Se7en’s “Better Together” MV

There’s no point in me saying I LOVEd it because you know I did (If you read this blog, you’ll probably have noticed I tend to mostly blog things I love or that at least intrigue me)!!!

My credibility is, I’m sure, shot to hell.

But it’s true. I loved the video!

Se7en is so GORGEOUS!!!

And I loved the little plane thing they do with the choreography at the chorus! And, I’m pretty sure he’s wearing eye liner towards the end!!! And then there’s that bit where he lays on the floor and say he wants to do “something – something -” and snaps his hips in time to it and…



(I did the watermarks the hard way so they may be a bit wonky =_=;)

Get it, Se7en!!! YG Fighting!!!

We Want More!!!!!

One response to “Se7en’s “Better Together” MV

  1. yup, he is using eyeliner here, I’m absolutely agree with your reviews to this MV, so darn HOT to death!!!! ahhhhhhh

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