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I Wish Nigeria Had This…

courtesy taijizero2

But our Sports Commission is kind of a well known joke around here and no one seems to be holding out any hope for our boys (who have been placed in the group of death as usual) this time around.

It doesn’t matter how talented they are and they are very talented!

But the the general consensus seems to be that the super Eagles won’t be taking off this year so no one is much in the mood for cheering.


EDIT: Small BigBangSpazz: They’re so great in this^^. Look at GD go!!! Love his gestures!!! Also how cute is Seungri’s skating impression when Kim Yuna comes on! Lol! Kim Yuna’s voice is also very pretty! And I love the choreography so eazy-peazy and cute! Big Bang clearly made this anthem and dance with practical use for fans in mind!


Radio Silence…

Sorry, it’ s been so quiet. I didn’t die of happiness after my Big Bang spazz.

Well, I did, but only for a little while because  I had to quickly resurrect again so that my cup could properly runneth over when Sukkie’s new Samsung Yepp CF came out like one day later!!!

My Screencap Teasers:

Just so damn pretty!!!! #^_____^#

Yes, apparently, Heaven is trying to kill me with pleasure.

Expect a proper spazz on this soon! All I’ll say for now is that I foresee a problem for casting agents picking out leading ladies for His Sukkieness in the future as he will have a way of just outshining them ridiculously. Otokajo!!? Seriously, my boy could use some ugly cream just to tone it down! Good luck Han Ye Seul! Lol!

Also forgive me for being so late on updating my fanfic here though it’s been updated for ages on FB. If you haven’t read chapter 2 yet, it is now available in Neogogo’s Fanfic. Hope you like! I will do my best to get out chapter 3 and your comments will be most appreciated!

As usual there is much to say and almost no time to say it! Tomorrow I will be helping my fiance to move into his new apartment which will be the future site of our wedded bliss ^__^ hehe!

Please forgive the slowness of the blog during this short period.

Here is an offering: something interesting I found on PopSeoul: This dutch act Nathalie Makoma also got the rights to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” song and she performed a whole different version of the song but with the same tune.

Check it out:

and the SNSD version:

Is it a sign that I’m completely Hallyu Feverish that I kinda prefer the SNSD version for now even though I don’t understand most of it? I think this new version will just take some getting used to for me. Something about the tempo and rhythm are just a little out of wack for me for now!

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Will hopefully post again real soon!!!

I don’t get it.

Is it really that weird???

That I’m a Nigerian woman that loves Korean Pop Music???

Or K and J Doramas and the entire culture that comes with it?

I ask because of the reaction I keep getting when people see me watching my music vids or my shows. I actually never really think of it as strange till I see their expressions when I try to explain to them what I’m doing. It’s like this careful blank look you give someone when you are surprised by the realization that they might be mildly disturbed (see weird, obsessed fanatic).

I mean sure, I am passionately involved with the genre now; as in just about every vid on my ipod is korean and my screensaver is a vast slideshow exhibition of Jang Keun Suk (with the occasional BB, 2ne1, CNBlue and DBSK members). But I’m a passionate follower type and that’s how I show my colors! No one looks at Manchester United fans like their crazy when they do the exact same thing!!!


My Sukkie!!!: The second most beautiful man in the world (after my fiance^^)

Is it because I’m Nigerian? From West Africa? Should people from Nigeria or Africa only watch and listen too a prescribed set of things? Am I outside of our safe stuff to be into zone?

Would it help if I said that just as I’ve been taking in Western media content my whole life I’ve also been consuming eastern media content in one form or another for most of my life? That before I let myself get into Kpop, one of my favourite genres of music was anime soundtracks?

Is it because they’re talking and singing in a different language? Don’t we do the same thing here? Is non-english pop or hiphop only real or okay or acknowledgeable if it’s in our own languages? Does that even make sense???

If I can recognize hotness in people who are black, does it mean I may not recognize it in others who aren’t? And if I do, is that a cause for concern? If my admiration rests on artists who also share the condition of not being black and part of my appreciation is physical is this, because I’m black and West African and Nigerian, a sign of oncoming dementia? A symptom of an ignorant or badly brought up girl?

Is one really not supposed to like an artist even if they’re really good because they use a different word to say “hello,” or because they just don’t look enough like you?

If I think he’s hot…

…does it mean I can’t think he’s hot???

I actually, seriously don’t get this!

Sorry to rant but it really dampens my enjoyment of these things a little bit when people act like it’s soooooo odd and weird. Why do they jump to the conclusion that I’m weird for liking something that they have no idea about? Shouldn’t they be the weird ones? Why is it that on encountering something they don’t understand, rather than curiousity, their reaction is judgement?

