Hi, i’m neogogo.

The original purpose of this blog is to chronicle my experiences as a Nigerian girl exploring the cultures of manga, gaming, anime and many other pursuits (mostly asian influenced now I think about it) that are very, very, very fringe in my country (Nigeria).

I’m trying to reach out to like minded types and draw us together in what I would like to be a friendly network able to support us and raise our enjoyment of these cultures.


Because that’s what people do. We find joy in things that are not necessarily necessary. The less necessary the better. And then we find even more joy in sharing them. This is just a theory of course.

What I am hoping is that there are other females, young and old in Nigeria or West Africa, or in the whole of Africa or the whole third world that love one or all of the following:

– mangas
– animes
– asian films and TV Shows
– Gaming
– All sorts of music outside of just western hip-hop and r&b
– creative writing/fanfiction
– general geek/fan girl stuff

If you have an interest in even one of the above and you’re from the third world (from Nigeria especially) then I really hope that this blog reaches out to you and we can share!

Seriously, what else is the interwebs for?

8 responses to “About

  1. hi negogo!
    may I buy your brilliant Legacy
    i live in Indonesia and it’s so hard to find the DVD
    in yesasia.com is out of print
    please i buying it for my sister who were sick
    I’m not lying you

    • Hi there!! Sorry for the super late reply! It’s been a crazy few months. If you still want the Brilliant Legacy, would u mind contacting me on Facebook? That way we can talk and see what our options are. Hope ur sister is ok.

  2. Hello fellow Nigerian here 🙂

    It’s always nice to find people like me with similar interests!

  3. Hi there, I really like your blog! I am from Germany, but I have relatives from nigeria.
    I am also a huge fan of Sukkie an G-Dragon! So I really like your posts about them.
    All the best and Fighting ^

    • Sukkie and Gdragon fan? You’re my kind of girl! Thanks for reading the blog! I feel bad because I’ve completely abandoned it lately but I’m really glad you liked my posts!
      How cool that you have relatives in Nigeria! Have you visited before? I hope to go to Germany pretty soon. I hear Berlin is a lot of fun!

  4. Hi there, i really really love your blog, I am from Nigeria and i live in America… i love kpop and jpop. my favourite is G-dragon and T.O.P. Am Kpop and Jpop crazy and i met a lot of friend with it… love your love blog…

  5. Hello! I’m from Nigeria. 🙂 I can’t contain my excitement right now. At last, I found a Nigerian who loves Asian culture and Kpop. I thought I was alone.

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