OMG! Ji-Yongie!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O

credit: ibigbang

Today ibigbang served up some news that got me flustered!

Apparently the news going round is that GD Baby is actually someone’s baby and has been so since Bigbang’s debut in Japan!!! That’s almost a year now, right? Yup! He’s dating someone ladies!!!!!! The Heartbreaker has actually lived up to his name!!!

Of course, YG is denying everything saying that GD and the lady in question are just close friends. I really don’t want to be one to doubt Uncle YG because he’s been so good to me (as far as feeding my Kpop habit) buuuuuuuuut – the point was raised that they denied se7en’s gf too and now we all know that they’d been dating since high school!!! So that really makes me go hmmmmmm…

Other gathered evidence that GD is dating:

The Interview: Where he singled her out from an edition of Vivi Mag as his ideal type

The Other Interview: Where he practically just says it (you’ll know what I mean if you know her name!)

Now, how do I feel about GD having a GF (If he does of course)?

I’m happy for our Ji-Youngie. It’s funny but over the last couple of months, he’s been looking kind of skinny and tired in some of his pics and I had thought casually how nice it would be if he had a special someone to be with apart from the boys sometimes.

That said though, I have to admit that there is a bit of a sense of loss. This is weird because it’s not like he will stop being GD or performing. It’s not like I was standing in line to be the lucky chosen one either (I got a man. A veeerrrrry patient one!^^). So why is it sad to a fan girl when one of her favourites gets their own favourite?

I thought about it for a bit and here are my conclusions. First of all, fangirlism as I know it works mainly in the realm of fantasy. Our favourites weave fantasies for us with their music and their performances and win our fan girl hearts. Then we the freshly minted fan girls take the fantasy and run with it. We dream, we create and we share based on favourites. A lot of times the stuff we do spreads the popularity of the favourite and a symbiotic relationship is born. But things like the favourite getting a girl or a wife kind of puts a crack in the dream that it’s hard to pretend not to see. The fan girl may still love the favourite but it’s not as fun to fantasize about someone who you know is in a relationship. It’s also pretty weird trying to ship them (Oh Gi-Ri!!! I shall never let you go, though!!!!)

The other thing is that fangirls are territorial and possessive. Being someone’s fan is almost like owning shares in their cult of personality and you feel invested in sharing the love because of this. You collect their pics and interviews and everything they’ve ever done and show them off like card collections. I think there is a part of us that feels we partly own the idol (that doesn’t sound good anyway I put it! Lol! but just trying to think this through). So we have opinions on everything they do cos we’re that invested. But when they get into a relationship, that illusion which they themselves usually help promote, goes away. No matter what, they belong to that other person before you, the fan. So all a good fan girl can do is wish them happiness (and threaten bloody murder if their favourite is hurt in any way >:)

And that’s the end of the analytical bit. Now on to the burning question…Who is she?????????????????????

Who is GD’s GF?


Vivi model Kiko Mizuhara!!! (Japanese/Korean/American, fluent in the three languages, Born October 15, 1990
in Texas, United States, Hometown Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, Height 166 cm to GD’s 177 and Blood Type A just like GD)

It didn’t surprise me to hear GD was dating a model. He obviously has a taste for fine things and is very much at home in the world of fashion so it goes. But I was still curious so I stalked her online to see her images and –


She’s Gorgeous.

Honestly when I saw her pictures I felt a pang of pride for GD! He picked well and of course he would be pulling this kind of hottie!!! Aaaaaaand, I’d actually seen her before cos I saw an announcement on Twitch that Haruki Murakami’s Norweigian Wood was being made into a movie. I watched the preview and there she was playing the role of ‘Midori’. At that time I thought (kinda like GD in the interview were he admitted to admiring her) wow — the girl playing the lead is cute!!! O.O And now she’s (maybe?) GD’s girlfriend!!!

So now, I’m completely on board with this!^^ Listen to me being possessive!! I have granted Kiko-chan my permission as a GD stan (yes, I admit it, I am.) to be his smoking/cute gf! Part of it also because I feel they kinda almost look alike too! Or is that just me?

This is how I wish it happened. GD who has seen some of K-chan’s editorial stuff before and always thought she was really cute finally gets to meet her via BB promotions in Japan. It’s total crush at first sight and our Ji-Youngie who can be so aggressive when he is playing Tom to Seungri’s Jerry is completely shy and tongue tied the way he is when he is around people he admires!! The swaggering, smexy bad boy prince of Pop is reduced to shy glances and monosyllabic conversation.

