Officially on Hiatus

Whenever I’m away for a while, which I know is most of the time now *sheepish**sheepish* I always forget how much I enjoy blogging.

I mean I enjoy the other sharing platforms like twitter, FB and tumblr and also the various fan forums and chatboxes, etc I’ve stumbled into over my last couple of years of interwebbing.

But I have really loved blogging and this silly little sporadic blog named sugarwater which is in actuality the most succesful diary I have ever kept.

I don’t want to stop.

I just want to officially say I am on hiatus from the interwebs for a while so I can do some aggressive writing but I will try and check back here once in a while just so the thread of my whims continues to be documented.

I just wont be reporting on the things this blog has been about so far: my kpop, dramas, asian movies, mangas and mahnwas (and recently webtoons which are kinda like korean online comics with THE BEST STORIES EVER!!!!!!!), the occasional game that I have not completed (yes FFX, u are still my Moby Dick) and my darling Sukkie.


Sad already.

I wanted to spazz here about 2ne1’s comeback and 2nd mini album which may as well have been written specifically for me, and 2ne1TV season 3 which is now broadcasting worldwide and how my love for the girls has just grown in leaps and bounds (and Bom is my everlasting bias as in I could be Bi for her but I still love CL, Minji and Dara) and how all their live stages were just fabulous and how much I wish I could go to their concert and yell NOLJA while waving their light stick in one hand and Bommie’s name on a cardboard corn cob in the other!

I wanted to cry here about what happened to Daesung and express my disappointment at how cruel people could be about it cos it wasn’t them or anyone they knew and they were anonymous and I wanted to pray for healing for him and the family of the deceased and for the boys of Big Bang who have inspired me so much since I started to follow their career and became a VIP and especially for Kwon Leadah who I greatly admire though he is much younger than me and who shaved off all his hair and has made me forever nosebleed.

I’ve read quite a few amazing manga/mahnwa titles. Old and new. Actually quite a lot. I can’t even list them anymore. I am so grateful to scanlation groups.

So much, so much to talk about but no time at all.


I am hoping now to spend some of the time I won’t be using here to do something constructive that I can show one day with pride right here.

So please be patient with me as I turn inwards and work on bringing you stuff from me.


m(_ _)m


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