Kimi wa my Beautiful – Hangover! Hangover! Yeah!!!

I'm just so d*** pretty!

And Big Bang season begins with the new MV from their hot new track: “Beautiful Hangover”!!!

Everything about it is beautiful!!!!! Seungri with his lopsided smirk, Daesung with his wicked choirboy, hotness, Taeyang with his pure UMPH!, TOP with his maaaaaaad sex appeal and the lord of charisma, GD with his style and smexiness to die for *____________*

I wish I wasn’t just buried in work so I could spazz all over this like I want to!!!

Well here it is anyway in case you somehow missed it:

Well you know what they say about curing hangovers. You need to go for the hair of the dog that bit you! In other words –


khamsahamidaaaaa! ^_____^

UPDATE: *sigh* really love this song!!! And I just noticed at 1:51 GD’s classic wolf howl!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ><!!!! How did I miss that???? It’s been a while and I missed that sound!!!!!!! XDDD


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