This year I discovered K-Pop and it’s all I listen to because it de-stresses me, gives me great joy and is better than my former habit of junk food in bed. Last year I was listening solely to alt. rock. At one point I was only listening to anime and gaming music. I have no idea what I will be listening to next year but I do know that I will probably listen to it passionately and almost exclusively because that is how I deal with the things I love.

Thank god for the internet and being able to reach across the globe if that’s what it takes to find like minded people.

But I have to say, it would be really nice to find one person in Nigeria who doesn’t think it’s weird to love KPop cos  they love it too.

ps. I’m only half as pissed as I sound. I’m telling myself it’s like the anime/manga scene around here. Less and less people these days look at you like you’re crazy when they see you watching cartoons with people speaking japanese and there is actually quite a big community to indulge one’s enthusiasm in the genre with thanks to the overwhelming popularity of franchises like Naruto and Bleach.
So, there’s nothing like that for Asian Pop or Doramas. Maybe I’m just early to the party is all.

Neogogo’s Eye Candy: Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Gee

This vid is of the ultra cute, SM Entertainment, 9 member girl group Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD, an acronym for their Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae). Member are: Yoona,Tiffany,Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sunny.

The name of the song is “Gee” and it had quite an impact when it was released early in 2009 as in other groups are constantly doing references to this song and some, I think, have covered it.

Watching it I can totally understand why because for me it contains everything that is addictive about kpop; off the chart cuteness, hypnotizingly bright colors and sets, yummy choreography and a more than catchy tune. Did I mention cute? In fact I really should put a warning on this: If you aren’t into cute/kawaii/aego then this will probably be too much for you!!!!

Many people that see this vid for the first time ask me why jpop and kpop groups sometimes have so many members. I’ve never gotten an official answer to that question but my theory is: first of all it gives fans more variety in terms of favouriting and second of all it’s a good way for agencies to introduce their talent before giving them solo careers.

That’s just my guess. If anyone knows better, I’m all ears.

Anyway, expect to see Girls’ Generation again in this series!

credit: maly_4life

Anyone Watching “Oh! My Lady” ?

credit: dramawiki

It’s a Kdorama that’s airing right now and I thought I’d try it out because it was mentioned on dramabeans. A girl has to do something while she’s waiting for Jang Keun Suk to put out some more work already!!! (Come on Sukkie! How about an MV or a CF!! We need more product!!!)

Hehehe, well, I’m four episodes in and I remember now why I HATE watching things that are currently airing bcos now I’m dying to see what happens next!

The premise at least is preparing me for the coming of the Korean “Kimi wa Petto” as it involves a young, hot guy and a Noona (older lady). Well…an Ahjumma to be precise (a woman about 30s/40s). Here is the synopsis from drama wiki:

A spunky 35-year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Romantic hijinks and hilarity ensues when they find themselves in an awkward living situation as Min Woo pays Gae Hwa to take care of his daughter, Ye Eun.

The Ahjumma is played by cute Chae Rim while the top star is played by real life top idol, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, he of the dimples and the belief defying abs.

credit: my screen cap                                                           Credit: my screen cap

Please don’t imagine that this is in anyway a deep show. It is a typical, shallow, cliched romcom with laughs and hi-jinks that does not take itself that seriously. That said, I am finding it very entertaining.

Here are my top reasons for you to check out OML:

Fan Service:

credit: My screen cap.

My comment here? “Oh flegibberty…” because some things can not be expressed in words that mean things! And is she seriously supposed to answer that?

Every episode so far except episode 4 has featured a more than satisfying glance of the famous abs. I don’t care how above fan service you consider yourself to be ladies but Siwon’s abs are a wonder to behold and it is worth checking out this show just for a glimpse of them. This is just plain truth

Possibly the World’s Cutest Little Girl:

credits: My screen caps. Goodness, would you look at those cheeks!!!

Oh my God, I dare you to show me a little girl more adorable than sad little Ye Eun played with cry baby aplomb by tiny actress Kim Yoo Bin. In fact it is a ridiculous aspect of the plot that this kid was abandoned!!! Who wouldn’t want her???? Oh and the adorable little wardrobe that the show’s stylist has hooked her up with has such incredible awwwwwwwww factor!!! Loves it and her!!!!!!!!! ^________^

Love Triangle:

credit: dramawiki

Ooh!! Big surprise there! But lets not be cynical, after all this is what we watch dorama’s for, right? So they haven’t come out and said it but it’s looking like both Siwon’s top star and the producer of the show he’s working on, an older but still dapper guy played by Lee Hyun Woo, will be battling for our cute ahjumma’s affection. And of course they each have an evil lady in their life whom we will love to hate so the set up is quite complete.

