Bringing Chap. 6 Home!^^

I’m late on this as usual! Miane! Gomenasai!!!

So I have added Chapter 6 to the fanfiction page and I’m trying to jumpstart chapter 7.

This poor blog has been so neglected!! So much wonderful Sukkie news and interesting things in kpop and none of it here! T.T

Sorry everyone. For now Neogogo has fallen ill. Somehow I managed to catch an interesting combination of upper respiratory tract infection and thyphoid! Buuuuu-uuuuuut – is a lot milder than it sounds. Only had the throw ups once and already feeling better, bit by bit. Hopefully will soon stop feeling tired all the time so I can get things done!

I think it was creeping up on me for a while and that’s why have been feeling so much fatigue lately? Well done my body for trying to fight it off by yourself and with no help from me, your owner!!! Lol!

Well, here’s hoping for better health and better time organisation so I can do my job and still feed my darling sugarwater blog!!!^^


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