Why I <3 The Kpop addict and other random musings…

I ❤ the kpop addict simply because of things like this…

Those are bonafide G-Dragon Abs.

Have you ANY idea how rare G-Dragon ab pics are???????????? HAVE YOU??????

This is Gold Dust I tell you!!!! (which is also GD by the way!^^) and the kpop addict always brings the gold dust so I ❤ her very much!!!!!

Read the hilarious post that came with it here.

Now on a completely random note: TRAX

I like this!!!! I don’t really know them but now I think I want to! The song is cute, they’re mega cute and i love the use of the trampoline/matrix camera^^ it’s even got radiant Seohyun of SNSD.

Pretty, pretty, pretty! ^_________^

(UPDATE: So i looked em up and OMG have they come a looooooooooong way from their 2004 debut!!!!!!! From wildly emo-fabulous to clean cut k-pretty boys! XD Not complaining, though! I like both incarnations and all the stuff between! I’m just sooooooo easy to please, lol! Pity about losing two members though. Rose especially seemed way charismatic! Feel like i missed a lot by not being into kpop yet then T.T)

And speaking of pretty, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo shallow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took one makeover for Shinee to finally win me over to their Universe! Ack!! Now I have to wait for them all to be legal so I don’t feel like so greasy every time I even glance at one of their pictures!

*sigh* =_=;;



If the third person in this pic is Taemin then I officially give in because this picture is my Shinee bias. This is too much for my already lacking moral fibre.  I really tried but I can’t wait. I’m gonna believe that I am seeing KeyMin action here too. Yes. I am officially a pervert!!!!!!

That feels good to get off my chest ^^

On to healthier subjects!!! I officially kicked Mother Trinity’s behind on Phantasy Star 0!!!!!!!!! That’s right!!! Game Over, baby!!!!!! And on to the next one! (*eyes Final Fantasy Ring of Fates: Come to Mama!!!!!*)

Here’s the evidence!

That’s Yoko, my bad a@@ HucaSeal in the white armour in the centre!

Yeah, she shouldn’t have tried me!!! Lol!!

Okay gotta go. Working on chap 5.

Peace, my loves!

3 responses to “Why I <3 The Kpop addict and other random musings…

  1. you didn’t know Trax before this? lol i miss their old days, but i still like them now ^^ but omg~~~ Rose aka No Min Woo **sexy sexy man** was in Pasta, did you know? right now he’s in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and omg~~~ so hot with his black hair and sexy haircut…it’s totally hard to concentrate on the subtitles when he comes on the screen XD

    • Lol!!! You better believe I found out when I looked them up and then immediately started stalking Rose!!!
      Not sure I’m ready to start looking for Pasta but with this I think I’ve reached critical mass in reasons to watch Gumiho.
      Of course, the promised Sukkie cameo was my real tipping point!^^

      • haha of course, the sukkie cameo is coming~ god i wish i knew what episode he was gonna be in….so i can prepare myself beforehand XDDD

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