Patiently, Patiently…

Poor YG Ajhussi and Oppas!

Releasing 2NE1’s thirds video “Can’t Nobody” is taking longer than they thought! Here is Uncle Google’s translation of the message they left us today:

“I’m sorry.

Sitting in front of computer do you think fans of the indefinite wait
I am also anxious and nervous because I do not do anything.

Seohyeonseung directed “CAN’T NOBODY” I just finished editing the work.

YG is now staff-side image files takes about 2 hours to start conversion work for making
At 2 pm “CAN’T NOBODY” music video will be released.

Once again I apologize.”

From what I can understand they are very anxious!!!

Well, I hope everything goes okay. I would rather that they take their time and do something they can be happy with rather than rush it just to please us. I’m perfectly fine with being a good fan and waiting since they’ve explained it.

Looks like I might miss the actual video drop since I may be out and about today! So till later everyone! Let support YG and wish them luck!



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