It’s Se7en!! He’s Back!!!

Digital Pimp, Woot!!!

I Spent all last night listening to Se7en’s new mini album on repeat!

It’s called Digital bounce and it really is very digital with lots of auto tune and electronic sounds.


Here’s the track listing (courtesy All KPop):

01. INTRO – RESET : Really gives you a taste of what to expect: Excellent intro!!!
02. DIGITAL BOUNCE ( Feat. T.O.P): This is a JAM!!!!!!! Se7en has an awesome voice so him on autotune is just gorgeous if you like that kind of thing and I do!!! “Digital Bounce, Digital Sound, Digital X, Welcome to Digital World!!!” There HAS to be a video!!! It has TOP!!!!  “Se-seven and T.O.P”!!!!
03. BETTER TOGETHER: This is has sexy verses and a chorus that makes me want to jump around!!! You get to hear those vocals auto tune free too in the chorus. Oh Se7en! Make us an MV please!!!! Can’t wait to see the performances!
04. I’M GOING CRAZY: kind of slow and singable along with. No Autotune. Will prolly be my shower song on this album
05. MONEY CAN’T BUY ME LOVE: I can see why this was supposed to be a track on his American album, very American R&B. Se7en is really flawless in this style! And he has no accent at all when he sings English (not that I don’t enjoy the accents with those that have them^^)
06. DRIPS: Vocal Sextacy!!! OMG, I love this track so much!!! The way it comes in, the verses the dance chorus. This song is mostly in a high register and there is no strain at all!! This song makes me think of speeding down a cybernetic highway (whatever that is) and ending up at a deep cyber punk club! I don’t even know what’s supposed to be dripping and I’m not really sure I want to know! Lol!
07. ROLLER COASTER: AWESOME!!!!! FABULAWESOME!!! Excuse the Caps but this is gonna be my going nuts song!!! There will be swervage whenever this song comes up on my car stereo!! LOL!!

Honestly, it’s like he just short cutted into my brain’s pleasure zones with this album and as a late comer on the K-Pop scene I can finally say about se7en: I get it now!

He’s too Fresh!!!

This is another one for the YG fam!!! A totally different sound from Taeyang and I have to say, since this is more me, I actually like this more!!!

Gonna get both, though!

YG Family!! FIGHTING!!!!

To hear some of these tracks yourself go here.


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