So Many Things to Post!! =_=;

Gosh, I owe so many things on this blog that I just haven’t found the time to do!!!

– Unboxing pics of my Sukkie FM DVD

– Pics of my Mystery Gift from my fiance

-GD screen caps from Taeyang Video

-Part 2 of my Epic Sukkie Spazz

-Se7en Updates

-Chapter 4 of my fanfic

I should probably stop promising stuff and just adopt a more philosophical approach to blogging. A sort of : What U see is what I blog thing?

Just that that isn’t me! I can actually feel this stuff piling up in me and it’s actually a relief when I can post something! It’s actually a little disturbing 0.O

Anyways just so this post isn’t wasted on random midnight ramblings, I will at least strike 2 things off the list;

Se7en’s new Teaser featuring TOP

credit: aleeexGD

If you know anything about me from reading this blog then you probably have an idea how I feel about TOP. I will not elaborate. Let’s just say that as far as I’m concerned; this track is GOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!

Now, seriously, I’m ready for some concept images! July 21st is like around the corner and I need something to hold onto till then, Uncle YG. Preferably something with madly smexy lips if you get my drift 😉


My Mystery Fiance Gift

Gosh, I just never found the time to do my grand reveal! I don’t really have the time now either but screw it. Carpe diem!

This is what Y got me for my birthday. The amazing thing that I could never have gotten myself:

I still can’t believe I’m an ipad owner \(^—–^)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can just. Never. Thank him enough. Racking my brain thinking of a way, though!

Well, that’s it for now.


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