Anyways, this is where I am patiently following this show. It’s a really great site cos you get to see the translator’s comments as you’re watching and they are hilarious!!!


K Pop Update: SNSD, G-Dragon

credit: SeoulBeat

SNSD finally dropped the story version of Run Devil Run aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

Well, I kinda think maybe they should have just started out with this one cos it doesn’t feel like they added that much of anything new. I guess it’s cool that each version can work on it’s own.

But the girls look a-mayzing and that hasn’t changed!

Judge for yourself:

This info is courtesy of PopSeoul who are very good at this sort of thing! Lol!


Credit: Angela of

As an unofficial fan of the adorable boys of BigBang, you can’t imagine how my stomach jumped yesterday morning when PopSeoul broke the news that G-Dragon has dropped a special 2nd CD for his Shine A Light Album featuring killer remixes of Heartbreaker, A Boy, This Love and Breathe!!!

Heartbreaker actually has two remixes, one of them featuring popular american hiphop act Flo Rida.

Credit: PopSeoul Credit: Angela of

Oooooooh, that cross over dream is slowly coming into focus!!! XD

Best of all, a MrTadaMusic was obliging enough to put them up on YouTube so you can actually hear how GD-elicious these tracks sound!!!

So far my fave is the A Boy Choice 37 Remix (you have to wait till after the first chorus for it to kick in)

Waaaaaaaahhhhh! I want to own this CD!!!! Xp

Girls Generation vs Kara

(credit: Popseoul, Seoulbeat)

Or should I say Run Devil Run vs Lupin?
Ok, let me establish right away that this post is not about instigating. There has been inevitable bickering between the fan bases of both girl groups since the unveiling of SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation’s) “black SoShi” look and the subsequent release of their ‘Run Devil Run’ MV. Quite a few have alleged that the whole thing is just a bad copy of Kara’s “Lupin” (others say they are both copying T-ara, etc [-_-;]). Some of the bickering has gotten pretty vicious and sounds like just plain beef so I’m not going to go into it.

Personally, I don’t believe ideas belong to anyone but themselves. If you’re a creative you will find a lot of times that if a great idea comes to you and you decide to sit on it too long, someone else will eventually come up with the same idea and execute it.

As far as the going “black and sexy” thing, I believe it is just the season for it. SNSD has just been the most recent act to perform it. If one wants to trace back who is copying who, they will have to go waaaaaay back, further back than 2010. Probably right back to the last century.

The real question is whose execution of black and sexy was more successful?

This question is hard to answer objectively if you are biased towards either group. My position is one of a person newly arrived to kpop and not truly committed to any one group yet. I have listened to more SNSD than Kara though but I’m trying to catch up.

So first: SNSD’s Run Devil Run:
On a first pass I don’t really have a problem with this MV. It’s the girls doing sophisticated and sexy which is a nice change in stride for them. The song is catchy and they bring their characteristic polished chorus girl choreography to play giving the concept a touch of classy burlesque in a very clean SNSD way.

On a second pass I could see how it may have come across as underwhelming as,  to be completely honest, not too much happens in this video. Especially after all the anticipation built from the campaign. It is a very sleek and highly polished but sort of conservative addition to the black and sexy genre. A bit like an opening stage performance leading to the main act.

That said, I still like it a lot and find myself humming the song quite a bit, but I can see why more may have been expected.

Kara’s Lupin
As an introduction to Kara, I have to say this was a good one. I already liked the concept of Lupin, the gentleman thief (I liked the anime ^^) and I thought their interpretation of it was loose but fun and sexy!

On a first pass I find the song is the kind that makes you want to get up and perform right alongside them and the video definitely gives you something to look at with the bright, starry backdrops and their almost cosplay looks. The general effect is electric.

On a second pass, I still like the song a lot!!! So upbeat and dramatic! Brings out the dance diva in me! But the choreography begins to show some weaknesses. Not because i think it’s unoriginal (remember my theory about ideas?) but because of execution. The moves are cute, sexy and funky but sometimes look like they could have been tighter? It felt a bit like they’d all practiced really hard but dancing isn’t the personal strength of one or two of the members. But the strong ones (sorry, don’t really know them by name) more than make up for any slack in energy and attitude!

Both groups brought their own spirit to this concept and did it in the way only they could but as far as over all sheer entertainment which is what music and MVs are about in the end, I have to give this one to Kara’s ‘Lupin’.

These opinions are of course my personal ones. If yours are different, that’s perfectly cool with me^^.

Now you make up your mind.

SNSD/Girls’ Generation: ‘Run’:

Kara: ‘Lupin’: