Se7en & Selcas!!!


heehee!!! Doesn’t it look like he’s looking at me? Lol! *blush* swoon*

Was looking at my blog today and realized it was all Taeyang-ed out! Heehee!!! Did I get a little too enthusiastic?


But I think with all the success he’s having on the charts and the release of the last MV, he’s probably good to go now. Fly, baby, fly ^^!!

I’ll still put up the screen caps though, just cos I wanna!

From now though I’ll be counting down for Se7en who’se new mini album we can expect for the 21st of JUly! Doesn’t my birth month ROCK!!? (That is until BB and 2ne1 blows it out of the water at the end of the year!)

Now I don’t have as strong a relationship with him as I do with BB since I came on to the scene so late. My thing with se7en is that I like his music style, he’s part of the YG family which I identify strongly with and he’s just completely Yum-alicious!!!!


Now I just listened to the first teaser released by YG for the album and people – I know I spazz way too much but… SPAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!! I love it soooo much!!!! Se7en is going to kill this!!!!! It’s like electro-hiphop and it’s just so funky!!!! WhaaaaaaaaaaaaA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy about it!!!!

You listen too!

I could actually put this on my ipod already! Lol!!!

Anyway, the Selca bit about this post is just I thought, hey it’s been a while since I put up a me pic on this blog !

And since I just did a new haircut (stellena chan knows my secret! Lol!) I wanna share! So here!!!

classic selca pose!!!^^

peace sign Selca

Still working on them bangs!

Hope u likey!!!


2 responses to “Se7en & Selcas!!!

  1. I finally have the time to comment on your blog and this is the post you give me! Neo-chan!!

    He is so gorgeous~.

    KYA~~!!! Wasn’t the teaser amaaaazing! Oh gosh. you didn’t hear his voice anywhere in the teaser but it was still so good! I hope this is a beat for an actual song and not just an intro for his mini-album. (please don’t do that to me YG!)

    I can’t wait to see him on shows again! and hear his soft sweet voice /sigh. I missed se7en… (you better be careful. Se7en might convert you neo-chan. He’s the original one with the swag. Who do you think YB learned from? Oh yeah~.)

    Your so gorgeous *____* (and me?? I know your secret? I don’t know what your talking about!(I so know lol but your secret is safe with me ^__- V)

    This is random, but you look just like my niece. Exactly like her. Hairstyle and everything!
    (and is that your engagement ring? If so…veeery nice girl!)

    another totally random add in…but last night, I watched The case of Itaewon Homocide with Sukkie in it, and lets just say I have been looking for wallpapers and icons of him all day!! Love him~. He’s my new actor I’m going to stan (it used to be seo ji sub…still love him though ^^). I plan on watching Baby and Me in a couple of hours and then get started on Hwang Jin Yi. also, I did not know he’s only 22! I thought he was at least 25!

    Love him~.

    • Re: se7en
      IKR!!!!!!! Soooooooo hot!!!! It actually doesn’t even make sense that he can sing too (though thinking about it it makes sense that a mouth like his would be so talented – which takes my mind to places his girlfriend would beat me up for so gonna stop =_=;)! Lol!!! I’m so ready for promo concept pics!!!
      And that teaser – girl, that didn’t even occur to me! o.0; That better be a track and not an intro!!! I want to DANCE to that!!!
      Seriously bring him on! I’m ready to be converted! (I got room for 7 more^^)
      Re: Selcas
      Ah – don’t feed my vanity! keke! So weird that your niece and I are twins across the ocean! Except that I’m prolly waaaaaaaayyyyy older than her!
      And yes, that’s the magic ring! ^___^
      And thanks for keeping my secret *broad wink* This time my cut got sort of jacked up cos I used a different stylist (my usual guy left town out of the blue T.T). I have to angle the shot juuuuuuuuust so just to make sure I don’t look like Narsha in some scenes of her new MV! Lol!
      Re: Sukkie
      Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Can’t believe you’ve seen IH!!! Was it good? I haven’t seen it yet and I’ve been all kinds of worried cos I know he’s playing an English speaker and though he’s working on his english like mad I know it’s definitely not perfect!!
      But I really want to see Sukkie in all that evil corn-rowed goodness! So maybe I will take the plunge. HJY is on my list too.
      About his age, he’s definitely a product of working around adults from a young age. Sometimes he comes across so super mature (way more than me for sure) and at other times he’s all adorkableness. But, he’s definitely sophisticated so he’s always been able to play older than his actual age pretty well.

      really cool to hear from u stellena-chan!!! **big hug**

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