I should change the name of this blog to YGLOVE….

cos I know I said YG owns my Summer but now I think they will own my Fall as well bcos I they r just KILLING me with all this HOT A@@ S****!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, finally found the time to listen to eng version of Taeyang’s “I’ll B There”

All I’m saying is that Y-Beezy (as Evaristo has referred to him; this info via kpop addict! Lol!) needs to be an International Star already!!!!!!!!! I mean what else does he need to do!!!! Seriously??? The boy is beautiful, his vocals are on point, his choreography is out of this world and WE UNDERSTAND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on gods of pop culture!!!! Make it happen already!!!!

Also I just finished taking a look at the rest of the 2ne1 pictures up on YG life today and I’m pretty sure I’m gay for those girls now because I am too in love with their new looks!!

Even though Bommie is my perpetual fave (bcos she’s so funny with her, “Ehhh!!??” lolololol!!!! I TOTALLY get why it cracks GD up! It’s HILARIOUS!!) I am now turn between CL and Minji as to who to crush harder on? But Minji is probably what? Just 16 or 17 now? So I will just admire from a distance (but I still want a Minji Doll!!!^^) So CL is my star right now!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here are my faves:

Putting the C and L in SEXY!

See!!!!!! Isn’t she ADORABLE????? Don’t you want a Minji Doll too?????

My poor Bommie looks tired here! Go Bommie!! Don’t give up!! Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!! >< (And Dara is just glowing! She could out-twilight Edward and his family! 0.0)

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! They are so FIERCE!!!!!! You can check out the rest here!


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