COS IT’S 2NE1!!!!!!!!!

And would you just LOOK at my girls!!!!!!!!!! FIGHTIN’ FIERCE AND SEXY!!!! I was so happy to see the heads up on stella-chan’s blog recently reminding me that they were due back in early September!

It’s been a really crap couple of weeks but this really cheered me up so much. Why? Because I love these girls. Seriously! I’m such a total, picture collecting, vid hunting, lyric cramming Black Jack it’s not even funny^^!

I’ve really been meaning to do a feature on them because they are the girl group that I have been most excited by since TLC. True Word! In fact I get the same high from them as I did back when I discovered that group as a teen!

I don’t even know who’se my favourite for sure cos I love them all so much! CL is so sexy and talented and charismatic and creative, Bommie is gorgeous and hilarious at the same time! Minji is just dynamite! She takes your breath away with her energy and stage presence!! (and she’s my hair muse) and Sandara is just so adorable and funny!

They are the funkiest, freshest, cutest things on the KPop scene and of course they come courtesy of my darling Uncle YG!!!

Anyway, Popseoul was good enough to release the track list of their upcoming album, “To Anyone” (Geddit? Lol!!!) which is set to be released on September 9th. Looks like there are some oldies but goodies mixed in with the newbies, including everyone’s solos!

Here it is:

1. Can’t Nobody (Title Track)

2. Go Away (Title Track)

3. Clap Your Hands (Title Track)

4. I’m Busy

5. It Hurts (Slow)

6.Love is Ouch

7. You & I (Park Bom Solo)

8. Please Don’t Go (CL & Minji)

9. Kiss (Sandara Solo)

10. Try to Follow Me

Writing, Production and Arrangement credits go to: Teddy, Choice37, Big Tone, Masta Wu, e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah, PK and Perry.

I’m really crossing my fingers for the girls this season! I hope they knock it out of the park!!! And as for me I just got me an itunes gift card and I’m ready to support!!!

I. CANNOT. WAIT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

(ooh, Uncle YG’s new blog  “YG Life” is now up and apparently you can hear it all there first and more! Check it!)


3 responses to “YOU BETTER RING THE ALARM!!!!!!

  1. UGH! CL is so freaking gorgeous. ILHSFM!

    I feel like such a bad fan because I just found out yesterday that they’re making a comeback on the 9th! But I haven’t been into Kpop so I haven’t been checking news on them D:

    I’m so happy right now! I’m pre-ordering this album as soon as I get paid tomorrow. I’m so excited for this! Don’t care what anyone says they are the best K-girl group. Period.

    Also, did you hear? Avex is (possibly) signing them to their label!! They’re planning to debut in Japan next year! Finally! Avex is going to try (and will) blow out the other Korean girl groups with 2ne1. (I’m so excited for this and yet I’ve been so angry with the fact that these female Korean groups have been all up in Japan lately…But 2ne1 is the exception lol. They are just too good.)

    The link isn’t working for me 😦

  2. Agree, agree and agreed!!!
    Don’t feel bad! I’ve been waiting with baited breath and I didn’t know either! Lol! Sometimes life will get in the way of stanning!
    That’s so cool Avex is signing them!!!!! Ahhh!!! I really hope they do well!
    I couldn’t get in on the link either! Maybe they’re getting hammered? Will investigate further!

  3. Ok, the link is up now!!!!! Waaahhhhh!!! It’s full of good stuff!! Gonna spazz!!

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