J-Dorama, T-Dorama!!!

I actually managed to get in a couple of Doramas over the last couple of weeks. Two to be precise. The funny thing is I stopped short at the last episode of each one. Why? I think I’m becoming mucho sentimental in my old age!

The first one is one I mentioned that I was going to watch in an earlier post; the T-drama, Why Why Love starring Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone Wang.

I finally got to it and tbh, the first two episodes didn’t really do much for me.  It wasn’t all the commonalities it had with DBY. That I expected. It just seemed – slow and uninvolving. I was a bit disappointed since I really liked all the actors and actually considered skipping it. But I have a three episode rule so I hung in there and at episode 3, BAM. I was hooked.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for love triangles? Well the love triangle machinery here was even better than the one the same actors pulled for Devil Beside You!!! By the middle of the show, I didn’t know who I wanted her to be with! My loyalties just kept swerving all over the place.

Also, in DBY I used to think Kingone had a bit of a big head. Like literally. I’m happy to say that in WWL, he has totally grown into his head (don’t ask me how!) and he’s just perfectly dreamy!!! That’s some of the reason why I was actually torn between him and Mike He!

credit: Jeni_Cee

Anyway, the thing is that, after delivering on all the warm fuzzies, the show serves you up with one hell of a twist and I ‘m not sure how I feel about it so I’m actually scared to watch the last episode!!! ><

I actually teared up a few times during this show!!! Lol! It was actually a lot of fun!

It really had me going: WHY? WHY? LOVE!

credit: newsasia fansub

My second show has been the Japanese drama Sunao Ni Narenkute or Hard To Say I Love You.

This I got into because duh! Jaejoong from DBSK!!!

credit: http://pinkrazy.wordpress.com/tag/sunao-ni-narenakute/

This show is 11 episodes long but feels like 5 because quite a bit happens over what seems like a short period of time. In fact every episode is pretty dramatic and ends on a cliff hanger! I have really enjoyed it because watching it has been kind of like listening to really good gossip. It’s all about personal lives and relationships and all the crazy undercurrents of friendship. Plenty of angst!!!!

Surprises for me from this show for me:

-Jaejoong is not half bad as an actor. He has this weird nervous energy that translates very well to his role as a somewhat awkward character. At the same time there is this intensity about him that makes him fascinating to watch. Sometimes it’s endearing and sometimes, it kind of freaks me out. Is it weird that I like that? Lol! Anyway, I feel his efforts were commendable and he ought to be proud of himself!

-Eita is – I don’t get it – he has a huge nose, sticky out ears and hair that really just defies any kind of explanation (like WTF hair) and yet – and yet – why is he soooooooo attractive????? Everyone – everyone in the show falls for him and you know what? It’s actually kind of plausible! If I was in their group of friends, he’s the one I would’ve fallen for too! The guy has some strong Juju!!

credits: AsianLuvs ,    http://nana-nana.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=257&pos=0

credit: dramaniacs.com

– Such nice chemistry between lead player Eita and Juri (though for me Juri sort of moved between cute and annoying a lot). I really, really wanted them to be together so bad! Lol!!!

All in all, it’s a great, absorbing watch! Something happens towards the end that made me cringe so hard I almost fell out of bed! I had to pause the video and dance all over the room from painful embarrassment! If you see it you’ll know it!!!

The reason I didn’t see the last episode is because the sub took so long to come out. But I have it now and I kinda just don’t want to end it so I’ve been saving it for a rainy day!^^

Ah – how I will miss that big nose, those sticky out ears and that ridiculous hair! Sooo hotttttt!!!! Lol!!!


2 responses to “J-Dorama, T-Dorama!!!

  1. stellena10102

    WWL started off slow for me too. But it was worth slugging through the first two episodes, because the rest is so good. And I think with this show you could actually call it a love triangle…I didn’t really get that when I watched DBY. and don’t worry about the last episode. It will not disappointed you ^^ (and Kingone is delicious! I’ve always loved him)

    SNN: Agree, Jae isntt that bad of an actor. I mean, he can definitely get better but being that I’ve been of fan of DBSK since early 07 and I’ve had the chance to see the Banjun dramas (smh) I can def. tell he’s gotten much much better XD

    KYA!!! EITA! I love this man! I think he is so cute and sexy at the same time! I don’t know what it is about him either…looking at him you would not think very many people would find him attractive but he has that certain charm you know? He just got it like that! lol. Plus he’s a great actor.

    I haven’t watched the last four episodes of SNN so I have no idea what happened…i really need to get that finished…but now I’m watching HJY so…(oh. and about Sukkie in Itaewon…his English was actually pretty good. I was shocked. I understood everything he was saying. But I will say that at times the acting seemed stiff(?) not just him but everyone who spoke English in the film…which is understandable I guess. Since for most of them it isn’t their first language.)

    But yeah, and Juri and Eita have amazing chemistry. And if you’ll miss Eita, you really should watch the drama, Last Friends with the two of them in it. The drama is hardcore. All kinds of stuff goes on. It is so good. It was the drama that made me an Eita fangirl (Plus Nishikido Ryo is in it >///< idk if you know him or not but he's apart of JE and he's so…UNF! I love him. Actually he was in a really good drama called 1 litre of tears…that's a tearjerker though…so if you don't wanna cry I suggest you do not watch!).

  2. Nishikido Ryo is maaaaaaassively hot!!!!! ><!!!! I actually havnt gotten to see him in a full drama yet, I just know him from pictures and clips and the minute I saw him I was like, who is THAT!!!!
    I actually started litre of tears then lost it after I lost internet for a while. OMG, every episode was just KILLing me! Especially at the end when they would show images of the real girl! And the way she would fall looked so painful!!! I caught myself tearing up at almost every episode I saw! And that jerkwad of a crush she had!!! Dumping her after finding out she was sick! JERK! ANyways, NR so much hotter! xD
    I'll definitely try to finish it!
    And now that I am an Eita fangirl too I'll definitely watch Final Friends! Just can't get enuf of those grabbable ears!!!
    Will also draw up my courage and see Itaewon Homicide at last. Meanwhile saw those gifs of Sukkie on ur last post!! looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvve <3<3<3<3. Meant to comment. Still will I think! LOl!
    Thanx for comment!!!^^

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