credit: PopSeoul

And It Shall be Given Ye…

I asked and Uncle YG gave!^^

Spotted on Stella chan’s blog!!! **FanFare** SE7EN’S CONCEPT PICS!!!

See ’em and drool!!!

credit: Stella~chan

Se7en awesomely hot images!! I feel Like I should laugh like the Sesame St. Count! LOL!

Anyways I’m loving this bold idea. Something neo-punk and something cybertronic (is that a word? No? Oh.) Love it when beautiful people take risks and Se7en is definitely that! Even GD said so!. And this look really goes with the teaser that Uncle YG also generously provided us with:

credit: YG Entertainment

I think this is from a track called “Better Together”? I can’t explain it but I feel like I’m gonna like this song! It’s probably better not to speculate but I’m already looking forward to it!!! Please Uncle YG can we have it on itunes????

And now for the “My Cup Runneth Over” Section!!!

According to Pop Seoul, 2ne1TV is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Yes!!!! The girls are back with their reality TV show!! I Am tremendously happy about this because somehow I got totally addicted to it after discovering it on YT (along with BigBangTV and GDTV) and I’ve been suffering major cravings since finishing the 1st season! My favourite character is Park Bom!!! Oh, I love my Bommie!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ She’s the cutest most hilarious creature ever XD!!!

Here’s the preview:

credit: Nolja21subs

For all you lucky animals who can see it live, it premieres July 27th @ 6pm!

Didn’t I tell y’all that YG owns my Summer?


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