It’s HERE!!!!!! 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”

Without to much ado:

Couldn’t get on YG Life cos predictably it’s getting hammered!!

And You Tube is spotlighting 2NE1’s channel!! Congratulations to YG on managing all the good buzz!!!^^

(hehe. Yes there is a JKS skin on my browser. What? I’m an Eel!!)

Also something extra cool: Go Away BTS:

And something funny, this guy does the best 2NE1 reviews! LOL!!!:


2 responses to “It’s HERE!!!!!! 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”

  1. This is my favorite song!
    CL rap in the beginning is so cool! And I love Dara so much *o*
    And….I’m a Eel too, can you see my avatar?
    Saludos! xD (I don’t know how to say that in spanish, i´m peruvian)

    • Saludos to u too fellow Eel!^^I love ur avatar!! That’s one of my fave pics of JKS! Soooo cuteee!!><!
      And i think "Clap" is my favourite on the album too though I like everything. The girls are all just fabulous in the video and it's just the perfect mix of how cute and fierce they are! And it always makes me want to dance! Lol! Plus I can feel the YG Oppas influence on this song the most and since I'm crushing on almost all of them, I am partial to this song! Hehe!
      Thanks for commenting!

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