him every week in a romantic cafe somewhere in Seoul!^^

The story is posted as usual on the Eels USA FB page and now also on the SeOul Sister FB Page too!!! Next week it will come home to roost on this blog.

Please read and enjoy and leave comments!!!! ^^

Bye cri~!!!!

Happy Solo Album Launch, Young Bae Ssi!!!

I think I saw “I need a girl” already climbed to #1 on mnet countdown! If this is so then I’m soooooo happy for him! He must be thrilled!!!

I must say today is making up for the past week! Two amazing things have happened!

1. My fiance, Y, the one who makes me lunch everyday, (because he is entirely loveable and that’s why I’m marrying him ^^) surprised me with an early birthday gift! I wasn’t looking to get this mostly because with other things I need to get it was way out of budget! It is the gift to end all gifts and I’m going to keep you in suspense about what it is till I can get to a computer and post pictures!! Hehe!!! Himitsu desu!!!

2. My first Eel purchase came in today!!!!! That’s right! The Jang Keun Suk Seoul FM DVD!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So happYyyyyyyyyyy \(^____^)/
I’d like to thank the kind Eels that made this possible! Daily Tofu and her friend Becky! Also my SeOul sisters from Sears Blog!!! And not least of all my adorable future brother in law who was my patient go between!!! I love you guys!!! And I love Sukkie!!!

Look out for unboxing goodness in my next post!

Thank u Lord for this break in fate!

Korea vs. Nigeria T.T

I knew it was coming since Nigeria and South Korea were put n the same group but I just decided not to think about it.

Now, it’s come home to roost.

Not only is Nigeria going to play against my Sukkie’s country, Sukkie will be watching and expecting his eel’s support. I discovered the evidence on sears blog today!

courtesy: shiro401

This is a dilemma! My loyalties are divided! Do I support King or country?

What if Nigeria loses??? What if Nigeria wins??????

Will his Sukkieness forgive this eel if she stands against him just this one time so she can stand for her country???

I can’t even watch this match. I will stay far away not having a heart attack.

And hoping selfishly for a draw!

PS. Yes, I noticed they spelled Nigeria wrong and no I will not be making a big deal of it unless they spell it wrong in Hangul. (Just kidding. Frankly don’t care how they spell it. I know I can’t say or write ‘Korea’ in Hangul!)

Sukkie Magic!!!!

courtesy: shiro401

okay I believe I promised a spazz about Sukkie’s Samsung Yepp “Magic Drag” CF.

Well first of all, this CF (commercial film) just confirmed what eels have known for ages: that Sukkie has magical powers!

Of course he does!!! How else does he have so many usually practical minded (okay I don’t fall into that category) noonas and ahjummas completely hypnotized and hanging on his every gesture?

He’s not even a pop idol (except when he is playing a member of A.N.Jell) and yet we flock to see his concerts and have developed a strong taste for his voice (both singing and talking). From one acting role to the next he makes himself completely disappear and creates unforgettable and charismatic characters that make you wish that particular movie or show will never end!

He is a DJ/Rock Star/Accomplished Actor/Seoul Ambassador/Talented MC/Active Student Leader/Model/Singer/Chef/Virtual Boyfriend to every Eel on the planet and he’s barely 23!

The answer to how he does it all is, of course, Sukkie Magic and finally we see it captured! Lol!

I love this CF because it was full of what I was hoping for most: Sukkie Smiles X)))

Here are my best ones in all their glory!!!!:

The “pleezed bcos he knows ur spazzing over this CF” Smile!

The “Yes, he knows it’s Lady Hair just like You know he’s Rocking the Hell out of it” smile!

The “Can a Mother say No to this face???” Smile. Mama Jang is a strong Lady!!!!

The “Will u wear this top my beautiful, ultra talented, magical fingers made for you???” Smile^^

The “I’m wearing an outfit that might be fabricated from Toilet Paper and -Yepp, still hot!” Smile! (Naughty Eels wish it was really Toilet Paper!)

The “I’ll take you to the Climax (See Lyrics)” Smile. More of a smirk really! *hyperventilates*

The Secret Smile! XD

As you might have realized, The CF caught only some of the truth. His Fingers have some of the magic but his SMILE!!!! Lordy, but that boy got witch craft in that smile! O.O

Now, I wasn’t just ogling the vid! I actually listened to the track too!^^

I like the song though predictably I wish it had even more of Sukkie than it does. When he comes in with that verse at 02:22 that was such a squeal moment for me!!!! His voice was autotuned but it suited the way it was sung and it was so fab!!! He is teh HOTNESS!!!! Why doesn’t he just release an album already, dammit!!!

Anyways, my other fave moments from the CF.

Showing us the Finger! Lol!

1st Rule of Magic: Be Insanely Cute!

Keun Sama’s Cameo!!! Keun Sama is my secret affair! SHHHHH!! <_<

Why don’t you like me, Hyorin?? Is it the Harem? Cos I’m not giving up the Harem.

No comments really on the Sistar girl, Hyorin wassit? Sorry Aghassi! I kind of didn’t have time to notice you. Your co-star is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too distracting. Goodluck with your debut!

Now here are the lyrics courtesy of  Headstrong_Princess @ Soompi

Hey DJ, Bring the beat Oh
Turn it up now
Hey DJ, Give it to me now
Ooh, I like, I like it

Hey DJ, Bring the beat Oh
Turn it up now
Hey DJ, Give it to me now
Ooh, I like, I like it

Yepp, baby baby Yepp! Oh!
Baby, baby girl Oh! Hey, shawty
(Don’t think, Just drag it)
Yepp, baby baby Yepp! Oh!
Baby, baby girl Oh! Show me now
(Drag it, Just drag it)

So amazing, so simple (Yepp!)
What you gotta do is drag, Just drag it, Baby
Bokjapan geon Stop, Just like music
Mami ganeundaero Feel daero Just come and say hello
Neukkimeun So fantastic, Feel the static
Jigeumbuteo neon nae Addict, That’s it

Ni Style nan jo a Oh nae mam nan molla
Mae il bam tteo olla Do it, do it, do it, do it
Ni Style nan jo a Oh nae mam nan molla
Mae il bam tteo olla Do it, do it, do it, do it

Yepp, baby baby Yepp! Oh!
Baby, baby girl Oh! Hey, shawty
(Don’t think, Just drag it)
Yepp, baby baby Yepp! Oh!
Baby, baby girl Oh! Show me now
(Drag it, Just drag it)

Life is like a music, Life is like a magic
Life is like a music, Life is like a magic

Baby I’m a hot gadget (Yepp!)
Jwa uro Just drag it
Nolrapji Just like magic, magic (Yepp!)
Make you feel high like galactic
Niga eopneun nan machi Music eopneun sal
Machi byeori eopneun bam I’ll take you to the climax

Repeat *#

Neon holttak banal geol jeongsineul ireul geol
Neon wanjeon michil geol Yepp baby, yepp baby
Neon holttak banal geol jeongsineul ireul geol
Neon wanjeon michil geol Yepp baby, yepp baby

Credit: (Source)
Romanization by: headstrong_princess@soompi

In case you somehow missed it, His Sukkieness has informed us that 1. He is a “Hot Gadget” (Agree) that 2. Makes you feel high like galactic (not sure what this means but Agree) and 3. He’ll take you to the Climax (*dies*)

Alright, this epic spazz is over!