Finally Saw “Inception”…

and came out with mixed feelings.

I mean it was a really decent flick, many “wow!” and “cooooool” moments and the actors were so in harmony and on point that it was like watching perfectly balanced choreography. They really nailed it! A real pleasure to watch. And yet…

And yet…

I think the film in my head was a little deeper than what the movie actually was. I’m still not sure whose fault that is. At this point, I just feel like there were so many brain teaser set ups that just led to nothing. Or did I imagine them??

Maybe I’ve been Incepted^^

Anyway — more importantly, the best things I got from the movie were:

Eames (The Forger) and Arthur (The PointMan) played to unbelievable perfection by Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt !!!!

I mean UNF and UNF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so bad for under appreciating these two (especially JGL since I see him more often) and I will not be doing that again.


Yes. Yes It Does.

And their onscreen chemistry was so HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!  In fact, my perverted fangirl mind will probably be shipping them for the next couple of months now!!!!!!!!!

Happily, I am apparently not alone in this!!! LOLZ!!!

And for anyone who saw Inception and somehow MISSED the HUMUNGOUS STENSION between Arthur and Eames, you need to check out the Eames/Arthur Survival Guide!

Eames/Arthur is REALLLL!!!!!

“You, musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. Listen, I cant be any less subtle, don’t make me bang you over the head with this thing and drag you to my lair.

*runs off to read perverted fanfics*

PS. Ellen Paige is awesome in this too. ❤ her!!!!!!


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