IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!

courtesy: 2ne1@YT

…And IT HURTS That I didn’t even know this came out on Oct 31st!!!

This is 2ne1’s way of saying Happy Halloween to Blackjacks!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! I haven’t even seen it! I’m just going to post it up and I hope I actually have time to look at it tomorrow or soon after!!!

But from a glance: Oh my God what an adorable Goth Lolli concept!!! Someone on the YouTube page said it’s Great Expectations inspired which makes it even more gorgeous to me! Lol!!

I am very pleeeezd about this because this is surprisingly (because I’m not into ballads) my fave song on the album!! CL and Minji show wonderful vocal versatility while my Bommie just kills it! Dara doesn’t get a very big part cos this song is a bit R&B for her vocal style but she’s there and still a part of the magic!^^

Happyyyyy!!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!>u<!!!

2 responses to “IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!

  1. I had completely forgotten about the release of this vid!! But it was really great. A nice change from the typical kpop video ( not that 2ne1 ever makes the typical kpop video anyway lol)

    I was happy that they chose this song bcos it’s probably my favorite from the album. (and Bommie looked so gorgeous!)

    And can u tell me when bigbang is having their comeback? I need to know! I’m getting back into these two fandoms so I have to do a lot of catch up >_<

  2. Hi, You!!
    It was my favourite song too! And such a nice surprise! I haven’t been following YG life so I don’t know if they even announced it.
    BB haven’t as far as I know announced an official comeback date. The last comment on it I’ve heard was G-Dragon saying Mid-November. I’m hoping he said that but they mean to surprise us with something earlier!^^ I’m nervous and excited for them! But whatever happens, it’ll be cool to see what they come out with this time!!!

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