First it was cos I got BURIED @ work, but now its cos I forgot to renew my internet.
Cos I was BURIED @ work! Lol!
Anyways, these r emotional times. My sister who has also been my roomie for the last hundred years (give or take a year or two) left for post grad last wednesday. I miss her dreadfully. In fact I still keep forgetting she’s gone.
But on the up side, I have my own apartment till I get married (which is looking like February). Been reorganising the place all day. Spreading out so to speak.^^
Today I felt like being in Paris so I played my french playlist and lit a cigarette. My sis would’ve liked that^_^. No wine though. I should stock up!
Gonna bring chap 5 of Stella’s Cafe (my fanfic) on the blog as soon as I can get on line so pls look out for it.


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