K-chan who is a BB fan and secret GD stan is also smitten and shy and takes Ji-Youngie’s quietness as lack of interest. Regretfully she keeps her feelings to herself and they part ways each one already stinging from the missed opportunity. But thank goodness for friends! Taeyang knows the signs of love struck GD! Spending more time surfing than composing, always distracted, asking very unsubtle questions about Vivi models. He and TOP take pity on him and take matters into their hands with the help of her friends who are doing the same thing cos K-chan has the exact same symptoms. What is their solution?

Blindu Date-o!!!

So the two are dragged, very reluctantly to a gokun and imagine their shock and secret joy seeing each other there!!Well, it goes on but this post was not meant to be a Fanfic so I’ll stop here!

VIPs, if GD is really dating K-chan and they have been dating for so long, then lets give them all the support we can because we love our Ji-Yong and want him to be happy ^^!

But I’m still also a total G-ri fan. What can I say. Fan Girls are complex.

***Kiko Mizuhara’s images were borrowed from the Vivi model soompi thread which I have lost the link to. Gomenasai!! ^^;


7 responses to “OMG! Ji-Yongie!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O

  1. Neo-chan~~

    OMG. ikr about GD. I was shocked but she’s really pretty(and for some reason I always thought she looked mexican(?) or some kind of hispanic(or even mixed with black actually). I knew who she was immediately because I love Vivi mag and I see her all the time in it)

    I agree 100% about what you said about fangirls-their hearts-their idols.

    I didn’t feel the way you did about GD, because I don’t fangirl for him that way…or any of the BB members.(if you know what I mean^^) Now…if it was Junsu my fangirl heart would be shattered lol (probably because that boy wants to get married badly. It is the weirdest thing ever. So if he says he has a GF I might as well get ready for him to say their going to be engaged) Even though I personally think he has a GF atm…I just don’t want to have to hear about it. Let me stay ignorant to that fact so I can fangirl like I wanna (with Se7en I had to slowly get comfortable with him coming out about having a GF. b/c it felt weird fangirling for him at first (like I was ogling someone else’s man O__O

    (i must ask though, how would you feel if news broke that Sukkie had someone…would your sense of loss feel greater than what you felt with GD?)

    • Ah – stella-chan,
      don’t even say that!!! If it was my Sukkie that the news came out about I would be dazed and devastated!!!!!! Not that I don’t want him to have someone! Of course I do! I actually believe he could use a relationship because he seems so lonely and bored sometimes and I suspect he reaches out to us so much partly as a sort of substitute. Everyone wants to feel specially connected to someone.
      But that’s the rational part of my fan girl heart talking!! The irrational part just puts her hands over her ears and goes “lalalalalalalalala!!!!!!” whenever the topic comes up.
      Before I discovered Sukkie, I was into Asian Cinema and the King of my fan girl heart was Tony Leung (who is in so many Wong Kar Wai films). I knew he was dating Carina Lau and they’d been living together for like ever but it was kind of ok bcos that’s the way he was when I discovered her. But then when he finally went and married her, I just couldn’t! It was like our “relationship” was over. Now, a part of my heart will always watch over him but I seriously let him go. And then shortly after, I found Sukkie^^!!!
      I don’t think I will be able to leave Sukkie as easily though. Even if he gets married he will still be one of my favourites cos he’s just so much fun!
      Unless, of course, he doesn’t want us anymore.
      But I really hope Sukkie’s marriage is still a bit in the future!! LOL!!!
      I know what you mean about se7en-nim. I think he’s one of the hottest things since sliced bread but I can’t fangirl him without thinking wot a lucky b@*$! his gf is and that kinda puts a damper on it. It’s all *ogle, ogle* then *swears* then *shame, shame* Seriously it’s fangirl torture!

      • Tony Leung!! I love him so much. In the Mood for Love is one of my favorite movies!

        I don’t think you have to worry about Sukkie getting married anytime soon. He’s still young and it seems like he’s one of those actors that is “married” to his fans. You know what I mean?He can’t fully give himself to someone because his fans already own a huge chunk of his heart. He loves you guys that much!(I can’t call myself a fan yet. I don’t know enough lol. I need to do more research!) …at least that’s the impression I get.

        • Now, that’s such a comforting thought even though I know it’s selfish of me to think it! But I think all Eels would really love to hear that! Thanks Stella-chan. *hugs thought to self and goes to sleep smiling*

  2. looking at her….she really is pretty and to top that she looks like a cool gal….no wonder if they are together…although am a bit sad-being a huge fan-sob 😦 …,,,,it’s nice to know that he has someone who can make him smile after a long chaotic day conquering the world….hope to see him happy….

    • That’s the spirit Zoe!
      At the end of it all, what we want the most is to see him happy cos that makes us happy too! That’s the golden, saintly part of fangirling.
      And for our broken hearts: at least we know we aren’t alone in this!
      But enough with the sad stuff!
      It’s not like their married, right?! 😉 hehe!

  3. oppa fighting

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