Where’s my Tae-tae???

So, I really looked forward to posting Taeyang’s triumphant new MV on Sugarwater like the minute it dropped since I made such a hullaballoo about counting down to the release of Solar. But as you know of you read my earlier post (would link but not on lappy! Sorry!) the god of thunder had other plans and it was not to be.

I was still going to post it anyway, once I had time and access to a computer at the same time. Imagine my shock when I headed innocently to Uncle YG’s YT channel to link to it only to find Tae-tae’s MV (gasp!!) not there!

Why, Uncle YG? Why???

Truth be told, I agree with everyone when they say It’s not his strongest video to date. He barely dances and that’s pretty much what we were all dying to see (cos, boy, that boy can dance!). Instead he keeps doing this weird shoulder thing. Then GD shows up and then he’s gone and you kinda miss him which is probably not a good sign.


How about how much fun it looked like he had making that video? How about how many times he smiled? How about how much we love smiley eyed Tae-tae? How about pretty, playful Sandara Park?

Jeeze! Even if it wasn’t the bestest video he’s ever done, I wish it was still up there because of what it stands for. The first step in what I hope will be a successful journey. He worked so hard! And the live shows have been getting progressively better. (wish I could post them up here but once again…ah, never mind).

I really hope I’m wrong and that the video is missing for a better reason. I’m also looking forward to even cooler ones in the near future.

Don’t give up Dong Young Bae!!!


Found these stills of video at a friendly blog whose link I will use since I couldn’t quite catch it’s name.



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