Chapter 6 and Lots of Sukkie!!! Yay!!! \(^-^)/

Forgot to say – finally got out chapter 6 of the fic! You can find it here as usual: Eels USA FB Page

And of course, in about a week it will be here too! So please check it out.

Meanwhile I know every Eel has probably already seen Sukkie’s publicity stills for his upcoming drama Mary Stayed Out all Night but I’m gonna put them up here a gazillion years late, firstly cos I haven’t put any Sukkie material up in a while and secondly so I could add my two cents to the talk the images generated.

So here they are via Drama Beans:

So the talk I read mostly centered around how feminine he looked in these pictures and I’m not going to complain about that  – why? Well, I think he does too, buuuuuuuuut… in a masculine way! hehe! Seriously! The fact is he’s a beautiful boy but he’s still a bit too tall and a tad too wide at the shoulders to pass for a lady, I think. Which leaves him at just that perfect sort of loveliness a guy can have which as you all know I think is just adorable!! *____* And then he speaks and his voice really just sums it up. You really can’t have a voice that sexily masculine and be mistaken for a chick. Not poss.

It’s not even my favourite of his hairstyles. It’s a bit too centre parted and wavy-cavey for me. I prefer his long hair properly tousled or packed up in a coconut tree!^^ But I still think he looks just edible!!!

But if you find those pics to sweet for you, then how about the ones he did for Series Nuovo?

credit: DC and tdedie via Sear’s Blog

All i’m saying is, I don’t see no girl up there!

And now an extra treat cos I’ve been so sparse these days! It’s a promo vid for Sukkie’s new show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


credit nanami5876@YT via Sears Blog.

9 responses to “Chapter 6 and Lots of Sukkie!!! Yay!!! \(^-^)/

  1. he is damn sexy in those nuovo pics, just sayin XD you know though…that promo video for the drama really doesn’t portray the actual characters that well….at least not the real relationships between them lol i’m thinking everyone who hasn’t read the comic is gonna be in for a surprise when the drama starts >:)

  2. neogogo! i practically screamed when i saw you have finally posted Chapter 6! haven’t read it yet but will do so later when my heart is more stabilized. Kekeke. Thanks also for posting those wonderful JGS pics. yeah, me too. i know he’s more feminine than most guys but i still wont mistake him for a woman. and, i’m actually enjoying how he’s looking such a yummy bishounen. kekeke. i think that is his edge over the other young actors these days. i might be just biased, but i think he is the only one who can get away with all these girly stuff and still leave his masculinity intact.

    really want to thank you for giving us a new installment of MinHee’s escapade. will make sure all the windows are closed later so i can laugh all i want while reading and neighbors wont be too worried. ;D

  3. Heehee!! Thanks so much Maricris! I sure hope you enjoy this installment too! It’s a little bit slower than chapter 5 so I’ve been nervous =_=;;!!! But at least your neighbours won’t have a reason to be too concerned! Lol!
    I’m 100% with you on Sukkie being able to do bish and still maintain smouldering masculinity! Honestly, just his voice alone!!! *melts* It’s his gift!
    And he says he does it because this will be the only time in his life that he can. I couldn’t think of a truer or wiser answer so I cheer him on even when his hair looks a little dubious! Hehe!
    He’s such a cutie!!! *___*

  4. haha! yeah, i think chapter 6 is pretty laidback, especially the first part, compared to the previous chapter, but i think it is only a fitting continuation to the high our Minhee experienced with Sukkie. i’d imagine any girl would be so spaced out in the weeks after such a date with Suk. =)
    so, yeah, neighbors got it pretty easy this time. but you know what, when Minhee dropped her phone, that was a LOL moment for me. =) the SMS exchanges were very cute and adorable. (i’m an online stalker myself so i know what you mean that it’s not hard to imagine what Suk would say or do given a particular scenario. ;D)
    one last thing. so i read you fanfic before bedtime, and when i awoke this morning to the sound of my alarm (w/c is coming from my cell phone clock) i was fumbling for it in the dark and next thing i know i dropped my phone and even through my sleep-fogged mind first thing i thought was, “just like Minhee”. hahaha! and, and, after reading Chap 5 i actually dreamt about the “backhug” though my dreamland is more mean than i thought because Sukkie was nowhere in it. it was with someone else to my everlasting regret! but can you tell i’m channeling Minhee? hehe, i want to be as lucky as she is. ;D

  5. Hello I have a blog about dramas, I’m from Brazil I wonder if you make partner, exchange links blog.
    this is my blog:

    thanks ^ ^

    • Hi!!! Thanks for reading my blog and sorry it took so long to get back to you!! It’s been getting harder and harder to find the time to work on Sugarwater as much as i’d like too. BuT I’d love to exchange links! I will add you to my blogroll right away so you can add my link ( to yours! So you’re from Brazil? Obrigado!^^

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